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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Body Image

  1. Love the body you are in : 3 Steps to accepting the person you see in the mirror

    Learning to love your body image
    Article by Sidra Jafri My whole life I struggled with weight. I wasn’t obese, but I didn’t have a body which i believed to be perfect. I dreaded the thought of looking in the mirror and the idea of getting photographed gave me shivers. It was affecting all areas of my life as I had no confidence in myself. I spent a lot of time comparing my body with everyone else around me. Comparing myself made it even more challenging for me to love and accept my body. When I trained as a hypnotherapist, I became aware of the  power of our mind and emotions over our bodies. I researched a lot on my relationship with food , weight and body. My breakthrough came when I started...
  2. How body confident are you over 50? : Body confidence comes at age 49

    50plus body confidence image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Does our body confidence increase as we get older? As the news that Gwyneth Paltrow feels more bikini-body confident at age 42 than she did 20 years ago, a JD Williams poll has found that women feel best about their bodies at age 49. The Facebook poll asked 2,000 women aged 50 and over when they felt their most confident on the beach and happy with their body and appearance. Like famous beach babes Cindy Crawford, Liz Hurley and Halle Berry, age 49 is the magic number when it comes to looking ship-shape in swimwear. Body confidence is not just for teens and women in their 20s Body confidence isn’t limited to teens and women in their twenties, but women in their late forties are embracing their bodies and...
  3. Happiness comes in all shapes, sizes and ages, says Dr Linda Papadopoulos

    ageing and body image
    Interview with  Dr Linda Papadopoulos Nature takes its course, and we should not be thinking of ageing being the worst thing ever. In today’s society, far too much emphasis is often placed on how we look – we are bombarded with images suggesting that to be valued you need to appear young and pretty. How often do we convince ourselves that our lives will be transformed if we are thinner, prettier, have better skin, fewer wrinkles? Body image and ageing I asked Dr Linda Papadopoulos for her thoughts on body image and ageing. Firstly, says Linda, we should not  be thinking of ageing as being a problem.  Being less beautiful should not equal lower self esteem. Worrying about how we look is such a waste of energy. We should be embracing the stage...
  4. To have plastic surgery or not, that is the question….

    deciding to have plastic surgry image
    Article by Anne Elliott I am often asked what I think about using cosmetic surgery or supplements. My view on both of these things is quite straightforward. They are best used conservatively and at an appropriate time. For example, if you eat a good enough diet you shouldn’t really need supplements unless it is at specific time in your life when you need more than you can get in your daily diet i.e. folic acid during pregnancy or calcium during menopause. As to cosmetic surgery I think it also has a place, but it can be easily abused or used instead of trying to follow a good diet and exercise regime.  Vulnerable to body image during menopause We are all vulnerable to body image at all...
  5. Is it our duty to cover up wrinkly upper arms and crepey cleavage? One reader’s thoughts….

    Should we cover our bingo wings image
    Article by Moy McGowan When an article on this site about ways to dress to cover crepey cleavage was picked up on twitter, one reader, Moy, was quick to respond- and I asked her to share her thoughts on the topic to promote discussion –and healthy debate! Women over 50: your wrinkly upper arms and crepe-y cleavages are disgusting. You should be ashamed to let anyone see them. It’s your duty to cover them up. Offensive? Absolutely. This is the unspoken notion behind the apparent consensus that women over a certain age should conceal the features that society has decreed are no longer beautiful. I get annoyed with articles which attempt to help us feel better about ourselves by advising us how to dress to hide our supposed flappy, wrinkly bits. While I will...
  6. 3 Steps to Pain-Free Weight Loss and Healthy Body Image

    posiitive body image midlife image
    Article by Laura Fenamore What’s more painful than chronic physical pain? The pain that lives inside of us, that’s what. Can you imagine being 100 pounds overweight and living with all of the shame that goes along with that? Imagine the inability to buy a dress or the fear that goes with flying on an airplane at that size. Now, can you imagine losing all that weight and still coming up short? Still feeling deep inside that you are not good enough? Never believing for more than a few moments at a time, that you are beautiful and valuable? Body image is how we see ourselves from the inside out, and losing weight doesn’t necessarily change this view in any...
  7. Do you agree that women are most confident about their bodies at the age of 52?

    confident woman in her fifties image
    Article by Fabafterfifty Women are the most confident about their bodies aged exactly 52 and two months, according to a new study. A poll of 3,000 adult women by myspecialk.co.uk found this was the age at which women said they felt most confident about their bodies, inside and out. It means 52 year olds such as actress Emma Thompson, TV presenter Lorraine Kelly and The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson may currently be feeling better about their looks and body than they did when they were younger. Speaking as someone who is 52 years and 3 months old, I can honestly say I am far more comfortable within myself than when I was younger- although if I’m totally honest, I was probably more confident about my body 10...
  8. The ‘Duct Tape Dummy’ woman takes about ‘Mary Queen of Frocks’ and clothes for curvy women

    Interview by Fabafterfifty Penelope Else is finding fame as the ‘Duct Tape Dummy Woman’ on Mary Queen of Frocks. We caught up with Penny for her thoughts and insights on issues raised by Mary Portas’ latest TV series What prompted you to get involved in Mary Portas’ programme? A friend sent me the link, and I was excited that someone with some fashion retail clout was inviting me to get involved in what I interpreted as being a fashion revolution. I’m trained in pattern-cutting and draping on the stand (amateur, not professional!), and was getting more and more into designing my own clothes. I’d had visions of debating with professional designers, poring over fashion sketches, analyzing fit & fabric – really getting into the nub. What do you feel about the choice of...
  9. Helen Mirren voted ‘best body’ in her 60s.

    helen-mirren in bikini image
    Article by Fabafterfifty Good news for the over 50s as  Helen Mirren at 66 comes top in a poll conducted by L.A. Fitness for having the ‘best body’, beating Cheyl Cole, Kelly Brook and Elle MacPherson (who at 48 came second). Flying the flag for women over 50 as we refuse to become invisible, it’s great to see that a real woman with curves who does not hide her age was voted in to the top spot. We all applauded Helen Mirren  when THAT photo of her in THAT bikini made headlines for showing that bikinis were not exclusively for the young, and that women with  body confidence can wear them at any age ( I was recently on the French Riviera, where a friend’s mother wore hers proudly at 82- and looked great!). We also warmed to ...
  10. Menopausal Wobble – a poem

    menopause wobble
    Poem by  Lesley- Anne Hornbogen This menopausal midriff has a life and structure of its own It wobbles and grows inch by inch indicative of passing years Gone are the days of cinched in waists, see through crop tops  et al Suck in as much as I try – It’s not apparently shy! It protrudes in its own particular way Infuriatingly bold and wide There isn’t much this wobble won’t fight Aerobics, stretches, elastane pants and tights I could get upset, shout and cry Plead  with all – it’s just a lie! Don’t ask me how, when or why This menopausal wobble came by At the end of the day I’ve learnt to accept  It’s just another phase I’ve slowly come to realise I’m growing older, wiser and wider! No matter how I protest to all, It’s clear we’ll never part...
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