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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Planning the perfect seaside retreat

    tips for planning a seaside holiday image
    Now that summer has been and gone it doesn’t mean it’s time to say goodbye to the seaside until next year. Whether it’s a romantic retreat with your partner or a family trip, the beach is fun all year round for everyone. It can all be done on a reasonable budget too! It’s believed that beach holidays also have a psychological benefits; New Zealand-based research, detailed in this Lonely Planet piece, suggests that having an ocean view at your house or holiday home can improve your well-being, no matter your age, wealth and other neighbourhood factors, so getting that seaside get away planned can be a real boost for your mood. Check out our tips and advice below on how to make your time at the seaside...
  2. How to be kind to elderly parents: from the parent’s perspective

    being kind to elderly parents image
    Article by  Elizabeth Mapstone How many people actually ask themselves how they would treat their elderly parents before finding themselves in the tricky position of feeling a decision must be made immediately? Crucial moments often arise at exactly the wrong time for both parents and well-meaning daughters and sons. It is worth thinking about the options, and giving everyone the opportunity of expressing their opinion before the decision moment arrives. It was nearly six years from the moment my late husband and I decided we really must move from our idyllic but isolated rural home in Cornwall to somewhere more practical. My adult children were sad to lose a favoured holiday place but sympathetic. They all lived in different parts of the country, and it was difficult for us...
  3. Tactile Tactics: How the firmness of the chair impacts the outcome of the date

    dating over 50 chair choice image
    Article by Phillip Adcock Looking for love in all the wrong places If you find you’re luckier at cards than you are at love, you need to pay more attention to what you’re sitting on when out on a date. Scientists have long known that people sitting on hard surfaces make firmer business decisions, while those sitting on soft cushions tend to be a “softer touch.” When deciding where to go out on a date, then, you may want to factor in what you’ll be sitting on during your liaison. Do you want your partner to be a tough negotiator or more compatible? And don’t overlook the other things you touch while on your date.  The type and weight of cutlery in the restaurant and the carpet on...
  4. 5 simple mistakes that could be impacting your weight

    5 weight loss mistakes images
    We may not be going back to school any more but that doesn’t mean September isn’t a month of new starts, giving us a second chance to give our January resolutions one last try before the festive season and get back in shape after those sangria fuelled holidays. To make sure your attempts aren’t in vein we’ve rounded up five common mistakes you may be making that could hamper your weight loss goals. Your morning coffee Although many of us use coffee to haul us out of our sluggish morning slumber, it may be feeding our sweet tooth and tempting us into snacks we know we should avoid. New research from Cornell University has found that caffeine can temper taste buds temporarily and make food and drink taste less sweet,...
  5. How my Grandson Inspired me to Write

    inspiration behind Guardian Angel book
    Article by Kay Seeley Author Kay Seeley started writing short stories after she retired from the Criminal Justice System. Her stories have been published across the leading women’s magazines and now an author of over 3 books, she shares why her most recent book is so special to her.   My littlest grandson is six, autistic, non-verbal and the inspiration for my latest book “I have three grandchildren.  My eldest granddaughter is sixteen and keeps me up to date with the latest trends in books and music, who’s hot and who’s not. (So I know all about Bieber, Little Mix and Zoella) My eldest grandson is thirteen and a whizz with technology (I know that I can ask him for help with anything on my ipad!), my littlest grandson is...
  6. Looking for Love After 50 Online – The Best Senior Dating Sites

    best online daring sites over 50 image
      It’s been more than 20 years since Match.com, the world’s first official dating site went live and caused a stir amongst the online community. It’s safe to say that the popularity of online dating has increased dramatically since then, and today, there are over 1,400 matchmaking sites catering to all ages. Studies estimate that 1 in 5 relationships now start online, and those over 50 years of age make up for almost half of those looking for love in cyberspace. Being over 50 doesn’t have to be a hindrance when it comes to dating, and there is an abundance of sites that cater to those who are back on the market. The term ‘grey dating’ has even been coined, due to the influx of over 50’s who seek out companionship and more on the web. If there...
  7. When only a cup of tea will do! A review of Pukka Teas

    pukka tea review image
    Review by Patricia This is perhaps timely now that Pukka has been bought by Unilever –  purely coincidental. Here is what our reviewer Patricia thought of the range of Pukka teas. Described and being noted for being ethically sourced organically grown herbal tea there is an incredible range of teas  to choose from an assortment of chamomile,  peppermint,  various berries , earl grey. You are spoilt for choice.  I always start my day with a cup of tea, from the Pukka range  I  personally prefer the chamomile and the earl grey.  One of my friends loves the peppermint after eating and says it helps her digestion and  another loves all the berry teas.  Some are an acquired taste and there is such a wide range to choose from.  I find the...
  8. The secret to career change and starting over: Job Shadowing

    tips for job shadowing image
    Article by Lucy Standing Are you sick of these sorts of mantras: ‘find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life’?  You just have to find your passion!  Play to your strengths!  Do what makes you happy!   If so, then read on. This is a no nonsense article, here to blast away unhelpful myths and get you doing some rather uncomfortable things – but things which will work. Let’s start with why these mantras are so tedious.  In essence, they aren’t really ‘wrong’.  There is nothing wrong with the principle of doing work you enjoy and are good at.  The problem is, how on earth are you supposed to know if you’re going to be good at something you’ve never done?  Likewise, finding you passion is easy to...
  9. Rekindling Your Youth

    rekindle your youth with cooking class
      They say age is just a number, but recent studies have indicated that the more positive you feel about your ‘number’, the longer you may live. A study found that, those who felt three or more years younger than they actually were enjoyed a lower death rate, compared to those who either felt their age or felt a year or more older than they were. Why? Researchers believe it could be because those who feel younger opt for better life choices, retaining a more joyful, proactive approach. And one of the ways you can enjoy this positive mental attitude is to get involved in mind-based activities that challenge your brain. Keeping your mind active helps boost your vitality and could build up a reserve of connections and brain cells. So, without further ado, here are a number of the best brain-busting activities you can do: Join a Cooking Class Cooking stimulates...
  10. What is Lyme disease and how can you avoid it?

    What is Lymes disease image
    By Sally Wisbey for CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine). Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that was first noticed in the 1970s in America as being spread to humans by infected ticks. It is now thought also to be spread by mosquitos and horse flies.  Already rife in America and Germany, Lyme disease is becoming an epidemic in the UK, where it is carried by ticks commonly found on deer, sheep, foxes, horses, cats, dogs, small mammals and birds.  People who live or work near woodland or countryside are at greater risk but the disease has spread to city parks and gardens. Pets can also carry infected ticks into the home. What are the symptoms to look out for? Because Lyme disease affects many organs of the body, it mimics other conditions such...
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