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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Dating

  1. Are dating apps the way to find love over 50

    best dating apps for over 50s
    Article by Olga Levancuka   Yes, believe it or not, apps may be way forward to finding love over 50. Why waste your time by going to the events or pay hefty fees by registering on  online dating sites when your dream partner  is literally a finger tap away, and often for free. Or is it so? On the first glimpse dating via apps is exciting, direct and provides you with that feeling of spontaneity and living dangerously. On a second glimpse, it is just like every other way of dating, face-to-face, blind date, arranged date, online date or by meeting a person at an event. So before you can  jump to conclusions  saying ‘it’s all about apps‘ it’s not. It’s all about putting yourself out there. It’s about stating that you are...
  2. Dating over 50: Answers to some FAQs

    50plus dating image
    Dating over 50 can be daunting,  here we answer just a few of the questions  frequently asked   What should I wear on a  first date? You want to wear something that helps your confidence shine through. Wear the colours that are most flattering to your skin tone. Remember that it is your top half that is mostly on show if you are sitting across a dinner table, so focus on that. Don’t wear anything that you are uncomfortable wearing – the last thing you want on a date is to be fiddling with what you are wearing. Don’t overdress.  Wear what reflects your personality.   What does the choice of first date say about the person who chose it? When it comes to first dates it depends on whether the ‘date’ is with someone you already know...
  3. Midlife relationships: Is your relationship ’til death us do part?

    midlife relationships image
    Article by Maxine Harley   If you’re still in love with your childhood sweetheart then long may that continue. Sadly too many of us have not had that blessed experience. There are many types of relationships – and by the time we’ve reached our 50s we’ve probably either heard about, or experienced some of them ourselves. After chatting to a couple of female friends recently it got me thinking about how relationships feature in and shape our later lives.   What emotions does the word ‘relationship’ bring up in you? Safety, security, comfort and support? Stress, hostility, fear, pain and sacrifice? Your relationships are about YOU The relationships we attract are a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. We attract what we give out. What we give out changes as we change. We get what we sub-consciously believe we deserve, and then we get...
  4. 6 things to eat before a first date

    what to eat before a First Date Image
    First date nerves? Dress or skinny jeans? Heels or trainers? Red lipstick or natural lipgloss? First dates can be nerve wrecking, especially over 50,  and we can take a long time to prepare. However, it’s not only our look that can boost our confidence. We asked our Nutritionists to tell us, what are the best foods we should eat before a date to look and feel fabulous.   To de stress yourself We all get the first date jitters. “One of the key things to realise is that stress and anxiety can be fuelled by eating the wrong types of food. Stick to snacks that don’t raise your blood sugar too quickly such as nuts including almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts, as these contain some protein...
  5. How Much Personal Information Is Too Much When Dating Online?

    dating online personal info
      Article by Sandra Baker Ah, the internet. The place where people go to find information on anything ranging from how to solve quadratic equations to answer why the sky is blue to waste time watching adorable cat videos. Other than it being used to look up useful (and many times not so useful) information, it’s one of the main ways people are dating; and it isn’t just for young people! Why, if you look on any of the international dating sites, you’ll find countless younger women who are interested in dating an older man, seniors searching for love, and everything in between. Needless to say, the online dating world is booming. Be that as it may, you heed our advice and be selective with the information you share on...
  6. Tips for using chat rooms on Dating Sites

    dating over 50 image
      Article by Sandra Baker It’s only expected that when you join a dating site, you’re going to want to make use of all the features the site has to offer and one of the favored features are the chat rooms. In the chat rooms, you’ll be able to meet and connect with people much quicker than if you were to wait for them to respond to your messages. Why you can even bypass the whole message system if you truly wanted to! By using the available chat feature on the website, not only will you be able to communicate to someone in real time, but you can have multiple conversations going on simultaneously. Think about it; you could have a local flirt with someone in one chat window...
  7. Getting Married over 50? How to Protect Your Financial Assets Second Time Around

    50plus marriage and finance
    Article By Faye Watts   Divorce.  New Relationships. Remarriage. Life over fifty has the potential to get messy not only emotionally, but also financially. How many of us have heard horror stories about women conned out of their life savings after falling head over heels for someone they met online?  Or just the day to day messiness of entwining two families and their financial responsibilities. Faye Watts, founding partner at www.fuseaccountants.co.uk, looks at how to keep an eye on what’s yours when you move on. Why be cautious While it’s lovely to put on those rose coloured spectacles, many of us will have been through more than enough to hold onto what we could after our first marriage, and want to be a bit more careful this time around. Even if you’re a...
  8. Dating over 50: 10 Top Tips to create your online dating profile.

    how to create your online dating ptofile
    Article by Fab after Fifty Navigating the world of online dating can be daunting. Apparently nearly half of new relationships for the over 50s start online..but where do you begin? Creating your online dating profile. It might be tempting to use that fabulously flattering photo taken of you on holiday 10 years ago, but if you no longer look like that you are only setting up yourself and any prospective date for disappointment. To date successfully online you really do need to create a profile that is as an accurate reflection of the real you as possible! If you meet somebody in person that you have connected with online, then you do not want your first impression to be one of disappointment. So with that in mind, here are our...
  9. The Top 10 Sexy over 60 that people would most like to go on a date with

    richard gere
    Article by Fab after Fifty It’ never too late to find love, but who would your ideal date be, and what are you looking for in a potential new partner?   When the average Joe Bloggs won’t do, silver fox Richard Gere and Bond man Pierce Brosnan top the poll of male celebrities that people would most like to go on a date with – and the celebrity ladies that ranked highest amongst the women were ‘Ab Fabs’ Joanna Lumley and the glamorous Raquel Welch. Top ten ‘sexy over-60’ who people would like to go on a date with: 1 Richard Gere 2 Pierce Brosnan 3 Rod Stewart 4 Tom Selleck 5 Liam Neeson 6...
  10. How to Move Past “Stuck”: Tips for moving on with your life

    liz copeland
    Article by Liz Copeland We’ve probably all experienced being “stuck”: stuck in a job we can’t stand, stuck in a relationship we just can’t seem to get ourselves out of, stuck in a way of thinking that isn’t helping us move forward. Sometimes, we are stuck because external circumstances just aren’t going our way, but more often, says life coach Liz Copeland of www.lizcopeland.co.uk, “we get stuck when we have big or difficult decisions to make, or we need to move on, but just choose not to. Sometimes we don’t even know we are stuck, but there are signs…” Signs of Being Stuck Ruminating on the same thing over and over again Focused on the past or going over one situation such as a break up Trying to...
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