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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Clearing Wardrobe Space for the New You

    5 top tips to declutter your wardrobe
    Article by Helen Sanderson   A good healthy wardrobe declutter can be good for your soul. They’re a great way to mark a transition and start a new phase in your life. Today we’re familiar with the idea of detoxing our bodies and cleansing the liver or fasting for a few days. In the same way, clearing out unwanted clutter from your wardrobe can really support endings and new beginnings. Often when purging a wardrobe of old clothes, I find many clients have many things that no longer fit or suit their new lifestyle and image: old outfits they no longer wear, corporate wear from jobs they’ve long left and things they just keep because … “Well, I can’t throw that out “. Here are my top tips for decluttering that overcrowded...
  2. In praise of garden sheds – more than just a tool store

    shed fabafterfifty3
    No matter how low maintenance you manage to make your outdoor space, you will always need somewhere to keep your garden tools. Forks, spades, bags of compost, tubs of weed killer, gardening gloves, hoes and trowels – none of them belong in the house! For those lucky enough, a cavernous garage is a suitable repository of all things unfit for domestic accommodation – however malodorous they may be. But not everyone has access to such a luxury of weatherproof space. For many of us a garden shed is the best that we can aspire to – and there is nothing wrong with that. A source of celebration The humble shed is seldom celebrated, and we think that is a shame. After all, who doesn’t have a childhood memory of some creepy-crawly infested...
  3. From Star Wars to Hot Tubs – Splish Splashing around with Warwick Davis!

    Lynda Smart & Warwick Davis at a HotSpring World showroom
    Article by Julie Philpot Lynda Smart & Warwick Davis at a HotSpring World showroom Famous Idiot Abroad and Star Wars celebrity actor Warwick Davis first bought a Hot Tub from HotSpring World 10 years ago and has enjoyed the fun family memories and special times it has given them ever since! Warwick not only feels that using their hot tub positively benefits the families aches and pains but also that they find enjoying their spa is very calming for the mind too. With the hectic Hollywood lifestyle that Warwick leads, he feels they are a fantastic benefit towards all the family’s wellbeing. Helping your family to bond together   He also feels that using their hot tub has helped his family...
  4. How To Become Your Own Interior Designer

    Article by Naomi Webb   So, you want to redecorate your home but can’t afford to bring in an interior design expert, on top of the cost of all the materials you will need? We’ll let you in on a secret… you don’t really need one.   Obviously you want your home to look great first time, so you don’t have to redo it a couple of years down the line, but it is possible to be your own interior designer and make this happen! How? Read on to find out… Research, research, research Research, research and then research some more – before you do anything else! The information you need to do your own interior design is right at your fingertips. All you need to do is take out your phone, Google what project you want to...
  5. Relocating Abroad? 5 Hints & Tips To Speed Up The Moving Process!

    moving abroad image
    Article by Naomi Webb You’re relocating abroad – lucky you! But there is one thing standing in your way before you jet off and leave behind the wet and windy UK for warmer climates: your house. Selling your home can be an incredibly stressful experience when you are just changing postcodes – so when changing countries this stress can increase tenfold. Ideally you want everything to go as quickly and smoothly as possible, because you don’t want to be stuck in England waiting for it to sell or on the other side of the world as ongoing issues continue back here. So, with that in mind, here are a few hints and tips to help speed up the moving process. Start packing as early as possible   The sooner you start the process, the quicker and easier it will...
  6. 5 Ways To Make The Most Of Small Outdoor Spaces

    Article by Naomi Webb Not all of us are blessed with long lush lawns and huge gardens. Some of us have to settle for the sort of outdoor space that isn’t likely to be associated with the words ‘landscape gardening’, ‘water feature’ or ‘big shed’ any time soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being outside. Having a small space just means that you need to be smart with how you use it. Here are five ways to make best use of what you’ve got…   Folding furniture You can still use your space to sit outside but you need to be careful not to fill the little area you have got with a whopping great table and chairs. Those smart space-saving Scandinavians over at Ikea have come up with some folding furniture solutions that would...
  7. How to Create an Entertaining Outdoor Space

    garden ideas 1
    Article by Fab after Fifty Ensure Your Garden is Golden Our gardens can offer great outdoor entertainment space, with a little planning and imagination. For an attractive, low maintenance outdoor space, it’s good to have a mix of patio and lawned areas, interspersed with hardy, aromatic herbs and shrubs. Keeping certain plants in pots is a good way to ensure a mix of vegetation without spreading. For example, mint is fragrant, attractive and delicious in a chilled cocktail, but will overwhelm your garden if kept as a bedding plant. An arbour, strung with fairy lights and wound through by clematis, is a beautiful, low key way to dress the space with minimum fuss. Climbing plants in general, carefully trained onto a trellis, update your garden and need very little attention, beyond an...
  8. How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

    how to create a low maintenance garden
    Article by Sam Bahay Gardening may be a tedious chore to some but spending a little time sprucing your backyard and mowing the lawn can have a big impact on your overall health. Aside from being a pleasant form of low impact exercise, studies have shown that it can lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. This is good news for your mental well-being, shown to encourage mindfulness and ward off the onset of depression. There’s just one problem. Gardening is hard work when you have a busy schedule. If you’re looking for a quick, easy solution, take a look at this guide to creating a low maintenance garden.     Resize...
  9. Improve your lifestyle and health with a Hot Tub!

    HotSpring woman jet massage effect crop resize
    There are a multitude of very real health  benefits that you can accrue from ownership of a  Hot Tub Spa! As well as the benefit of increasing the value of your home, by making it more attractive to potential buyers, owning a hot tub means that you will spend more quality time with your family. Precious hours spent with your loved ones is always time well spent, and can provide a real boost to everyone’s sense of well-being. They can also provide entertainment for friends and family at parties or get-togethers and, of course, make for romantic evenings alone with your partner too!   Looking at the therapeutic health benefits of hot tubs   Aside from all this, owning a hot tub can also provide many healthy therapeutic benefits. The first ever whirlpool...
  10. Decorating Your Empty Nest

    emptynest pic 1
      As a parent, there will always come a time when your child is ready to move out of your home whether it is to go to university, to travel the world or to get married, leaving you with something that is commonly referred to as an ‘empty-nest home’. This is a good time to make some changes to your home and the first thing you should do is transform the extra space into a new room to create a brand new space. If you think that your child will be returning regularly despite moving out, then you might wish to transform it into a guest bedroom. This can also be used by other visitors who want to stay in your home and it is important that you decorate it, so that it is appealing to everyone rather than aiming it solely at your child’s taste. You will need to consider the following...
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