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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Television

  1. Review of Feud : Bette and Joan

    Feud Betty and Joan review
    Review by Ceri Wheeldon What a treat to see a stellar cast portray screen icons of a bygone era, but highlighting issues which are just as relevant today- women combatting ageism . Jessica  Lange and Susan Sarandon  are fabulous as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis – two stars who despite their huge successes find that as they age and their looks fade the roles dry up have to put their long standing feud aside to make a film which could put both their careers back on track. Interestingly – it was a film that Joan Crawford  had sourced and ‘sold’ the idea to a  director.  Baby Jane is a film classic – one that has stood the test of time- but the whole story behind illustrates the challenges faced by women in...
  2. The 21st Century’s Best Game Shows

    best game shows of 21st century image
    Article by Jason Welch For a lot of us in the “over 50” club, there are fond memories of television game shows. Programs like Jeopardy! and Wheel Of Fortune have been around for years and continue to remain popular. Many of you might remember evenings at home watching these shows with family and trying to play along however you could. The last few decades have also been particularly enjoyable for fans of these types of shows. As NBC recently proved with the (relatively) successful launch of its new big-prize game show, The Wall, there’s still an appetite for this material with mainstream audiences. And it wasn’t that long ago that we were all enjoying a fresh wave of wonderful 21st century game shows. Here’s a look back at the ones that...
  3. Grace and Frankie: Netflix Review

    Grace and Frankie netflix review
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon What do you do when you are looking forward to a comfortable retirement with your husband of 40 years , only to have him drop the bombshell that the next chapter in his life does not include you. That is exactly the scenario facing Grace and Frankie (played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin ), whose husbands (played by Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston) and business partners announce at dinner that they are divorcing their wives – to get married to each other- having had a clandestine gay  affair for more than 2 decades. Grace and Frankie- who had never really liked each other – are suddenly thrown together as they deal with the shock  of the situation and start to rebuild their lives. Grace and Frankie...
  4. Who is Belinda Bum – How Not to Get Old Channel 4 Episode

    Review by Ceri Wheeldon So who is Belinda Bum? In episode 2 of How Not To Get Old,  for me the stand out segment was the very lively ‘Belinda Bum’, who put Louise Redknapp through her paces with a very unique anti-ageing workout which seemed to comprise of very fast jerky movements.! Her ‘Monkey Chew’ facial exercises are said to do wonders when it comes to keeping nose to mouth lines at bay. What a character!! Belinda looks fabulous with a figure most teenagers would aspire to. She is lively, energetic (an understatement), and gives nothing at all away about herself! There was no way Louise was going to get Belinda to give away her age on camera (good for her)- or anything else for that matter...
  5. TV Review of How Not To Get Old – Episode 1

    who is Belinda Bum image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Having become a champion for living life to the full – at every age but especially after 50, of course I just had to watch the new Channel 4 programme ‘ How Not To Get Old’. If I was expecting a programme promoting a healthy lifestyle based on diet and exercise, learning new skills, taking up new interests and opening up our horizons to stay happy and healthy well into our actual old age, well it was a disappointment. It seemed to be a long advert for the cosmetic surgery industry, where the whole programme was highlighting the latest treatment options to ping our ageing faces and flabby bodies back to their youthful proportions. At one point it reminded me of watching Dr Who from behind...
  6. Interview: Jackie from 56 up talks about being one of the original reality TV stars.

    Article by Fabafterfifty Reality TV programmes have become so commonplace that we hardly bat an eyelid when we see a new programme announced. 49 years ago, however, things were very different. When a group of 7 year olds were brought together to document their lives and ambitions for a programme called 7 up. Follow up programmes planned every 7 years to see how their lives progressed, and whether those childhood dreams and ambitions became a reality. So how has life turned out for those 50 somethings who opened up their lives for the cameras all those years ago? Jackie talks about the latest update and her participation in 56up. Nearly 50 years of her life captured on film: How would you describe your 7-up experience? On the whole my experience with...
  7. What can we learn from The Town that Never Retired about being employable over 50?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon There was an excellent programme aired on BBC1 recently, hosted by Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford of The Apprentice, The Town that Never Retired. For those who missed it, a group of pensioners , all in their 70s, went back to work, to establish how they could cope in today’s workplace, and how feasible it would be for employers to include older workers in their teams. Halfway through the programme, the pensioners were joined by jobseekers under 25, to see how the two groups compared from an employability perspective. The results were extremely interesting – especially when taking into account the fact that we will all be expected to work longer, and for those of us in our early 50s now, it is...
  8. Is Mary Beard right not to change her appearance for our TV screens?

    Mary Beard meet the romans image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Mary Beard is 57, intelligent, and on our TV screens presenting and sharing her passion for all things Roman. But it seems that not everyone is happy. Why? Because Mary does not conform to the stereotypical image of the presenters we are used to seeing on screen. It seems that while some appreciate her in depth knowledge of Roman history and culture which Mary so happily shares, others, such as critic AA Gill are keener to criticise Mary’s lack of make-up and use of a personal stylist. Mary is happy to be appear on screen without artifice, being comfortable in her own skin, and according to an interview given by Mary for the Daily Mail, she is hoping...
  9. The ‘Duct Tape Dummy’ woman takes about ‘Mary Queen of Frocks’ and clothes for curvy women

    Interview by Fabafterfifty Penelope Else is finding fame as the ‘Duct Tape Dummy Woman’ on Mary Queen of Frocks. We caught up with Penny for her thoughts and insights on issues raised by Mary Portas’ latest TV series What prompted you to get involved in Mary Portas’ programme? A friend sent me the link, and I was excited that someone with some fashion retail clout was inviting me to get involved in what I interpreted as being a fashion revolution. I’m trained in pattern-cutting and draping on the stand (amateur, not professional!), and was getting more and more into designing my own clothes. I’d had visions of debating with professional designers, poring over fashion sketches, analyzing fit & fabric – really getting into the nub. What do you feel about the choice of...
  10. Decisions, Decisions. Downton Abbey or Spooks?

    Article by Fabafterfifty British TV at its best. Like so many I have been looking to forward to the return of Downton Abbey since the last episode of the first series, where Mary had been ill advised and made Matthew wait too long to respond to his marriage proposal.  How will the lives of those upstairs and downstairs at Downton be changed by the onset of war? What will become of the girls if suitable marriages are not arranged? And what of Mr Bates- will the existence of an estranged wife spell doom for his romance with Anna the housemaid? So why did the BBC decide to schedule its final series of the excellent , but very different series, Spooks at the same time? Lady Mary of Downton Abbey or...
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