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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Diet & Fitness


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Fabafterfifty: Fitness/Diet

  1. Foods you should and shouldn’t be eating with Type 2 Diabetes

    what to ear and what to avoid with type 2 diabetes image
      A healthy diet can help you manage Type-2 Diabetes and even in some cases reverse the condition, but what are the worst offenders? Our experts share what foods you should and shouldn’t be eating to help you eat your way to better health. “Having a healthy bodyweight makes it easier to manage type 2 diabetes – including controlling blood sugar levels – and reduces risk of complications. What you eat is also really important to help manage symptoms. The focus is to stabilise blood sugar and prevent extreme highs and lows. Focusing on low glycaemic index foods is a good way to do this. These are foods that are low in sugar or carbohydrates (which turn into sugar) or foods that break down and release...
  2. Turn back time:10 tips to protect your health for the future

    how to turn back time image
    Article by Dr Aamer Khan #Be Age Smart with expert advice from Harley Street doctor, Dr Aamer Khan Look after your bones. Half of all women and one in five men aged over fifty will break a bone because of a weakened skeleton (osteoporosis). A vitamin D supplement helps promote calcium absorption and bone health. Weight-bearing exercises, such as working out with lightweights, three times a week, can also help keep bones strong.   Deal with your stress. Stress contributes to every disease, directly or indirectly. It shrinks the brain and increases the waistline. So deal with it – somehow. Make time for mindfulness, or even better, meditation and even a few minutes of relaxed deep breathing several times a day will help. With your eyes closed, focus your mind...
  3. 10 ways to boost your metabolism to lose weight over 50

    how to boost your metabolism image
    Losing weight  and burning fat is never easy- especially once we reach our 50s. . Yet, how many of us make this our New Year resolution, which gradually gets swept under the carpet by the end of January? To help you shift those extra pounds, we have asked our expert nutritionists to list the top 10 ways to boost your metabolism… 1. Eat protein with every meal “Because muscle has a big effect on metabolism, you can improve your metabolism by increasing your lean muscle mass and keeping your body fat down. Eating plenty of protein (in conjunction with exercise) will help maintain and build your muscle strength. This is especially important if you’re cutting calories, because your body may start breaking down your muscle tissue for energy – eating more protein...
  4. 13 different aspects to consider if you want to lose weight over 50

    13 ways to lose wight over 50 image
      According to the NHS, the UK has the highest level of obesity in Western Europe. The cause of the rapid rise in obesity levels has been blamed on the ‘modern lifestyle’ in which we are heavily dependent on watching TV, social media, desk-bound jobs and high-calorie food. Our expert nutritionists have listed ways to adjust your lifestyle and make weight loss over 50 work for you. Emotional attachment “Emotional or ‘comfort’ eating can be a key cause of weight gain. Because it doesn’t depend on hunger, comfort eating can often be uncontrolled – you don’t necessarily stop when you’re full. What’s more, the most ‘comforting’ foods tend to be sugary foods and carbohydrates, which are easy to overeat and can quickly lead to weight gain when consumed in excess,” explains...
  5. Top Tips to Detox the Brain from a Psychiatrist and  a Nutritionist

    how to detox your brain image
    Article by Deborah Colson and Dr Emer MacSweeney  As millions of people around the world embark on New Year’s resolutions with diet and fitness primary goals, it’s important not to overlook the brain; one of the most fascinating yet complex organs. The brain really is the boss of the body; controlling all of the body’s functions, movements and emotions, so it’s important to keep it healthy and working to its best ability. The experts at award-winning brain clinic Re:Cognition Health are passionate about optimising brain health and understand that modern lifestyle pressures can seriously compromise its performance. Factors such as chronic stress and depression can affect the way the brain works; reliance upon modern technology can cause a decrease in mental performance, attention span, learning ability and memory function. Nutrition is another factor...
  6. Top tips for getting into shape over 50 from celebrity trainer Paulette Sybliss

    paulette sybliss over 50 fitness image
    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon Paulette Sybliss worked with Janet Jackson to get her into shape at 51 ready for her world tour – following the birth of her son. I asked Paulette to share her tips so that every woman over 50 can be fit and fabulous. How easy is it to get into shape in your 50s and beyond? It is no more difficult at 50 than it is at 30; habits are the only thing that may get in the way. At 50 we are set in our ways pretty much and habits are firmly formed and often we don’t want to break the habits of a lifetime however if the mindset is such that one truly wants to change and get into shape at 50...
  7. Nine Steps to Improve Insulin Sensitivity

    avoid diabetes image
    Article by Fleur Brown According to Diabetes UK, nearly 3.6 million people are living with Diabetes Type 2 in the UK. Diabetes is the fastest growing health threat of our times and an urgent public health issue. Since 1996, the number of people living with diabetes has more than doubled. If nothing changes, it is estimated that more than five million people in the UK will have diabetes within the next five years. Diabetes Type 2 is primarily a disease of insulin “resistance” when the cells become insensitive to the effects of insulin. Insulin is needed to facilitate the uptake of glucose into the cells but if your cells are...
  8. Health-savvy snacks for an autumn walk

    energy bar recipe image
    Article by Dr Sally Norton Autumn is just asking to be embraced with a brisk walk in the fresh air and fallen leaves. Ideally with some gentle sunshine too….but let’s not push our luck! Wrapping up against the elements means we can get the benefits whatever the weather throws at us. Whether you are planning a full-on, muscle-toning power walk or a gentler stride out for an hour or two, it’s worth having an energy boost to hand. But don’t undo the good work of your walk by tucking into processed snacks that provide calories but little in the way of nutrition. Your body, like your car, runs better on premium fuel. Instead, choose one of these healthy and easy snacks the next time you get up and go…… Banana On-the-go snacks don’t come any easier than bananas – ready-wrapped and full of...
  9. I’m eating healthily but still can’t lose weight

    tips for losing weight naturally over 50 image
    Article by Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan If you think you’ve got a healthy diet but still want to lose weight in your 50s, the first thing I’d focus on is portion sizes. Most people can’t believe that they can really reduce portion sizes without feeling hungry. They are often shocked to find, over the course of a weight loss programme, how much less they are eating at the end of it. It’s often 1/3 less, sometimes 1/2 less, and in some cases even less. How can this be? It’s because you’ve got stuck in certain habits of eating, and don’t realise what you’re doing. It becomes the new normal, and you think it’s how much your body needs. So how do we go about reducing portion sizes? Here are a few quick tips. How to Reduce Portion...
  10. How taking Cod Liver Oil capsules improves Omega 3 levels

    Increase omega 3 levels with cod liver oil capsules image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I have been watching the BBC programme How to Keep Young – where they conduct various tests to assess somebody’s ‘body age’  as opposed to their chronological age, and then put together a 12 week programme of lifestyle changes to reduce their body age. I have been participating in a mini version of my own, by participating in a test that Seven Seas are conducting which looks at Omega-3 and why it’s so important to have in our diets.  Looking to improve my Omega-3 intake I had my blood analysed (via a finger prick test) and then reviewed by Professor Philip Calder, Professor of Nutritional Immunology at the University of Southampton. I was quite surprised by the results. (read the full review...
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