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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Features

  1. Live-in Care at Home  vs. Care Home

    live in care or care home image
    Article by Cera When considering care for elderly relatives, your first thought may be a care home. However, live in care can be a cheaper and more comprehensive care option. Although there are certain requirements to be eligible to have this type of care, the majority of people are able to accommodate live in carers in their home. In this article we will detail the benefits of receiving live in care as well as the requirements that must be met before care commences at home. A Guide to Live in Care  Live in care is perfect for those who want to stay in their own home and remain close to their family, friends and local community. This type of care is especially beneficial for those living with dementia, as staying in a...
  2. How long will you live for? A fun quiz to try

    how many more years do you have left to live?
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon We are told that we are living for longer –  but how much longer. How much can we influence how long we live for ? And  how long do we actually want to live for? If I look at the life expectancy tables on the Office of National Statistics website,  based on where I live (the South East). I should expect to live to the age of 85. But this of does not take into account any lifestyle choices . Where we live, how much we exercise, how much alcohol we consume can all have an impact. I came across a fun tool (strangely named a ‘death clock’)  that lets you put in your age, and then...
  3. Why my pink leather jacket became a symbol of my new found freedom.

    symbol of freedom after divorce
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I have had this pink biker jacket for at least 16 years – it was a purchase prior to my getting together with my now ex husband. It was my favourite item in my wardrobe. I loved the colour – a significant departure from my usual black – and the feel of the leather. It seemed surprisingly to go with so many things in my wardrobe. My now ‘ex’ hated me wearing it. His rationale was that he had never seen a pink cow. The same rationale did not apply to his navy leather jacket however, or his blue shoes – it seems that pink cows were the problem. I put the pink jacket at the back of the wardrobe. Gradually other items suffered the same...
  4. Suzy Quatro talks to Fab after Fifty about her career , motivation and authenticity

    suzi quatro quote image
    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon Suzi Quatro has been at the top of the tree in so many areas of entertainment and the arts – and she has stayed there for more than five decades. Suzi talks to Fab after Fifty about her stunning career – so far ! What a dynamic and inspirational lady!!! I think I shall have go and see her perform on stage in the upcoming Legends Tour. How have you managed to sustain a career in entertainment for so long – I understand you have celebrated more than 50 years as a pro.  I have been in the business for 53 years….and still counting. I believe I have continued to be a success because whatever and whoever I am is real. I am not manufactured whatsoever. This...
  5. Style over 50: Dress for a wedding or a day at the races

    dresses with sleeves cobalt blur dress for wedding or races image
    Style Pick by Ceri Wheeldon Continuing with our dressing for summer occasions series , here I have chosen a dress with sleeves in my favourite colour – cobalt blue. It is very similar to one I bought three years ago – I have had lots of wear out of mine – teaming it with diamante drop earrings for evenings   I think it suits most skin tones and hair colours so for me is always a winner. This style of dress is ageless, so fabulous for women over 50. Great dress for wedding guests This dress is simple, elegant,  great for weddings  – and the neckline meets the dress code for race meetings such as Ascot- although if you are in the Royal Enclosure at...
  6. A holiday with Silver Spain : lifestyle, healthy and active ageing for over 55s with cultural visits in Malaga

    55plus holiday silver spain image
    Review by Ceri Wheeldon. Whenever we talk about holidays and travel on Fab after Fifty, the feedback always seems to focus on wanting to see new places and do things that are a little different – it seems that we  over 50somethings have far too much energy to go on holiday just to lie in the sun and sip cocktails! When I was approached by a new company  Silver Spain offering a different sort of holiday to join them on a taster for their new Silver Week initiative,  I checked out their website and said yes. The holidays are all aiming to  explore the more cultural aspects of the Costa del Sol, while promoting healthy and active ageing. Sounded good to me, and a great opportunity to explore...
  7. Are dating apps the way to find love over 50

    best dating apps for over 50s
    Article by Olga Levancuka   Yes, believe it or not, apps may be way forward to finding love over 50. Why waste your time by going to the events or pay hefty fees by registering on  online dating sites when your dream partner  is literally a finger tap away, and often for free. Or is it so? On the first glimpse dating via apps is exciting, direct and provides you with that feeling of spontaneity and living dangerously. On a second glimpse, it is just like every other way of dating, face-to-face, blind date, arranged date, online date or by meeting a person at an event. So before you can  jump to conclusions  saying ‘it’s all about apps‘ it’s not. It’s all about putting yourself out there. It’s about stating that you are...
  8. Meritene: making it quick and easy for the 50+ gen to get the protein, vitamins and minerals they need!

    sexy seafood soup recipe with meritene
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Since turning 50 I have become more aware of how the lifestyle I lead today, will impact the quality of life I live later down the line – assuming I am lucky enough to live to a ripe old age! Not only have my energy levels dipped in recent years – (although some who have likened me to a Duracell Bunny might see that as a good thing) – I have also found my ability to concentrate for long periods of time has been affected and I tend to need more frequent breaks from my desk. Even so, my life is busier than ever! Funnily enough – this is quite common for someone of my age. Research by Nestlé Health Sciences reveals that...
  9. Exploring hidden talents on a leisure weekend

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon One of the things I promised myself when I decided  to divorce my husband was that I would take time to do more of the things that I enjoyed doing – as opposed to doing only the things on ‘his’ list in order to keep the peace. I have always enjoyed  art, but have to confess to not really having the confidence to draw or paint really since leaving school. I also have discovered , purely by accident, that I enjoy taking photographs – although this was in a way forced upon me as I had to take pictures for the website, I have found I enjoy the creative side of photography – and want to learn more about what  I can do with my SLR. I...
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