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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Diet & Fitness


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Fabafterfifty: Fitness/Diet

  1. 5 simple mistakes that could be impacting your weight

    5 weight loss mistakes images
    We may not be going back to school any more but that doesn’t mean September isn’t a month of new starts, giving us a second chance to give our January resolutions one last try before the festive season and get back in shape after those sangria fuelled holidays. To make sure your attempts aren’t in vein we’ve rounded up five common mistakes you may be making that could hamper your weight loss goals. Your morning coffee Although many of us use coffee to haul us out of our sluggish morning slumber, it may be feeding our sweet tooth and tempting us into snacks we know we should avoid. New research from Cornell University has found that caffeine can temper taste buds temporarily and make food and drink taste less sweet,...
  2. Are we older but not wiser when it comes to fitness over 50?

    50 plus fitness tips image
    A recent study conducted by Public Health England has revealed some shocking statistics regarding inactivity rates among British adults. It found that 41% of British adults aged 40-60 walk less than 10 minutes at a brisk pace each month. Results have also shown that a quarter of the population are officially ‘inactive’, meaning they are doing less than 30 minutes of activity per week. It doesn’t take an expert to know that these results mean many UK adults are putting themselves at a greater risk of negative long-term effects on their health. If this isn’t a wake-up call, we don’t know what is. Our experts have put together their top tips to get you off the couch, moving your body and leading a healthier lifestyle. Find your rhythm Exercise doesn’t...
  3. Sexy, Sculpted Arms in Time for Holiday Dress Season

    arm toning exercises for women over 50
    Article By Sloane Davis We usually think of summer when bearing our bathing suits and tank tops, but the Holidays are approaching and we will be getting dressed in our holiday formal wear which will be baring our arms as well – not to mention Fall wedding season!  We all want to look our best regardless of what time of the year it is, and it’s true that there is no “season” for getting into shape. We must maintain our healthy and fit lifestyle all year long if we really want to see results. With that being said, we have a little over 3 months to get those arms looking sexy and sculpted and that is more than enough time! So if you follow these exercises you are sure to go...
  4. Why do we need more protein in our diet over 50?

    why we need more protein over 50 image
    Protein is set to be the secret weapon that will help to boost metabolism and build muscle mass in the over 50s. As our bodies start to age, it becomes a lot easier for us to gain a few pounds and a lot harder to try and shift them afterwards.   Protein has long been associated with bodybuilders or athletes who are looking to build muscle of recover after training. However, inkospor®, award winning and internationally renowned sports supplement brand, are here set the record straight and make protein the nutritional must-have for active adults over 50: Double your dose for better health  If you’re over 50 and not taking enough protein, you will probably be all too familiar with muscle fatigue and loss...
  5. A Fitter Body for a Better Memory: 5 tips to increase your aerobic exercise

    tips to increase your fitness to boost your memory
    Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to exercise, but finding the time becomes even more important once we reach our 50s if we want to enjoy not just a longer life, but a quality life. Can’t remember the last time you went to the gym? Well your lack of exercise may well account for that, in more ways than you might think. New research from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering has found that those who are more aerobically fit are more likely to have better memories. 5 ways to increase your aerobic exercise So here are 5 ways to notch your aerobic exercise up a gear, for both a fitter frame and a fitter brain! Firstly, what counts as aerobic exercise? Aerobic exercises are ones typically performed...
  6. Herbs for Digestive Health

    50plus health best herbs for digestion
    By Angela MacRitchie for CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine). The digestive system starts in the mouth and is a tube that runs for nearly 9.0 meters from top to bottom – literally! It is a tunnel that permits the outside world to run throughout the body. The digestive system is divided into the mouth, the oesophagus, the stomach, the small intestine and the large intestine (also called ‘large bowel’ or ‘colon’) with accessory organs such as the salivary glands, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. The digestive tract serves to transport, break down foods and provide us with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Finally the waste is carried away from all the cells. When this system is out of balance or dis-eased, it causes a myriad of symptoms and knock-on effects in other areas of the...
  7. Why can Nutrition seem confusing?

    are you eating food or poison quote
    By Gemma Hurditch for CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine). High fat, low fat, lots of whole grains, no grains – the contradictions can be a recipe for extreme confusion.   Why are there so many conflicting dietary approaches for health and weight loss? Research One of the issues raised is who funds nutrition research. Do they have something to gain from a particular outcome? When funded by industry, some research may favour the desired company outcome, such as finding that something is not harmful to us after all! Even with independent research, other problems can crop up. For example, we were told that saturated fat was harmful to us, so is it ethical to feed a subject group high amounts of it in order to see whether it really is? Repeating the findings...
  8. Simple tips for adding more steps into your day

    50plus fitness more steps in day image
    Are you achieving the much talked about 10,000 steps a day? It seems most of us aren’t reaching anywhere near that.  A study using smartphone ‘accelerometers,’ a sensor that automatically records stepping motions, found that women manage only 4,908 steps on average a day, compared to men who rack up 5,982. So, what can you do to squeeze in some more steps and up your fitness? Our experts share their top tips…   1. Have a walking meeting Why not take your meeting out of the boardroom and into the fresh air? Not only will this get you moving, but the fresh air and extra movement can get the fresh ideas flowing by mixing up your environment. “Exercise is a great stress reliever. Taking a walk aids in stimulating anti-anxiety effects, this...
  9. 10 servings of veg and fruit per day? How can we do it?

    how to get your 10 a day image
    By Gemma Hurditch for CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine). Consuming ten servings of veg and fruit per day is recommended in order to ward off heart disease, cancer and premature death. That’s the latest health advice from a review conducted by Imperial College, London, which included studies of close to 2 million people. What if I don’t even get my 5 a day? Many people already struggle to get close to the ‘five a day’ currently recommended by UK authorities.  Consuming some is better than none, so even if you are only getting a couple of servings per day, don’t give up, you can always build on your personal best!  Aim to ‘eat a rainbow’ as the more varied the colours of your diet, the more diverse the plant...
  10. Are you getting enough Omega 3 in Your Diet? Are Cod Liver Oil capsules the solution?

    are we getting enough Omega 3 in our diets image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon   We all know that to live an active healthy life, diet is key, but how do we know if we are in fact consuming the right nutrients to support our bodies (and our health) in the optimum way? Omega 3 is essential in maintaining healthy heart function, support normal bone function maintenance of normal vision and support of normal brain function. The primary source of Omega 3 in our diet is oily fish.  I eat what I always believed to be a balanced, healthy diet which loosely follows the principles of a Mediterranean diet, and I typically have salmon three times a week, so I thought I would score well when tested for the levels of both EPA and...
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