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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Employment

  1. Why thinking differently could help you succeed in your career

    think differently for career success image
    By Paul Sloane, author of The Leader’s Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills You can increase your popularity and success by becoming an ideas carrier, someone who identifies, collects and communicates fresh ideas for other people’s business challenges.  If you work in an office you can do this for your colleagues, your boss or the people who report to you. If you are a consultant or sales person you can do this for your customers. If you are a buyer you can do it for your suppliers. In every case you can build your relationship by helping the other person solve their problems. Let’s say you are in sales. Think of your most important customers. What are their most pressing business challenges? What are the top priorities and...
  2. The secret to career change and starting over: Job Shadowing

    tips for job shadowing image
    Article by Lucy Standing Are you sick of these sorts of mantras: ‘find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life’?  You just have to find your passion!  Play to your strengths!  Do what makes you happy!   If so, then read on. This is a no nonsense article, here to blast away unhelpful myths and get you doing some rather uncomfortable things – but things which will work. Let’s start with why these mantras are so tedious.  In essence, they aren’t really ‘wrong’.  There is nothing wrong with the principle of doing work you enjoy and are good at.  The problem is, how on earth are you supposed to know if you’re going to be good at something you’ve never done?  Likewise, finding you passion is easy to...
  3. Returning to work in your 50s: Overcoming an employment gap in your CV

    jobsearch overcoming a gap in your cv image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon As the state pension age rises many women in their 50s are now having to look at working for far longer than any us anticipated  but what can you do if you have been out of the workplace for a while and have no idea where to start when it comes to looking for a job ? Many women over 50 are choosing to set up their own business, but the entrepreneurial route is not an option for everyone, so where do you start if you are looking for conventional employment . What do you do if you have to explain an employment gap in your CV? Turning a gap in your CV into a positive First of all you have to assess your skills What was the last paid employment...
  4. Where are the apprenticeships for women affected by the increase in state pension age?

    prensionage apprenticeships image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon With 2.5 million over 50 affected by the increase in state pension age and concerned for their futures, it seems incredulous that the only solution offered by Pensions Minister Guy Opperman  in a packed debate in the House of Commons this week was to suggest women retrain or take up apprenticeships. Hardly a solution! in 2015/16 there were 509,000 apprenticeship starts in the UK.  Government statistics  do not break down the number of these apprenticeships taken by women over 50 affected by the changes, only that 11% of the apprenticeships were taken by those ages 45-59, and 1% over 60. Incidentally in 2010/2011 12% of apprenticeships were taken up by the over 45s, so in fact there has been a DECREASE in the proportion of apprenticeships for...
  5. Authenticity in the Workplace – First topic on WomenUp Radio Programme

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Most people who have stumbled across this website will know me as the founder of Fab after Fifty. Those who know me personally will know that I had a long career as a headhunter- working on assignments across the globe. I was recently interviewed  by  Anna Letitia Cook of WomenUp Radio – part of a United Nations initiative to empower women to talk about what part Auhenticity played in my success – especially as I was working in a male dominated environment.   These are just some of the answers to  some of the questions I was asked. You will have to listen to the full radio interview to hear all of them! With your experience as an international headhunter and a woman who has worked very successfully in male dominated...
  6. Are we now part of the Experience Economy – if not, should we be?

    50 plus career experience economy image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I wrote a piece some time ago about how I believe we are now working within the Relationship Economy, but should we also be thinking of it as the Experience Economy? It is recognised and accepted that as a country we have an ageing population, and an ageing workforce. With the increase in state pension age people are having to work for longer, and in a recent survey of people aged 55, many said that they fully expected to work in some way to work until the age of 70, whether through necessity, personal interest, or to supplement  their pensions to pay for life’s luxuries. A pool of experience So with all this in mind there is an incredible pool of experience available to employers. A pool of people...
  7. Midlife Career: Returning to work with confidence

    b at work during the menopause omage
    by clinical psychologist Deborah Golend   Life’s experiences can knock our confidence. Difficult times such as bereavements often make us feel more vulnerable and uncertain. But adapting to positive life stages can be just as hard. For women returning to work after raising a family or wanting a career change as their kids have fled the nest, confidence can be a particularly challenging issue. Many women talk about ‘brain fog’ during the early years of parenthood but, whether we have had children or not, a new ‘brain fog’ often descends as the menopause hits. At a time when women often have more time available to pursue new business ventures, the menopause can wreak havoc on our confidence and reduce our ability to forge ahead with these plans. Why does confidence...
  8. Fuller Working Lives Partnerships announced by DWP: Is the issue of jobs for women over 50 now being taken seriously?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I am pleased to see that at last the value of, and issues surrounding older workers, and women over 50 in particular is being recognised by the Department of Work and Pensions as barriers to employment are of particular concern to those women caught up in the increase in eligibility in state pension age.   A new report out today, ‘Fuller Working Lives, A Partnership Approach’ , encouraging partnerships with the private sector, reinforce what I have been saying on Fab after Fifty since I founded the site – 7 years ago. It is good news that the report recognises the value workers over 50 can bring to employers, it says: Employers have also highlighted the benefits of older workers in DWP polling (2015).xiii Over three quarters of employers believed the experience of...
  9. Could working for longer be good for our health and longevity? It seems to work in Japan!

    benefits of working longer image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Many of us are either choosing (or having to) work for longer, especially with the increase in state pension age. But , providing the opportunities for employment are there, is that  necessarily a bad thing? I really enjoyed  The Real Marigold on Tour  TV programme over the Christmas break where four celebs who had reached the traditional retirement age went to both Florida and Japan to experience what retirement looked like within these two very different cultures. Miriam Margolyes ,  Bobby George ,  Rosemary Shrager and Wayne Sleep all experienced first hand life for the over 65s in Japan, starting their day with exercises in the park early morning  (with instructions broadcast over the radio) , following the Japanese diet, and attending job interviews! So ,...
  10. Five tips on how to successfully change career – at any age

    hans schumann
    Article by Hans Schumann If you think it’s too late to change your career at your age, think again.  Take Andrea Patterson from New England, who became a firefighter at 66, or Ress Fix, Los Angeles, who started her second career in television commercials at 80. Career change is possible at any age. The experience you’ve gained in life has value, and it comes with a wealth of transferable skills. There are people out there who need what you have to offer! This is different from the value that younger people bring. There’s no need to compete with them. For example, in professions such as coaching, therapy and consultancy, age is often an advantage. It gives you gravitas and credibility. You could also set up your own business where age doesn’t matter because you...
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