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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Mid-life Matters

  1. Feeling blue this winter?  You are not alone…

    tips to avoid depression in winter image
    Article by Beverley Harvey Anyone who suffers from depression and low mood, will know that winter can be a particularly challenging time.  According to NHS statistics, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), affects around 2 million people in the UK and more than 12 million people across northern Europe.  Add the SAD factor to the onset of menopause – a time when women are four times more likely to suffer from mental health disorders than women under forty-five – and frankly, it’s a wonder that many of us manage to function at all between November and March. I have personally battled depression for the last nine years and I’ve realised that, like the moon, it waxes and wanes.  Nobody would argue that depression is a serious illness and that it needs expert,...
  2. Make positive changes to bring your dreams alive

    make positive changes to achieve your dreams
    Article by Ruth Seodi Close your eyes and give yourself a minute to picture your dream life, dream home, dream partner, dream job.  Put all your current life obstacles and restraints aside and just allow yourself the luxury of picturing your dreams. If you didn’t do it – do it now, the rest of this article can wait.  Enjoy this brief window of escape… If it helps, my dreams would be to live in the South of France or the Caribbean from October to February where I would write and deliver self – help workshops, I would get involved in the local community and feel welcome.  I would have the perfect partner/relationship where love, admiration honesty and fun were in abundance.  My income would be plenty…I could...
  3. Are your knickers holding you back?

    why wearig best knickers is key to happiness image
    Article by Andy Cope Two rules for a great article. First, great content and second, a cracking title. With the latter sorted, here’s the best bit… Having reached 50, I’ve realized that the ageing process is inevitable. You can look after yourself, go to the gym, each healthy food, moisturize and take cod-liver oil, but ultimately, those birthday cards will have bigger numbers on them year by year. But what if it isn’t about vitamins and Nivea? What is the secret of eternal youth was in our heads – our thinking more specifically. And we could maintain some of that youthful, carefree exuberance that the young children manage to generate. They’re not fussed about the news. And, to be fair, they don’t have the same...
  4. Find Yourself after 50

    how to find yourself after 50 image
    Article by Ruth Seodi   I’m a real fan of Fab after Fifty, I love the vibrant energy and colour, and above all the ‘feel good’ factor.  I introduced myself to Ceri recently and shared my enthusiasm for writing.  I’ve found over the years that by writing my thoughts and ideas on paper often gives clarity. Most events in my life good and bad, are kept alive in a notebook – waiting to be read.  I married twice, first to a Scientologist and later to an Egyptian Muslim Olympic Wrestler who I had my two children with.  In those days I was wrapped up in love, marriage and motherhood and all that goes with it.  Now in my fifty’s I have a bit more time for myself and I’ve been...
  5.  ‘How would it be for YOU to be as confident from the inside out as you appear in reality?’

    definition of success quote image
    Article by Irene Brankin “Success is being comfortable with yourself regardless of what’s going on round you” (I.Brankin)   I wonder if you are one of the ‘almost nearly confident and successful woman’?   By that, I am meaning that however successful and confident you appear to others, inside you there is a feeling of being a fraud or an imposter as you are always waiting to be found out. These feelings come under the term ‘Imposter Syndrome’ that evolved about 40 years ago by two  American Clinical Psychologists, and can be briefly defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist even in the face of information that the opposite is true or simply put –  self-doubt. Self doubt undermines self confidence This self-doubt undermines the self-confidence of both men and women,...
  6. Feeling shirty…What happened to my arms?

    50 plus body what happened to upper arms image
    Article by Juliet Young I’m feeling more than just shirty. I’m feeling decidedly irritated and maybe even a little cheesed off, as one online dictionary offered me as a quaint definition of this very old, very British adjective. Why?  Shirts. My shirts. Hubby’s, which I very kindly iron every day, because I’m so damned nice and too damned rushed to do more than one at a time, don’t really bother me.  They’re big,  they’re cotton, they’re his.   My shirts are another matter. Should I in fact actually be calling them blouses? Some of them do have cute little flowers, paisley pattern swirls, or small white polka dots printed upon them. On the polka-dotted one there are even a couple of stray...
  7. The Autumn Blues: How to turn them orange, red and gold.

    How to beat the autumn blues image
    Article by Juliet Young As I walked back to my car after work last week, I realised that the street lamps were all on, throwing a bright orange glow onto the pavement I was pounding. It must be about to rain, I mumbled to myself, before noticing the perfectly clear, navy blue sky. It must be later than usual, I groaned. Not at all, it was absolutely my normal home-time when I do the afternoon shift.  Then it dawned on me. It must be autumn. Yuck! That weird season which for me has none of the joys of spring or warmth of summer, nor the frostiness and delicate beauty of winter.  But after half a century feeling this way, this year...
  8. How to be kind to elderly parents: from the parent’s perspective

    being kind to elderly parents image
    Article by  Elizabeth Mapstone How many people actually ask themselves how they would treat their elderly parents before finding themselves in the tricky position of feeling a decision must be made immediately? Crucial moments often arise at exactly the wrong time for both parents and well-meaning daughters and sons. It is worth thinking about the options, and giving everyone the opportunity of expressing their opinion before the decision moment arrives. It was nearly six years from the moment my late husband and I decided we really must move from our idyllic but isolated rural home in Cornwall to somewhere more practical. My adult children were sad to lose a favoured holiday place but sympathetic. They all lived in different parts of the country, and it was difficult for us...
  9. Rekindling Your Youth

    rekindle your youth with cooking class
      They say age is just a number, but recent studies have indicated that the more positive you feel about your ‘number’, the longer you may live. A study found that, those who felt three or more years younger than they actually were enjoyed a lower death rate, compared to those who either felt their age or felt a year or more older than they were. Why? Researchers believe it could be because those who feel younger opt for better life choices, retaining a more joyful, proactive approach. And one of the ways you can enjoy this positive mental attitude is to get involved in mind-based activities that challenge your brain. Keeping your mind active helps boost your vitality and could build up a reserve of connections and brain cells. So, without further ado, here are a number of the best brain-busting activities you can do: Join a Cooking Class Cooking stimulates...
  10. Are older women having a media-moment?

    julianne moore brand ambassador over 50 image
      By Beverley Harvey   Hats off to lingerie giant Triumph for casting Julianne Moore and Liv Tyler in its Autumn/Winter 2017 advertising campaign.  It’s so refreshing to see beautiful, confident – and at 56 and 40 respectively – mature women in this role, as opposed to the twenty (or even thirty) somethings we are used to seeing. Both women look absolutely drop dead gorgeous in the ads and for many will be an inspiration and a shot in the arm – proving once again that over fifty doesn’t mean over the hill.  A sucker for marketing, I went on to Triumph’s website to explore the range for myself; there’s no doubt that the new Florale Collection of bras and briefs are stylish and flattering, however with prices north of £50 for...
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