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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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  1. Parisian Valentines

    Tips to celebrate valentines Parisian way image
    Article by Meredith Keeve  a.k.a. The Wandering Parisian Yes, Valentine’s Day has become an international occasion, even in France there are cards and decorations for Cupid’s fete. However, our Fabulous French Fifty year old knows there is nothing less romantic or inspiring than dinner in a restaurant on the night of February 14th.  A “Holiday Special“ menu, overworked waiters, crowded tables, and a great deal of social pressure do NOT a fun evening make. Much as they decline to go out on Saturday nights (preferring to leave downtown to millennial revelers and tourists) the Parisienne is unlikely to insist on a restaurant dinner for Valentine’s Day. For a truly romantic evening, stay in! First, figure out how much your restaurant meal would set you back, including taxis or parking, and...
  2. 10 Things You’d Definitely Buy If You Ever Won The Lottery

    win the lottery image
      Sometimes luck knocks when you least expect it. So here’s some scenario for you: what if you bet on lotto today and won your first-ever million (or millions) that quick? What will you do with the money? Having that much liquidity can be overwhelming, and if you’re not used to it, you may find yourself spending it on needless things. To make the most of your newfound wealth now you’re fifty, here are amazing investments you can make: Cruise around the World (£143,000)  A cruise around the world doesn’t come cheap. You may end up spending almost £150,000 per passenger. The good news is it’s already a state room. Cruises are also perfect for those who want to avoid the fast-paced travel moving from one airline...
  3. Writer’s retreats: Why escaping to an idyllic cosy cottage is no way to write a novel

    Article by Louise Dean The little lodge in the middle of nowhere, with a raging fire and food and drink and you inside all toasty warm looking rather charismatic putting down thousands of words of pure poetry onto a page. That ain’t going to happen.   Never. No way. Not even one day. That ‘golden time’ to write your novel? It’s not coming for you. Nope. Sorry. So you’re going to have to buck your ideas up a bit. Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today! If I sound a little 1940’s, well I am thinking that today’s novelist needs to be like the war time housewife. Think of writing your novel as if it’s war time. I’ve got a recipe for you from the Kritikme Ministry of Novels this week. (One day, your ‘designer writer lifestyle’ might come but when...
  4. Embrace your inner rock chic and say YES to adventure: I saw the Rolling Stones

    rolling stones concert lucca review
    Article by Beverley Harvey It’s easy to let our worlds shrink as we get older. Whether from poor health, depression and anxiety or a general loss of confidence and energy, it’s all too easy to say ‘NO’ to opportunities that once we might have leapt at. In our thirties and forties, life is so frenetic that we have to learn the No word just to survive; there’s a limit to how many commitments a body can take.  By the time we reach fifty, in theory, we should be making more time for ourselves as children have likely flown the nest, work may have slowed a few degrees, and chasing materialism loses it allure. BUT, the pitfall here is that we can back-peddle too far and find that we are hiding away indoors. ...
  5. How my Grandson Inspired me to Write

    inspiration behind Guardian Angel book
    Article by Kay Seeley Author Kay Seeley started writing short stories after she retired from the Criminal Justice System. Her stories have been published across the leading women’s magazines and now an author of over 3 books, she shares why her most recent book is so special to her.   My littlest grandson is six, autistic, non-verbal and the inspiration for my latest book “I have three grandchildren.  My eldest granddaughter is sixteen and keeps me up to date with the latest trends in books and music, who’s hot and who’s not. (So I know all about Bieber, Little Mix and Zoella) My eldest grandson is thirteen and a whizz with technology (I know that I can ask him for help with anything on my ipad!), my littlest grandson is...
  6. Why stores and brands just love us to impulse shop

    how we are persuaded to impulse buy image
    Article by Philip Adcock Impulse shopping refers to purchasing something on the spur of the moment. If you observe an impulse shopper in a food category like sweets and chocolate, you’ll see them walking slightly past the product and then taking a small step back as the brain determines the chocolate bar is simply too good to miss. Shoppers appear to make a sort of ‘double take’ movement as an impulse product catches their eye and then causes them either to buy or resist it. Resistance is futile Impulse shopping offers brands and retailers the opportunity to generate that all important add-on sale. For example, we see this when the shopper visits the ‘food to go’ section for a sandwich and while they’re there are unable to resist that ‘naughty’...
  7. It started with a kiss: The history of kissing

    history of kissing
    Article by Andy Cope It started with a kiss… Here’s a basic introduction to the most important science you’ve never heard of: Philematology, the study of kissing As a happiness researcher, I’m well versed in the science of wellbeing, flourishing, strengths, joy and love. But the specifics of kissing are harder to come by. So while happiness has a ‘set-point’, learning has a ‘taxonomy’ and personality has a ‘type’, academics can’t even agree on what a kiss is. Is it a peck, a continental double-cheeker or a tongue-twisting Frenchie? (I’m going to gloss over the obviousness of matching the right kiss with the right person. Just as a ‘mwah mwah’ air kiss isn’t right for a passionate night with your partner, a snog with your sister is a social faux-pas, even if done behing...
  8. A fabulous day out at the House and Garden Festival- one to add to the list!

    emerald faery lamps image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon There are certain events in the year that I go to with friends – they have become annual  traditions – although sadly we were unlucky with our Wimbledon tickets this year! Usually we go to the Ideal Home Show, but as we were disappointed last year,so  decided to give it a miss this year – which is why I was happy to discover that there was a new show at Olympia, the House and Garden Festival, which combined the Spirit of Summer with the House Fair and Grow London, and was launched this year to coincide with the 70th anniversary of House and Garden magazine. Planned our day around the talks We had a fabulous day out.  We planned our day around the talks. We thoroughly enjoyed...
  9. A visit to the Churchill War Rooms

    churchills war rooms london image
    Article by Geoff Moore The Churchill Cabinet War Rooms museum London.Picture by: www.thetraveltrunk.net Time travelling back 73 years was the impression I had when I visited the Churchill Cabinet War Rooms in London. Being allowed to walk around inside the sealed glass rooms of the museum in Whitehall has been an amazing experience. Even the smell within them is different. Every item on display was as they were left back in 1945 on the day Japan surrendered. The key moment for the Allies and Churchill was probably D-Day and it was in those rooms deep under London that history was made, planned and recorded. Being there many...
  10. Time to check out the WI?

    quote on getting older victoria wood
    Article by Sally Dowling As Victoria Wood said, ‘You know when you are getting old when you look at Scholl sandals and think ‘my they look comfy’! Well the same could be said of the Women’s Institute, so I decided to check out my local group and make up my own mind. Never mind being Fab After 50, I am heading towards being Sensational in my Sixties, and I am beginning to have some spare time. Like Saga Holidays and of course, Scholl sandals, the WI does conjure up preconceived ideas but don’t knock it ‘til you have tried it. An organisation that can appeal to...
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