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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Retirement and Pension

  1. How to Prepare for Life After Retirement

    tips to plan for retirement image
      When thinking about retirement, it can be difficult to know exactly what you might be doing and what your life will look like once you have left your job and gained an unparalleled level of freedom. That is why preparation and consideration are crucial in ensuring you live an enjoyable, fulfilled life once retired. Here are some of the best ways to prepare for retired life, no matter how old (or young) you may be. Choose a Pension Pensions are one of the most crucial aspects of retired life, as they provide you with an income (and thus the means to live). Whilst most people should be eligible for a state pension, this is often fairly meagre, and is likely to cover only the most basic of costs...
  2. What is WASPI?

    what is waspi pensions image
    Article by Sally Dowling   For all you ‘Fab after Fifty’ youngsters, let me explain the WASPI campaign, just in case it has passed you by. I am not sure you will be ‘Still Smiling at Sixty’ once you realise what is happening to women’s pensions. The WASPI campaign stands for Women Against State Pension Inequality and although we have tens of thousands of members across the UK, some women who are, or will be affected by the pension changes, are still not aware. WASPI was started to try and persuade the government to make transitional financial arrangements to thousands of women who expected to receive their pension at 60, but with, in some cases, just a few years notice, have had to wait up to 6 extra years. Contrary to what the government...
  3. Planning for the future: 4 retirement property options for downsizers

    downsizing options image
      If you’re nearing retirement age, you’ve probably given some thought to swapping your family home for something a little smaller and easier to manage. Retirement homes tend to be cheaper and easier to maintain than the typical family home, freeing up more of your time and money to spend doing the things you love. Downsizing can also help you to release equity from your current home, meaning it’s a good option if you’d like to free up some cash to spend in retirement, or perhaps to help buy a home for your children. It’s never too early to start planning for your future, and there’s a wide range of retirement homes available to suit your individual needs and budget. Whether you value your independence and social life, or you’d prefer the peace of mind...
  4. Invest your pension pot and put the profit in your pocket rather than the banks

    investing your pension fund
    Article by Lars Kroijer   The 6 April 2015 Budget saw the most radical changes to private pensions for a generation, giving people much more control over their pension savings than before. We all saw the headlines that accompanied the news of the changes – the predictions that everyone would rush out and squander their hard-earned pension pots on luxury cars, cruises and other frivolous purchases. How your pension pot can work for you In fact this hasn’t happened – the latest figures reveal that most people aren’t rushing to take out and spent their hard-earned pension pots. Lars Kroijer author of “Investing Demystified – How to Invest Without Speculation and Sleepless Nights” explains how you can make the most of the new pension freedoms and make sure your pension pot keeps working...
  5. How to Supplement Your Retirement

    tips for earning extra income in retirement
    Article by Ben Barlow  Back in 2013, banking giant HSBC conducted a global study which highlighted the challenges facing those approaching retirement in the modern age. Canvassing the financials of more 15,000 customers across 15 global markets, the study revealed that citizens in the vast majority of developed economies were failing to save sufficient funds to cover the cost of their retirement. Little has changed during the last three years, with the macroeconomic climate making it extremely difficult for people to save. From artificially low, base interest rates to rising inflation and widespread volatility, hard working members of society can no longer rely on traditional banks or investment vehicles to safeguard their futures. How to Supplement Your Retirement and Safeguard Your Future Instead, those approaching retirement (or those that wish to start...
  6. Four things you probably didn’t know about inheritance tax

    Article by Naomi Webb It’s fair to say that no taxes are overly popular, yet there is a particular dislike reserved for inheritance tax – the most hated of them all. This is a tax that takes a slice of the wealth left behind by some people when they die to go back into the coffers of the state. Whether you think that is fair is up to you but it exists, and how much do we actually know about it? The truth is, other than a passing knowledge of its existence, very few of us even knows the basics. Here are your key questions answered: Who must pay inheritance tax? Very few estates actually have to pay inheritance tax. The figure for 2016/17 is set to stand at about eight per cent – or...
  7. Are you prepared, financially, for your retirement?

    financially prepared for retirement image
    Article by Naomi Webb Whatever age you may be, it’s always important you look ahead to those twilight years when you must depend on whatever money you have saved while working. For some, it can be a trying time financially – the average state pension is just £155.65 a week, and so can easily get swallowed up and not everyone has their own private pot to help them fund their lifestyle. Do you have savings or assets? A good nest egg is important when retiring. You need back up funds to support the income you receive from your pension. Research conducted by Which? has discovered that most retirees require around £24,000 a year to live comfortably, so consider this when looking at your current savings and assets. Perhaps selling your...
  8. Selling Your Home? Rising Issues for the Retired

    downsizing to retire
      Life for those who have retired has become financially more difficult in recent times for a variety of reasons. Nowadays unless you have consistently contributed to a secondary pension scheme for the majority of your working life you won’t be seeing much of a return in those important twilight years. Even though you’re supposed to be lying back and enjoying life work-free after you hit retirement age many amongst are having to keep working in order to make ends meet as our promised pensions have fallen short of our expectations and this, coupled with the rising cost of living, has meant that things just haven’t improved which has left some pensioners with no other choices. Many retirees have had to cut corners and in more extreme cases have been forced to sell their own...
  9. 7 Money saving tips for women over 50

    50plus money saving tips
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Some simple changes can make a big difference Look at existing phone and broadband contracts. Are you paying a monthly mobile phone contract fee when in fact you are out of your official contact fee and could switch to SIM only? If you are not bothered by having the latest must have phone this might be a good option for you. Similarly shop around for the best broadband and landline deals. I have just gone through this exercise myself and saved more than £50 per month by better understanding my contracts and checking out alternatives.   Check out voucher and discount card sites. Why pay full price for meals and entertainment when you can take advantage of 2 for 1 deals in many local restaurants. Also look to see if your...
  10. Three different ways to save and invest for retirement: Residential property

    property investment for retirement image
    Article by Yoram Lustig In the last of three articles in which we explore three ways to save and invest for retirement, we turn our attention to residential property. We all need a place to live before and after retirement. One way to save for retirement is buying your home. This is a large financial commitment, normally requiring borrowing money from a bank through a mortgage. A mortgage is a loan secured on your property. If you do not repay your mortgage, the bank might repossess your house. That is a risk for you. However, because your home is a good security for the bank, it normally charges a lower interest rate on the mortgage compared to those it charges on unsecured loans. As the years go by and you gradually repay your...
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