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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Weddings

  1. How to Achieve a Country Chic Wedding

    how to create a country wedding image
    Article by Naomi Webb If you’re tying the knot and have a love for all things natural – barns, farmyards and the rolling countryside – why not consider a country chic themed day? Using nature as your inspiration, and the cosy ambiance of greenery and mother earth’s materials, is an idea that (mercifully) demands a little less from busy brides to be. So, forget the glitz and glam of a city affair and read on to find out how to achieve a laid back, romantic country chic wedding.   The invitations: Setting the tone for your wedding begins with your invitations. Forgo glossy, shiny and diamanté studded stationary in favour of keeping it natural – brown card, twine and themed stamps (such as ink pressed stags and trees)...
  2. Do weddings bring mothers and daughters closer together – or drive them apart?

      Article by Ceri Wheeldon Weddings in theory should be a joyous occasion . I helped a friend on her stand at the National Wedding Show a while ago – I was amazed at just what a huge business weddings had become- and the planning and stress associated with the build up to the event. I chatted to one Mother of the Bride who told me that when her daughter had announced that she was getting married they discussed keeping the wedding small- and manageable -and not get caught up in the circus. However once the venue had been booked she said that they had got caught up in the pre-wedding spectacle – attending wedding fairs most weekends for ideas and contacts. Costs were spiralling and she felt...
  3. How do you choose your outfit if you marry in your 50s? Susan shares her experience – and pictures

    Article by Susan Reese. How do you choose an outfit for your own wedding in your 50s? Susan voluteered to share her experience – and pictures- in the hope that it would inspire others. She looked stunning on her wedding day. Was this your first wedding? This was my second wedding and my husband’s first. We’ve been together nearly 16 years, but we like to take our time over important decisions! How far ahead did you start planning he wedding (and outfit!) Seven weeks! We are currently on an overseas assignment in the Middle East with my husband’s employment and because of visa requirements and local laws, we decided to go for it. Once the decision was made we discovered the most straightforward way by far was to get married here...
  4. How do you choose the best hat for your face shape?

    how to choose a hat image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon   Whether you have a wedding coming up or a day at the races, choosing the right hat is not always easy. For Mothers of the Bride or Groom especially, you want to choose just the right hat to look beautiful on your daughter or son’s wedding day and greet your guests. So where do you start ? Who better to ask for hat advice than the milliner trusted by Royals.  When I heard that Vivien Sheriff, who is at the forefront of British headgear design was giving a talk on precisely that topic at Peter Jones in London, I decided it would be a great start to find some hat choosing tips. Vivien’s hats are worn by...
  5. Style Tips for Mother of the Bride

    Article by Angela Weyers. It’s that milestone moment that most parents expect or even hope for in their child’s life. When your son or daughter tells you “Mum, we’re getting married!”.  You are probably delighted (or maybe you’re not!) but once your beaming offspring has been hugged and toasted, your thoughts will inevitably turn to the subject of “the mother of the bride outfit”. For some that will mean happily and obsessively throwing themselves into a frenzy of magazine-reading, endless discussions with family/friends and, of course, shopping. For others it will mean a sense of dread and procrastination, culminating in a last-minute, desperate purchase that may or may not look fabulous. Whichever camp you fall into, I hope that the following tips will help...
  6. As Neil Diamond announces his engagement at 70, the issues raised regarding remarriage later in life

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon As Neil Diamond announces his engagement to Katie McNeil, 30 years his junior , I was asked by BBC Radio Stoke if I would be available to comment on the issues. It opened a host of areas for discussion! • Why would someone of 70 feel the need to marry? • What would the impact of a 30 year age gap have? • Having previously given his ex-wife $150m settlement in the largest settlement in US history, should he be signing a pre-nup? • What about the impact on his family- how would his children react to remarriage at 70 and to a much younger partner? • With 2 divorces behind him, would this be 3rd time lucky? • Would we have a similar reaction to a woman marrying a husband 30 years her junior? (think Joan Collins and Percy) • With...
  7. 12 Secrets of a Happy Marriage passed from Mother to Daughter

    Article by Fabafterfifty What words of advice could Carole Middleton possibly have given her daughter before she walked up the aisle of Westminster Abbey to marry her prince? As Kate and William made their marriage vows not just in front of family and friends, but before a global audience of 2 billion people promising to keep their marriage vows in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, and until death do they part, what advice might her parents have given their daughter? We asked Fabafterfifty readers what tips they would pass on to their children on their wedding day these are just some of the pearls of wisdom they chose to share: 1. Remember that marriage has to be worked at 2. Be open in your communication and...
  8. Kissing the Frog

    Article by Jackie Walker Many moons ago I read the most glorious post  and followed up with one of my own in which I explored the concept of reversing the adage of kissing the frog which turns into a prince. I was grateful to a friend earlier this week for pointing me in the direction of a Daily Mail article which reported on a study suggesting that women will kiss 22 men, be in 4 relationships and have 5 broken hearts before they find Mr Right.  I’m no mathematician but if you’ve had 4 relationships, who provided the 5th broken heart – perhaps your teddy bear, primary school teacher or pop idol? My belief is that, we kiss many princes/esses who turn into frogs! Each person in their own right is...
  9. Getting Married Abroad? Mistakes to Avoid!

    Article by Joanne Major It might soon be possible to get married on an EasyJet flight out of Newcastle, which would certainly bring a new meaning to walking down the aisle! If you can resist the romance of saying “I do” in seat 17G and can manage to wait until you get off the plane then you’ll be like many couples choosing to marry abroad. The attractions are many, from more predictable weather and avoiding the in-laws to taking advantage of lower costs and combining the ceremony with the honeymoon. But beware, it may not be entirely happily ever after.    Make sure your marriage will be recognised in your own country The validity of your marriage abroad and whether...
  10. Should you sign a pre-nup?

    Article by Franklin Price “MARRY ME, NOT MY MONEY”- SHOULD YOU CONSIDER A PRE-NUP? When marrying (or re-marrying) later in life, there are many aspects to consider, including the signing of a pre-nup. Growing tendency for judges to take pre-nuptial agreements into account in divorce The long awaited judgment in the Radmacher v. Granatino appeal was finally delivered by the Supreme Court on 20 October 2010, upholding the 2009 Court of Appeal decision that the pre-nuptial agreement entered into by heiress Katrin Radmacher and her husband Nicolas Granatino on their marriage was binding on the husband.   However, despite this decision, pre-nuptial agreements are still not enshrined in English statute, unlike in most of the other European Union countries.  Nevertheless, there has been a growing tendency in recent...
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