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Article love your midlife body at christmas imageby Jayne Cox

It’s that time of year again and we’re getting ready to make merry, Feast and Celebrate! I personally adore this time of year, however I know many Midlife Women tell me they struggle to feel at their best as their thoughts turn to their looks, what to wear and how to cope with so much rich food!


Here’s my Top Tips to really Sparkle over Christmas and into 2011!

1.    Prepare ahead of time and look at what engagements you have. Choose your party dresses to suit the event and to suit you! If last years little black dress is a little tired or it no longer flatters your wonderful midlife figure, let it go and invest in a new one!
2.    Are you missing from the Family Photo’s? Do you hide from the Camera clinging onto to the past images of youth? There’s one life to live and I suggest you let yourself shine this year. Put yourself back into the picture and get used to your new image.
3.    Christmas means rich food and lots of it. Body Image concerns can overwhelm as you worry about the extra calories and the mere quantity! My advice is to remember it’s just 3 days, pace yourself accept the holidays are upon you and make it work for you. You choose when and how much to eat, it’s OK to say no and it’s OK to indulge, in moderation.
4.    Have a look in your make up bag and see if you are clinging to the past. When did you last review your make up colours and style? A tweak can make all the difference!


Gained weight since last Christmas?


5.    Gained weight since last Christmas? It’s a real No No  to hide your self under baggy black clothes. Dress yourself with love, choose a trusted friend to help and add colour, jewellery, sparkle and heavenly scent!

6.    The secret to a midlife make over at any time of year has to be your underwear. When did you last have a bra fitting? Pop into the High Street and find a local Lingerie Specialist who will give you a fabulous service or pop into your Local John Lewis or Department Store.

7.    Get out and about during the holidays! Fresh air and sunlight improve your mood and subsequently make you feel better about you and your body. Just 20 minutes a day can make all the difference! It will help wear off the Christmas Pud to boot!

8.    New years resolutions crumble like cake come the New Year so how about starting something new, right now! Something simple, Yoga, Pilates or an extra 20 minute Walk.

9.    Hard to control the chocolates once they come into your home? Buy small quantities and practice being more aware of what you eat and how quickly.

10.    Finally it’s Christmas, it’s a time to enjoy and pamper yourself with a manicure, pedicure or a sumptuous treatment that leaves you feeling calm, relaxed and rearing to go!

So enjoy the Season and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Fabulously Abundant New Year!

Jayne x

© Jayne Cox- The Body Image Expert

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Jayne Cox

Jayne Cox is a body image expert with over 12 years therapy and coaching experience working with female body image, eating disorders, weight issues and confidence. She offers specialist services for women in midlife © Jayne Cox – The Body Image Expert

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