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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Confidence

  1. Natalie Savvides’ ten changes that you can make today to make you feel happier

    10 changes to make you feel happier image
    Article by Natalie Savvides   The UN’s International Day of Happiness is on March 20th. Author Natalie Savvides is lending her support to this vital awareness day as part of her mission to help every girl, teenager and woman feel less alone, and happier, by living their life their own way and being true to themselves. Her book, Full Circlehttps://natalieunedited.com/ )   1) Wear a lipstick you like…always. A gorgeous colour lipstick makes you feel good, more alive, more awake and more glamorous in an instant.   2) Stop comparing! Don’t compare the external worlds of others to your internal world. Plenty of people project images that are not a true reflection of their real selves or lives. Comparisons are the thieves of joy! Count your blessings.   3) Eat well & sleep well: Eating well, slowly...
  2. NOW is the time!

    release your wow book cover
    Article by Rennie Gould There are two things I have to declare right from the start, the first is that I am a man and the second is that I passed the fifty milestone some time ago, therefore I have a slightly different perspective to the one you are probably used to, but I hope you are prepared to stick with me despite these obvious shortcomings. Many people are inspired by a particular event to take a cold, hard look at their life – a fiftieth birthday, a divorce or becoming an empty nester, are some of the most common time-to-take-stock moments, but I would like to argue that we shouldn’t wait for some external event to provide the stimulus to re-examine our life, as the time to do this...
  3. 3 quick tips to stoke up the Success Engine!

    Mind strong Buddha quote
    Article by Anna Letitia Cook It took me a long time to realise that I was floundering and not going in the direction I wanted… However, one thing I have always been aware of is how important the ‘whole’ is. We can’t just concentrate on one thing, if so, the rest become unbalanced. Like building a house, if you only put foundations under one wall, in time the others will collapse! It is exactly the same for your body and mind! You can’t have an Unstoppable Goddess mind and attitude without your body’s support… 3 quick tips foe success: 1. Physical is as important as mental – you need to pay as much attention to your body as your mind. If you don’t have energy, your brain doesn’t work properly and you block your skills,...
  4. How to avoid losing your self-confidence and self-esteem – warning, some nudity is involved!

    mirror and body confidence image
    Article by Martin Goodyer Go find a mirror and take a good look. What do you see? If you find yourself remembering that once upon a time you lived with more confidence or felt better about yourself then than you do now, then you’ve probably had a ‘WTF just happened to me?’ moment. Likely as not it wasn’t a moment of pleasure, more like a painful slap of reality when you realised something wasn’t working for you, – but quite what it is, now that’s not clear. It can be quite confusing. Time is a funny thing. It’s natural that as it passes, the unconscious questions that cause you to doubt yourself build and strengthen. Those tiny doubts get stronger and stronger until doubt about doubt becomes certainly. You become sure that...
  5. Motivation and Big Birthdays

    the impact of landmark birthdays
    Article by writer and psychotherapist, Christine Webber     The irrepressible super-star Petula Clark was reported recently as saying that she ‘doesn’t do birthdays’.  She claims that she never thinks about how old she is – 83 – if you’re interested – and never celebrates these anniversaries. I admire this viewpoint. It’s refreshing – and probably is one reason why she is still enjoying a thriving career after 74 years in the business! Personally, I believe that refusing to allow yourself to be defined by your age is the best possible way to keep young. This was one of the main messages in my 2010 book, Too Young to Get Old.  I have also always vowed that I will never actually ‘retire’ even if I do choose to give up certain activities in favour of others....
  6. Life over 50: Learn from mistakes and turn negatives into positives

    Article by Jackie Beere As a child I was extrovert, gregarious, naughty and alternative but was also strangely introspective. I did and said crazy, loud things, then spent hours regretting them. You might think that once we get to our 50’s and have settled down (maybe), there would be less to mentally beat ourselves up about. Shouldn’t we, as the wrinkles lengthen and our kids leave home, be able to feel more philosophical now about mistakes and bounce back from them more quickly? Hitting the half century is a time for reflection on what has been and what we might still achieve. Do you feel that time is passing by too quickly to achieve any new goals? You’d be wrong! The secrets are not to have fixed views about who you are...
  7. Nose dive, Survive or Thrive? : What is Emotional Resilience?

    emotional resilience over 50 image
    By Geetu Bharwaney   Geeta continues to explain the role of emotional resilience in thriving over 50.  To read part One click here. Emotional Resilience is about choosing the thoughts, actions, feelings that enable us to function at our best. Whatever we are trying to do, emotions matter. – connect with a family member or partner? plan a holiday? go to work and deal with difficult conflict? cope with retirement?…..emotions are always involved.  Yet, this is something we have typically not learned how to do. My framework for Emotional Resilience involves three steps: Step 1: Understand where you are on 6 Essentials – the level of these are often set from a young age based on what we experienced in our formative years and how it shaped our personalities – these are Self-Worth,...
  8. Nose dive, Survive or Thrive? Why being emotionally resilient might be key to being your best self beyond 50.

    what is emotional resilience image
    By Geetu Bharwaney   Research shows that people with ‘emotional resilience’ will have the best chances of not only surviving critical events but thriving in life.  Geetu Bharwaney, Author of Emotional Resilience , describes what has led to her focusing on emotion for the last 17 years. She shares three topics that can help you to thrive after turning 50 –  ‘Living Legacy’, ‘Energy Management’ and ‘Adaptability’. In this article, I want to describe my own journey as I approach 50, what Emotional Resilience is, and three topics which have made a big impact for both me and clients I help. First a personal journey…. In my mid 30s, during the peak of my career as a high achiever, someone I met...
  9. Moving on after divorce in your 50s – practical steps to build a new social life

    making new friends after divorce image
    By the Midlife Divorcee Nobody expects to get divorced in their 50s, irrespective of who made the decision to bring the marriage to a close – with all the emotional and financial upheaval associated with it, but life does move on. Don’t let this life change turn you into a hermit! Look for groups to join to get out and about Finding yourself on your own also means reviving your social life. To begin with you might be happy to spend time with family members and other couples, but at some point you will want to branch out on your own.  But how? Meetup Groups have proven to be a valuable lifeline for many people wanting to relaunch their social  lives. Not just for singles, meetup groups  are informal groups set up by...
  10. 10 Tips to Add More Colour to Your Life

    add colour in your life image
    Article by Lynda Young Spiro How I use Colour to brighten my life It seems so simple – wear a bright colour and your mood will lift. But how many of us actually do this? I’m a colour evangelist. Using colour allows me to express myself and I have been told that I am indeed as colourful as the clothes I wear! Just walking down my local High Street, I’m always astounded by the number of women that pass me by wearing blues, blacks or even that funny oatmeal colour. There is a lot of beige as well but nothing that will bring out the colour of their eyes, or brighten their smile. I’m not suggesting that everyone wears as much colour as I do, because it could be said that...
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