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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. How to Channel your Mind for Success

    50 plus success image
    Article by Anna Letitia Cook Our mind, how we feel, react and view the world around us are one of the main – if not the main – keys to happiness and a dynamic, capable, go-getting attitude in whatever field – and ultimately create our success both in our career and life as a whole. We live in difficult times – Being under a regular or long-term burden of worry, stress, fatigue and general negativity doesn’t help anyone do anything or get anywhere – and often leads to burnout or the dreaded depression. If you have never experienced depression, believe me, you don’t want to ever take the risk so learn how to manage your stress and fatigue right now! A calm mind, a positive, serene mindset and centred, balanced mental...
  2. Are you perfect? Hint, it isn’t good! Rebuild your attitude for better results…

    Are you losing business by trying to be perfect?
    Article by Anna Letitia Cook   Here is a little story for you today built out of my frustration with a gite owner who by her rigidity and decision to stick to ‘the rules’ like superglue has lost herself regular bookings (and recommendations) for the next year or so… Briefly – I am going to collect two ‘flatties’ next weekend – flat-coated retrievers to the uninitiated 😉 You may know I am an avid, passionate, fanatical ever-since-I-was-born horse and dog person… My beautiful old dog is now lonely after his last ‘bestie’ sadly died recently so he is about to be invaded by both his daughter and his grandson – that should give him a new spring in his step J  The lady I am getting...
  3. Work Less, Play More: How To Create Income Streams that let you Wind down Work

    how to work less to play more
    By Faye Watts If you’ve been asking yourself how you can perhaps wind down your hours at work,  and do more of what you enjoy doing,  tax advisor and founder of accountancy firm FUSE Accountants, Faye Watts has these suggestions for building alternative streams of income that will take the onus off your day job. Invest in property If you’re sitting on a large chunk of equity, you may be able to leverage this and release some to purchase one or more buy to let properties and build up a property portfolio that can bring you rental income. Do get professional advice, and think of this as a long term investment, but this can be an ideal option if you still have to work full time for the moment. Start...
  4. 4 bad email habits that are making you inefficient at work

    Tips for managing emails image
    Article by Richard Wolfe Email has been around for over 20 years now. In the beginning it was great, just imagine going back to fax and copy machines. But its success soon grew into it being one of the top 3 stress creators in the office. Some of the habits we developed over the years are actually counterproductive. Let’s have a look at our top 4 and what we can do to change them. 1.      Treat email as urgent Urgent emails do not exist or at least, not in my inbox. Our service desk receives urgent emails, but it has a team managing incoming calls and emails and when someone falls ill another team member takes over. If we all treated email as urgent, we would all have to hang around in our inbox waiting...
  5. These Powerful Australian Women Know Their Business

    successful australian business women image
      Women around the globe have made significant strides in the business world in the past several decades, but a select few from Australia have managed to rise to the top of the executive class and successfully sit at the helm of hugely successful ventures. These women aren’t just rich and powerful influencers, they’re prime examples of how one can go far with a bit of savvy and gumption. Here are five Australian female entrepreneurs who have used creativity and expertise to take their careers to the next level. Naomi Milgrom You can’t hit Australia’s high street scene without running into one of Naomi Milgrom’s retail chains, which is why she’s such a powerful force in fashion. With over 500 stores and more than 3,900 staff members to manage, this...
  6. Top tips on how to think like an innovator

    how to think like an innovator image
    Article by Paul Sloane     If we can mimic the thinking of the great innovators then maybe we can mimic their successes too.  Here are some tips. Reinvent yourself.  Madonna is an excellent song writer, performer and lyricist but the longevity of her success is due to her powers of reinvention. She has changed her styles, fashion and music many times. She started with a pop and dance music in the ‘Like a Virgin’ style.  Madonna’s look, was highly influential and she became a female fashion icon.  In the 1980s she had bleached hair, lace tops, fishnet stockings and heavy jewellery. She then embraced Hollywood glamour as a ‘Material Girl’ in the style of Marilyn Monroe.  In the 1990s with ‘Justify My Love’ she pushed the boundaries of...
  7. Is Portfolio Working the way forward for Women Over 50?

    Portfolio working 50plus image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Many women are working in their 50s and 60s, whether through choice or necessity…and as we live longer and adjust to the increase in state retirement age, the challenges of finding employment and staying employable in midlife and beyond need to be met. But do we need to look differently at how we think of work? The world of work has become far more flexible…and our approach to work needs to change accordingly. When we left education and looked for our first jobs, 9 to 5 Monday to Friday for a single employer  was the norm…but today we may need to rethink our view of employment. Technology and acceptance of home working have opened countless possibilities for changing the way in which we work. What is portfolio working? Portfolio...
  8. Starting a Business after 50? Online Courses Can Help

    online courses image
    Article by Fab after Fifty Though the paths to success may vary widely, ask any entrepreneur why they started their own business and you’ll spot running themes in their answers. For those of us facing a later retirement date than expected, it’s often a matter of destiny, namely controlling our own. People also cite finding the right work/life balance, pursuing a personal passion, and rising to a particular challenge as responses to what prompted them to take a plunge into the unknown. It’s interesting that the prime reasons given for starting a business are often to do with personal gratification. However, this is just one component of owning your own company. The obvious potential for financial rewards and the ability to choose who you work and network with also loom large on...
  9. Do YOU have the Right Skills to be Employable or Set up a Business Over 50?

    Do you have skills to be employable over 50 image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon With many women finding their retirement plans on hold due to the increase in state pension age, how do women ensure that they have the skills to be employable over 50 and 60? Firstly you need to evaluate the skills and resources, based on your past experience that you can bring to a potential employer, or turn into a business opportunity. If looking for paid employment Sit down and list the skills and strengths that you believe would have a value: Sales abilities (do you have a track record in the workplace or have you had success in a voluntary capacity at fundraising events) Organisational skills . Experience of managing a family, or PTA or charity events may all highlight your abilities Computer literacy..how familiar are you...
  10. Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Writing As A Second Career

    Write that book
    Article by Colette Dartford I wrote my debut novel, Learning To Speak American, when I was in my early fifties. I had recently moved from my home in Somerset to California’s glorious Napa Valley and the terms of my visa prevented me from doing any paid work. Relocating meant that I had given up my career as a Research Consultant but I decided to view this as a positive not a negative – an opportunity to develop my passion for creative writing into a second career as a published author. Of course it didn’t simply happen overnight – writing requires dedication and hard work – but it was immensely rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone who has the resources to give up their day job, or who is retired...
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