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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Style tips for fab 50plus women

Top style tips for women to look fabulous over 50. We discuss what to wear and where to buy to be fab and not frumpy!

  1. Why my pink leather jacket became a symbol of my new found freedom.

    symbol of freedom after divorce
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I have had this pink biker jacket for at least 16 years – it was a purchase prior to my getting together with my now ex husband. It was my favourite item in my wardrobe. I loved the colour – a significant departure from my usual black – and the feel of the leather. It seemed surprisingly to go with so many things in my wardrobe. My now ‘ex’ hated me wearing it. His rationale was that he had never seen a pink cow. The same rationale did not apply to his navy leather jacket however, or his blue shoes – it seems that pink cows were the problem. I put the pink jacket at the back of the wardrobe. Gradually other items suffered the same...
  2. How French Women wear the Trench Coat

    how French women wear trench coat image
    Article by Meredith Keeve a.k.a. The Wandering Parisian From Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany to Lauren Hutton in American Gigolo, the Trench coat is an iconic piece. How could we forget Catherine Deneuve’s Black patent leather trench by Yves Saint Laurent in Belle de Jour? Consistently shown on the runway from both established and new designers, the Trench itself remains one of the key pieces of the Parisian wardrobe. From Hubert de Givenchy to Caroline de Maigret there is consensus: a trench is a must. Because its status as a classic is indisputable, the Trench coat is constantly updated and reworked in a variety of colors, fabrics and shapes. They come in basic beige every year from Burberry, Aquascutum and...
  3. Style over 50: Inspiration from Fall Fashion in France

    french trends for 50 plus style image
    Article by Meredith Keeve a.k.a The Wandering Parisian In our last blog we covered the Couture Collections for 2017/2018 from French VOGUE. Now that September is around the corner even local newspapers in the UK are running features. So here from Paris – and from the leading French newspaper LE FIGARO – is my spin, on their spin, with FabAfterFifty readers in mind. These are the guidelines to think about as you peruse the high street or Harvey Nicks. You can see Le Figaro’s 20 key looks for autumn 2017 here In their ultimately Cartesian way, the French think about dressing as a formula. ‘Formula Dressing’ as an equation of Fabric, Prints, Colours and Cuts. Key pieces for Autumn For Fall 2017 big sweaters, shearling, denim,...
  4. The Paris Fall 17 Collections – Picks to be stylish over 50

    paris style 2017 for women over 50 image
    Article by Meredith Keeve a.k.a. The Wandering Parisian If VOGUE.fr is not on your laptop, or if you don’t have time to pore over the 300+ pages of Paris VOGUE’s Collections Automne-Hiver 2017-2018 Special Edition, here are a few selected highlights for we FabAfterFifty women.   There are three major trends of which you want to be aware: Transparency No we are not talking about transparent mini-skirts or plastic shoes, but you may find a fabulous transparent raincoat that has a distinctly modern feel and carefully vetted transparent sleeves, or shoulder cut-outs can definitely work for you. (Image: coat by Calvin Klein available at Matches Fashion) Warm...
  5. Throw out the rule book on long hair and hang on tight to your skinny jeans

    style over 50, Beverley Harvey's personal style
    By Beverley Harvey When it comes to personal style, turning fifty can either be completely liberating or a disaster waiting to happen, depending on your point of view. Because unless you’re Madonna, the rules of the game have changed; you can’t just sling on a linen-look sack from H&M or Primark and expect to look amazing. What you can do, is take said bargain ‘sack’, layer it with a boxy little jacket, put it with black leggings, a great pair of strappy heels and ONE huge statement piece of jewellery – and expect to look fabulous.  Because after fifty, accessories are a girl’s best friend. As are well cut jeans, whether boot or skinny (it’s the fit that counts), butter soft leather jackets, beautiful prints that light...
  6. French Style over 50: Slimming by Shopping : Choosing the Right Lingerie

    French chic over 50 choosing right underwear image
    Article by Meredith Keeve a.k.a The Wandering Parisian Alternatively, I was thinking of calling this column: the Lingerie Diet. First, lets deal with the reality of gravity. Post-fifty, gravity is a big factor. Even those who manage to stay the same weight find themselves puddling around the middle. Most of us put on a few pounds, and there is definitely redistribution of flesh happening. With all of that in mind, Lingerie and undergarments are more important than ever. You may be aware that MOST women are wearing the wrong size brassiere. You surely know that being measured and fitted by a professional salesperson is essential. But you cannot be bothered to go and do it – WRONG! Because the wrong size brassiere, any ill- fitting undergarment, can...
  7. French style over 50: Chintz, or how Floral patterns diminish your LIBERTY….

    50 plus style french scarves image
    Article by Meredith Keeve a.k.a The Wandering Parisian France is famous for its fabrics. Lyon has been making printed silks since before the French Revolution. Hermes sells one of its printed silk scarves every second every day somewhere in the world. Pierre Frey, Braquenie, Tassinari & Chatel are all exceptional creators and purveyors of an enormous range of fabrics of the most beautiful colours and patterns imaginable. And none of them make clothing. French women love colour and pattern. But pattern tends to be for curtains. Upholstery. Wallpaper. While small French girls are often dressed in ultra-charming smocked Liberty fabric dresses – a trip to a local park in Paris finds girls up to age 8 dressed in the most adorable, traditional printed dresses and outfits and they are...
  8. French Style over 50: The Functional Wardrobe Part 2

    french style over 50 image
      Article by Meredith Keeve a.k.a The Wandering Parisian So you have an amazing, never-intend-to-take-them-off pair of black trousers ( See our Functional Wardrobe part 1) These trousers may be wide or narrow, wool or crepe. You may have two pairs, one in linen for summer and one in wool for winter. Doesn’t matter, it is the essential building block for the functional wardrobe. Aside from a camping trip, there are very, very few places it’s unacceptable to wear a smart black trouser. Choosing the right white blouse Now you need a white blouse. This is not a Pirate-like affair with ruffles, nor a Victorian piece in lace. This is a simple, again, incredibly comfortable and flattering, blouse in cotton or silk, or crepe, or linen or...
  9. French Style over 50: The Functional Wardrobe – Part One

    style over 50 French Chic image
    Article by Meredith Keeve a.k.a The Wandering Parisian       What every woman dreams of is a functional wardrobe – a wardrobe that provides her with the pieces she needs to be able to get up every morning and have something to wear to every, and any, event or activity in her life. That is the true secret of French dressing – optimal functionality. French women are nothing if not pragmatic! While you may want to buy something special for your 25th wedding anniversary or to be the mother of the bride, you do not want to spend your time or your money scramble-shopping for something to wear to the upcoming baptism, funeral, quarterly presentation or college reunion. You need a collection of pieces – dresses, trousers, skirts, jackets, blouses –...
  10. Style over 50: Dress for a wedding or a day at the races

    dresses with sleeves cobalt blur dress for wedding or races image
    Style Pick by Ceri Wheeldon Continuing with our dressing for summer occasions series , here I have chosen a dress with sleeves in my favourite colour – cobalt blue. It is very similar to one I bought three years ago – I have had lots of wear out of mine – teaming it with diamante drop earrings for evenings   I think it suits most skin tones and hair colours so for me is always a winner. This style of dress is ageless, so fabulous for women over 50. Great dress for wedding guests This dress is simple, elegant,  great for weddings  – and the neckline meets the dress code for race meetings such as Ascot- although if you are in the Royal Enclosure at...
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