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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Wellbeing

Empty nesting”, “sandwich generation” these are examples of   terms associated with our age group- here we look to explore what these terms mean to us, and how we can better understand ourselves  and our reactions to this phase of our lives.

A selection of your questions will be responded to as we move forward.

  1. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself

    midlife reinvention becoming a writer image
    Article by Juliet Young I have been absent from Fab after Fifty for a while and I apologise wholeheartedly. But when I tell you what I’ve been up to recently you might be more inclined to forgive my silence and hear what’s been going on over the last few weeks. I have quite simply been reinventing myself. I have been remoulding and rebuilding, looking through all the pieces and parts which have made up my innermost self over the last fifty years, and I have been shaking and shifting them all around to create the newest, latest version of who I have always been. What? Bear with me, please. I have played many roles over the last five decades. Daughter, sister, cousin and friend....
  2. One hundredth of one second – first impressions count.

    how to make a winning first impression image
    Article by Philip Adcock Scientists have worked out that it takes one hundredth of one second for each of us to form that all important first impression. Whether it’s a job interview or first date – follow these simple steps to make sure you make the best impression possible. We know that in only a fraction of a second after meeting, people make initial judgments about others. But what exactly is it that people connect with in others? Although material possessions can play a part, our instincts determine believability, trust etc. in ways used by our ancestors long before bespoke suits, designer watches, expensive cars, luxury handbags, or even boob jobs, cosmetics, face-lifts, or liposuction ever came along. Here are some simple steps to make sure you make better first impressions. Face...
  3. Divorce over 50: Friendships as you move on

    divorce over 50 friendship quote imagr
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon From my own experience, friendships do change as you go through a divorce –  and your new life creates opportunities for new friendships. Divorce is never easy at any age – and navigating your way through friendships as you go through the process and come through the other side can be difficult – especially if you have an ex who not only tries to take ‘ownership’  of  assets but clearly sets out friends he believes he ‘owns’ as well! Not an issue to be argued in the divorce courts, but certainly one that needs some careful handling. I have been incredibly lucky in that as a result of my divorce I have some very special friendships that have become stronger  now that my ex is out of my life, but I...
  4. Revision: A Parents Guide to Surviving Exams: 3 Top Tips for You and Your Child

    help your child revise image
    Article by Bradley Busch For many parents up and down the country, the exam season brings with it anxieties, frustration and late night tears. Often that’s the case for the parents themselves, as well as their students. Fortunately, advice is on hand on how to help you survive and your child thrive over the coming weeks. Father of two and founder of study skills company InnerDrive, Edward Watson, 55, says “exams can be stressful for everyone. We now know more than ever about what parents can do to better equip their children and also reduce their own stress levels”. So, what 3 things do you need to know to survive the exam season? Make Sure You Know What Revision Techniques Work Research has consistently demonstrated that ‘little and often’ is far more effective...
  5. 5 Top Tips to Calm Your Inner Critic

    how to calm your inner critic image
     Article by Jerry Sargeant    Your inner critic must be harnessed. If not, it will take you in the opposite direction of your path, and trick you into believing that your heart is not your life compass. So, how do you tame this little voice that chatters away inside of you? Never go into battle with it. Accept it is there and then choose not to engage. Observe what that little voice says, smile, and then make a better choice. If you resist it, it will put up a fight and come on stronger, so acceptance and observation are critical components when dealing with this troublesome child.   Your inner critic exists inside of your mind. It cannot exist in your heart. That little voice is your ego, and...
  6. Young by Nature: Is Optimism the key?

    50plus lifestyle : the key to staying young image
    Article by Juliet Young Surely  a surname cannot influence our outlook on life. But in my own family the Young women have always certainly lived up to their name.  Grandma Peggy was like a wind-up toy, moving non-stop (especially her mouth), walking faster than everyone around, to the point that we lost her on several occasions because we just couldn’t keep up. She travelled incessantly right up to the end of her ninety-one year old life, always full of boundless energy and joy. She never became old in her eyes or anyone else’s. My own mother, now eighty-two, doesn’t look a day over sixty-five. She is always impeccably dressed, wearing jeans, sparkly trainers and most recently...
  7. It’s National Smile Month – 10 Top Tips for Happiness

    10 tips for happiness image
    Article by Andy Cope It’s taken me nearly 12 years to bag a PhD in ‘Happiness’. That’s a dozen years of seeking out happy people, following them around, and finding out why they’re so darned happy. It culminates in a 100k word door-stop of a thesis crammed full of academic gibberish. But while scrambling around in the happiness undergrowth, I’ve discovered some amazing stuff. Some of it’s weird, some simple, some enlightening, but all of its likely to put a smile on your face… so here are the top 10 things that I didn’t expect to find along the way: Money does make you happier As a happiness researcher, I’ve come to the conclusion that money might not be able to buy happiness but it can certainly buy you comfort, ease, choice and possibility....
  8. Review of Smile Again: Your recovery from burnout, breakdown and overwhelming stress by Anna Pinkerton

    Smile Again book cover
      Review by Ceri Wheeldon Anna Pinkerton, author of Smile Again is a psychotherapist who specialises in working with people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, created in personal and professional lives.  In this book, Anna describes the different kinds of stress and life events that can lead to burnout and breakdown,  both created by one time events such as an accident, or witnessing a crime, to slow building events leading to trauma and breakdown such as domestic abuse or bullying. Life events leading to breakdown or trauma can leave you feeling lost. You lose your short term vision, lose your future and can find the present terrifying. Anna’s book explains how you have reached this point and offers 7 processes to follow to recover. Full Recovery IS Possible Anna shows...
  9. Body Language: How to Spot a Cheater

    how to spot a cheater
    Tips from Phillip Adcock If you don’t want to be tricked this year, follow human behaviour expert Phillip Adcock’s top tips. Talking isn’t the only way we communicate with each other. In fact, between 55% and 75% of all communication is done via body language, rather than spoken language. Posture, physical gestures, facial expressions and even eye movements are all crucial ways of seeing the true intentions behind people’s words. This April Fool’s Day, you can use my tips on reading body language to make sure no-one gets the better of you with a joke. I’m going to go from top to toe and give three introductory clues on how to spot a cheater. And, of course, you can also apply these to spotting cheaters in other areas of your life! Eye believe Looking into the...
  10. Human Connection Plays Huge Part in Patient Care

    Patient care is more than just physical healing, it’s a total package that involves building a human connection that goes beyond the body to include the mind and soul. In a word, it’s called empathy, or the capability to put oneself in another person’s shoes and share their feelings and emotions. It’s what we, as humans, are capable of doing and do so to people around us.   In the clinical setting, empathy allows health care professionals to connect with their patients and help them through their treatments. In a nutshell, it humanizes the whole hospital or clinic experience and gives it more meaning, whereas it would otherwise be a cold and lonely process that a patient has to go through in order to heal the body. But why is this human connection...
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