Simple Words for Daily Living, 2014

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Bless you Gentle Reader and welcome to your first Moment of Calm blog for 2014. We’d like to wish you a peaceful, safe and victorious year. We know how chaotic and busy life can be, therefore every Monday we invite you to pop over, take five minutes to pause, breathe and re-balance your emotions by reading our Moment of Calm posts.

As it is a New Year, I’d like to start with a Prayer for Daily Living. The words are intended to offer you a simple guide to help you stay present, connected to your dreams and living your best life.


Each day I arise, may I stretch, surrender and shine through troubled times.

May I be happy and when sad, honour the space I’m in.

May I learn to let-go, re-assess and move on.

May I roar with delight and groan with despair.

May I fight, scratch, spit and scream and when over, may I see the light and touch the beauty within.

May I stand tall, may I sit straight

And when I block the goodness coming my way, may I have the foresight to surrender and allow God’s grace in.

When I cry, may I breathe and hold on

And most importantly of all

May I Just Be, breathe and surrender to the breath I am.


Closing Words

We encourage you to take a few moments every morning when you wake up to read the Prayer For Daily Living. It will help to ground your energy and prepare you to meet your day in a calm, positive and focused way.

And, if you enjoyed this prayer, please share with your friends and network because kind hearts and daily prayers help to make the world a happier place.

Thank you


Have a beautiful day




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Yoga Teacher, Blogger and Author, Ntathu Allen teaches and encourages mums and working women how to weave rest, relaxation and self-care into their everyday schedule creating more energy, passion and time to enjoy the sweeter side of life.

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