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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Celebrity Interviews

  1. Suzy Quatro talks to Fab after Fifty about her career , motivation and authenticity

    suzi quatro quote image
    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon Suzi Quatro has been at the top of the tree in so many areas of entertainment and the arts – and she has stayed there for more than five decades. Suzi talks to Fab after Fifty about her stunning career – so far ! What a dynamic and inspirational lady!!! I think I shall have go and see her perform on stage in the upcoming Legends Tour. How have you managed to sustain a career in entertainment for so long – I understand you have celebrated more than 50 years as a pro.  I have been in the business for 53 years….and still counting. I believe I have continued to be a success because whatever and whoever I am is real. I am not manufactured whatsoever. This...
  2. Lorraine Kelly : How dance based fitness has changed her body and her life

    lorraine Kelly fitness image
    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon We have all seen  how Lorraine  Kelly has transformed her body in her 50s , and is the first to say that she is slimmer and fitter than she has ever been. I caught up with Lorraine to ask her just how she has achieved this. This is what she had to say: When you get to 50 your body shape does change .  We can all change our hair and makeup, but the best way to look young and feel better is to exercise. I wanted my waist back – but not in a way that involved doing situps and crunches. I was so pleased to find...
  3. An interview with Lorraine Kelly on bodyshape, colour and her collection for JD Williams

    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon I caught up with Lorraine at the launch of her latest  collection for JD Williams. It was great to see how Lorraine’s collection has evolved since I interviewed when  she launched her very first collection but I also couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to ask Lorraine about how own attitude to body shape, colour and life over 50 had influenced her designs. Lorraine has lost a lot of weight over the last few years, and through her renewed enthusiasm for exercise , mainly her dance based exercise classes, she has slimmed down, toned up and regained her waist, nor to mention toning her arms. Lorraine has said that this...
  4. Meryl Streep talks about her role as Florence Foster Jenkins

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon If you haven’t yet seen Florence Foster Jenkins…it’s not too late. Starring Meryl Streep  as Florence and Hugh Grant as her husband, it follows the rise (and fall) of socialite Florence, who believes she can sing and realises her ambition to sing at Carnegie Hall – with not quite the reception she had anticipated. Here is what Meryl had to say about playing this fascinating character! The film is full of humour and warmth. Meryl Steep as always is superb, and Hugh Grant, despite all his character’s faults , is still likeable as Florence’s husband. As he says in the film ‘Ours is a very happy home’ ….despite his lifestyle which most would find difficult to condone, although as the...
  5. Carol Vorderman launches Victoria campaign for women over 50

    carol vordermann image
    P&G have recently teamed up with Carol Vorderman and her Make-up artist Alice Theobold to find out all the best beauty and make-up tips and tricks that will help give women of a CERTAIN age the confidence they need. When we reach our 50s, our beauty regimes often have to adapt to keep up with our changing complexions. Almost all (96.80%) women aged 50-64 say that they admire women who look natural and fabulous, according to research by Victoria.co.uk.* Whether it’s combating drier skin, reviving dull and tired hair or learning the best techniques for mature make-up, Carol and Alice have come together to help you get all the best looks, using some of their favourite products from Superdrug. Don’t feel old before your time The video features...
  6. An Interview with Dame Judi Dench : Her role in The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

    Dame Judi Dench is one of the UK’s premier theatre performers, working for the National Theatre Company and the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has won six Oliver awards and a Tony. She has also thrived in cinema, earning her first Oscar nomination for her performance as Queen Victoria in Mrs. Brown (1997). She then won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, playing Queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare in Love (1998). Dame Judi has also received Oscar nominations for her roles in Chocolat (2000), Iris (2001), Mrs Henderson Presents (2005), Notes on a Scandal (2006), and Philomena (2013). She has starred as M in seven James Bond films, from GoldenEye (1995) to Skyfall (2012). And she now reprises the well-loved role of Evelyn, returning with an all-star cast in The Second...
  7. Lorraine Kelly talks all things Style over 50 with Fab after Fifty

    lorraine kelly style image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Lorraine Kelly has become a permanent fixture on our morning TV screens – always looking stylish despite her early start to the day . I was lucky enough to meet with Lorraine to chat all things ‘style over 50. Lorraine was as lovely off screen as she comes across ‘on screen’ , very down to earth and happy to fetch the coffees. So , here are Lorraine’s thoughts on life and style over 50. Have you always been interested in fashion and clothes? Not at all. In my early career I was a reporter on location. I dressed more for comfort and to stay warm and dry. Nobody was concerned about what I wore! When did things change? When I turned 50. I took part in a trek but contracted a virus. As...
  8. An interview with Cheryl Baker on life and fitness over 50

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I caught up with Cheryl Baker, who will forever be associated with Bucks Fizz and their Eurovision routine (and win!) ,  to talk about life and fitness after 50! Has your approach to fitness changed since turning 50? I think my approach to fitness really changed when I was in my 40s. I had my children late (an my 40s) and felt I owed it to them to be fit and healthy – it forced me to take stock, although I did start running a lot more in my 50s. When I started it running I never intended to run more than 5 miles but then I became a little more ambitious. I ran my first half marathon in Prague – I cane last and...
  9. Back in black: Lesley Joseph on style, dressing up and the long-awaited return of Dorien

    Article by Fabafterfifty. Lesley Joseph may have thought she’d laid to rest the outrageous flirtations of Dorien Green, but the Birds of a Feather favourite is back, and arguably flightier than ever. Showbusiness is a strange animal. You’ll get some actors who are the absolute antithesis of their characters – step forward Pam St. Clement (that’s Pat in EastEnders, of course) who, away from the television cameras, delivers a flower of received pronunciation that’s never once been heard within a mile of Albert Square. In contrast, some actors appear to ‘become’ their character, or their character ‘becomes’ them… take anything involving Danny Dyer as a reference. Yet with Lesley Joseph the boundaries are ever so slightly blurred. Certainly, she talks with an excited rhythm, a pace and urgency that...
  10. Linda Barker talks about her early childhood memories

    Linda Barker fabulous over 50 image
    Article by Linda Barker “What was the most memorable experience from your childhood?” is a question that is often asked of us and I think that no matter what the answer is it is usually something which we did for the first time which pushed us into the unknown in some way and gave us our first adrenaline rush. It’s no surprise to me that it becomes an addictive feeling and something which a lot of us strive to recreate, or at least wish we did. While I am not exactly a stunt-woman or a Formula One driver, I still get that buzz from doing something new which challenges me – hence my trips into the jungle and leaping from 10 metre diving boards! I have...
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