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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Fab after Fifty Videos

  1. Review of Newa – skin tightening device to soften crows feet and firm up jawline

    newa video review
    Review by Ceri Wheeldon When I asked the readers of Fab after Fifty what their main skincare concerns were – the main concern was not wrinkles as I had expected, but sagging skin. So what can we do at home to counter sagging skin? There are many lotions and potions developed to help counter the effect of ageing – but what about other treatments, and specifically home based treatments that can help ? I tried the NEWA skin tightening device, which claims to help firm skin (great for a sagging jawline) AND help diminish wrinkles, particularly crows feet. The NEWA device is the only home use skin tightening device that is FDA approved. So I had high expectations. How do you use the NEWA device?   I have put together a...
  2. Review : Murad Invisiblur : Sunscreen, moisturiser and primer in one (with video)

    Murad Invisblur video review image
    Review by Ceri Wheeldon I love products that can multitask and make a difference to mature skin.  I am not a great fan of most  traditional sunscreens for the face as I tend to find that they clog my skin and tend to bring me out in a rash – not a great look. I have always liked  the Murad products developed for mature skin, so I tried and tesred Invisiblur and it does  not disappoint.     Acting as a moisturiser, factor 30 sunscreen and primer in one, it is a great product to have as part of your morning skincare routine. I love skincare products that tick more than one box! I can see why Invisiblur is becoming a favourite with makeup artists –...
  3. Review: Time Bomb Larger Than Life Shampoo and Conditioner

    Time Bomb Larger than Life shampoo
    Review by Ceri Wheeldon Who doesn’t want thicker, fuller looking hair? I think that hair should quite literally be your crowning glory at any age…but midlife hormonal changes can play havoc with hair. I am always on the lookout for products that can restore lustre and volume – in fact I often buy professional grade hair products from my hairdresser  to try at home. I was a  fan of Lulu’s Operation Glam products, so was keen to try the new Time Bomb haircare range that are replacing them. I was n’t disappointed. One of the problems I have found with a lot of ‘thickening’ shampoos is that although  they add volume, they also add weight , which tend to make my hair flatter (my hair is long, well below my...
  4. Review Cult 51 Night Cream and Cult 51 Immediate Effect Serum

    Cult 51anti-ageing product review image
    Review by Ceri Wheeldon I can certainly see why this night cream and serum have created a cult following.   They give 51 reasons why the cream is effective . including an increase of up to 24% of new skin cell production and up to 52% reduction in wrinkles after 28 days. I have been using the Cult 51 night cream for the past 3 weeks and all I can say is ‘wow’ From the first application, the skin is given an immediate boost, I woke up the following morning with my skin feeling as though it had received the benefit of a salon facial- 3 weeks later and my skin is looking visibly better, with my crows feet look far softer – there had been a definite...
  5. Style over 50: Fabulous separates for the party season

    dramatic applique skirt
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon   There are times when dressing for the party season when relaxed glamour by cleverly combining separates does the trick.  I love the versatility of separates-  you can dress down a sequin skirt with a plain sweater for a pared down look and a party top with jeans for casual glamour. I’ve picked out some of my favourites. Bardot Style Top I am always a great fan of the Bardot style neckline.  This one from Baukjen  will carry you through the party season but will also look fabulous with white jeans in the summer.   Cost: £59 from Baukjen     Sequin skirt A classic with...
  6. Is there an injection free alternative to Botox and Fillers? DEU All In One Serum explained

    Deu allinone acrive seum image
    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon Is there really an anti-ageing skincare that can compete with Botox and Fillers? A new serum from Italy  DEU All In One Serum is described as just that. I asked Karina Luper , of DEU to explain why this new serum is so revolutionary. The questions asked in this video  interview include: This product is describes as an alternative to botox and fillers – can it really compare? Do the results really compare ? What makes this Deu serum so different? What are the active ingredients? How do you use it? Why does it come in small vials? Some of the results have been outstanding in your before and afters – how long would they have used it for? How long before you see results? Why only 21 days –...
  7. Stylish over 50:How style a little black dress a look for cool evenings

    How to style black dress for cooler evening image
    Video by Ceri Wheeldon     Another way to get more wear out of those clothes we have accumulates in out wardrobes by the time we hit our 50s. Once again a way to take that sleeveless black dress to create a look for a winter dinner party – or restaurant meal when you need to add a little extra warmth.   For this simple look I’ve added a set of mesh sleeves ‘under’ and a faux fur gilet ‘over’. I love my costume jewellery – I’ve added one of my craft fair finds – a chunky leaf on a long chain. The effect of the long chain creates a strong ‘v’ , drawing the eye down and creating the illusion of a longer neck – helpful to those of us who might be developing an extra chin as we get older! The dress I’ve used in the video series is...
  8. What is Silhouette Soft: the lunchtime facelift explained

    Interview with Dr Aamer Khan Cosmetic Doctor and Lesley Reynolds Anti Ageing Specialist. This anti-ageing treatment Silhouette Soft otherwise known as the Lunch Time Face Lift   has the ability to ‘lift’ facial features. It has been featured in the press recently with East Enders Actress Gillian Taylforth singing its praises. I asked cosmetic doctor Dr Aamer Khan and anti-ageing specialist Lesley Reynolds to explain the procedure in more detail as part of our expert interview series in conjunction with the Anti-Ageing Show (see below for reader ticket offer) What is a Silhouette Soft Face Lift? A minimally invasive treatment using dissolvable sutures to give a lift. Effective for jowls, cheeks, brow and chin/neck. Not only does the treatment help give the effects of a face lift, but as...
  9. Jill Shaw Ruddock talks about The Second Half of Your Life – the book.

    Second Half of Life Book Cover Jill Shaw Ruddock
    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon I read and the reviewed the first edition of  The Second Half of Your Life shortly after launching the Fab after Fifty website. Well, Jill has now updated the book to provide women over over 50 with more inspiration and information to make the second half of life the best half! In this video interview Jill shares her motivation for writing the book. She explains that it was essentially a springboard to open a dialogue about life after the menopause, and how the changes to the female brain due to hormones help to empower midlife women to be confident and successful in the second half of life.   Jill believes in the philosophy of ‘5 a Day’...
  10. A YouTube Channel for Women Over 50.

    Benefit Cosmetics Review
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon It’s  hard to believe that the Fab after Fifty  website was launched ( in a very low key and modest way with a couple of tweets) nearly 5 years ago. Over those 5 years I have had the privilege of meeting some fabulous women who inspire, and have met all sorts of experts who can really add value to many aspects of our lives – from how we look. how we manage our health, and ideas for travel and lifestyle. Sometimes it’s hard to get the full message across in a written post on the website, which is why I will now be looking to share more video content. We will be embedding the videos on the site itself – but you can also go straight to YouTube to watch all the videos together. Videos posted so far include: Beauty product reviews...
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