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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Book Reviews

  1.  Review of The Italian Regional Cookbook by Valentina Harris – with sample recipes

    italian regional cookbook review image
    Review by Ceri Wheeldon If you want to add just one cookbook on your kitchen shelf , let it be this one. It is absolutely gorgeous.  The Italian Regional Cookbook by Valentina Harris has 325 recipes with 1500 photographs. It is not just a cookbook, but a journey through Italy. The photographs are stunning. The book takes you on a culinary tour of 20 regions of Italy – from the flavours of the Mediterranean to the Trentino region where cuisine is somewhat heartier. The photos of the food combined with the images and history of the food from each region inspire you to want to cook something new -and book your next holiday to...
  2. Interview with author Maggie Christensen on the inspiration behind her book The Good Sister

    maggie christensen author over 50 image
    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon As part of our series of interviews with authors who write for women in midlife and beyond, whose books feature central characters that women over can relate to, Maggie Christensen shares her inspiration behind her latest book , The Good Sister.: A little about yourself: I was born and grew up in Scotland, moving to Australia to teach in primary schools in my mid-twenties. I’m now in my early seventies and live on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast only ten minutes from the beach with my husband of over 30 years. When I’m not writing, I love to read or walk along the beach with my husband and have coffee in one of our favourite cafes. When did you start to write? I’ve written material of one sort or...
  3. Interview with author Sue Barnard on the inspiration behind her book Never on Saturday

    Sue Barnard over 50s author
    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon Our latest author to have her first book published in her late 50s is Sue Barnard. Sue shares her inspiration behind her books, and tips for others who want to pursue their passion for writing.  When did you start to write? If you include the compulsory “Composition” exercises at school, I suppose I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember.  My life has been peppered with poems, short stories, articles, and the occasional stroppy letter to The Times.  But it was a life-changing event in 2004 which prompted me to start taking my writing more seriously. What have been the challenges for you? Finding the time to sit down and write without guiltily feeling that I ought to be doing something else. What did you do prior...
  4. Author K.L Loveley : My inspiration to write Love, Secrets and Absolution.

    love secrets and Absolution author interview
    Article by KL Loveley As with my debut novel, Alice, which was published in January 2017, when I raised the issue about the changing alcohol, drinking habits of women. I have written my second novel, with a view to raising awareness of Asperger’s. There are many statistics relating to Autism, but did you know that, Eugen Bleular, a Swiss psychiatrist, was the first person to use the term in 1911. Fascinating historic information. However, it is only in recent years that the public is beginning to take notice of this, lifelong developmental disorder. A disorder that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others. A recent TV drama, The A Word, has hopefully helped to educate viewers about how a family member with Asperger’s, can bring families together as well as tear them apart. Awareness of Aspergers Looking at...
  5. Interview with author Sandy Day about the inspiration for her latest book Fred’s Funeral

    sandy Day author over 50 image
    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon I love to profile writers who have published their first novels midlife, especially when the books highlight issues and scenarios women over 50 face and relate to.  Today Sandy Day shares the inspiration behind her latest novel, Fred’s Funeral. When did you start to write? My creative writing teachers always went ga-ga over my writing so I think that encouraged me. My first poem, about a cat, was published when I was in Grade 5 – around 10 years old. What have been the challenges for you? A challenge for me has been starting so late in life. I don’t feel like I have time to wait while editors and publishers sit on my work for months at a time before rejecting it. That’s why I decided to...
  6. Author Bea Fishback talks about the inspiration for her book Dying to Eat at the Pub

    Bea Fishback author interview image
    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon When did you start to write? I began dabbling with words in my early forties but was first published when I was over sixty, and my muse is still going strong J. What have been the challenges for you? The biggest challenges are learning how to market and promote. Writers usually just want to write not figure out statistics or algorithms on social sites, and I’m no different than the rest . What did you do prior to this? Prior to becoming an author, I was a stay at home mother and wife of a military officer. Once my husband retired from the service, we went into full time ministry, moved to Great Britain and served military families who lived throughout Europe. It was a fun and...
  7. Author Beverley Harvey talks about the inspiration behind her book Seeking Eden

    beverley harvey author over 50 image
    Interview with Beverley Harvey I  love to showcase writers over 50 who write for women like us. Today Beverley Harvey  ( a regular contributor to Fab after Fifty) shares the inspiration behind her book, Seeking Eden When did you start to write?  My first foray was when I joined a creative writing class in Autumn 2014.  It was fun, but daunting too, and I had absolutely no confidence.  In January the following year I started jotting notes and scenarios on what was to become Seeking Eden.  By the end of 2015, I had the first draft of a novel.  Nobody was more surprised than me. What have been the challenges for you? A lack of confidence and self-belief.  I’ve suffered from low self-esteem all my life and at...
  8. Best one-liners about age: Aphorisms from Robert Eddison

    Battle to keep ageing quote image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon If you love Prince Philip’s one liners you’ll love this book of aphorisms  from playwright Robert Eddison, Wisdom and Wordplay. You may ask, what on earth is an aphorism? Well, according to the Oxford Dictionary, it is a pithy observation which contains a general truth. Journalist, broadcaster and playwright Robert Eddison is the Aphorism Master. Over a period of 20 years, he has amassed a treasure trove of thousands of witty one-liners, having recorded every original thought he has had under 150 different subject headings, from sex to politics, death to birth…and everything in between! Three hundred of these original aphorisms are contained in the first in a new series of books that has an impressive army of fans already. I have permission to share...
  9. Book Review : Know Your Style by Alyson Walsh

    Know your style book review image
    Review by Ceri Wheeldon I receive a lot of books to review – many style related, but I share very few on the site as I only like to recommend books that I feel positive about.  And regular readers will know that I have a passion for clothes  and style  ! To be honest, a lot of the style books  aimed at women over 50 are so patronising in tone – I give them a wide berth! I’m pleased to say that Know Your Style is one of the exceptions. It is full of hints and tips, encouraging to understand and build on their own style. Alyson interviews creative ,stylish women from around the world and has them share their style inspiration and tips. ...
  10. Pammies – how one woman transformed her self image following breast cancer

    pride in body after breast cancer in her 60s image
    An extract from Might Make You Smile by Brenda Burling . A unique, uplifting and often laugh-out-loud collection of anecdotes based on true accounts from people living with cancer. Pammies Being in her sixties, Ina found that fashion had skipped past her. She was happy to pick up on perhaps the odd one or two styles, but no longer had the desperate need to be completely up to date with her wardrobe. She was now happy to be comfortable above all else. She liked to think she watched her weight and was careful in the amount of wine she consumed; she liked to think that, but reality didn’t always match up. Nevertheless, she was a lady who knew life was for living, and that a little overindulgence  every now...
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