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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Mid-life Matters

  1. Why is success so much better, quicker and higher when it’s 4-dimensional?

    jfk fitness quote
    Article by Anna Letitia Cook How can you achieve the success you are aiming for better, quicker and higher? Seriously? By focusing on all 4 dimensions – nutrition, exercise, mind, career – and not just espousing one, which for most people is normally career. Before you jump off to the next article in horror about someone again ranting about the dreaded health and fitness regime, or eating veggies and no coffee or booze just read a little longer… Remember extremes in anything are NOT what lights our fire! Throughout history health, fitness and a clear active mind have been revered as essential for everything, but particularly for success: – From Buddha in the 4th-6th century BC: “To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our...
  2. How to Channel your Mind for Success

    50 plus success image
    Article by Anna Letitia Cook Our mind, how we feel, react and view the world around us are one of the main – if not the main – keys to happiness and a dynamic, capable, go-getting attitude in whatever field – and ultimately create our success both in our career and life as a whole. We live in difficult times – Being under a regular or long-term burden of worry, stress, fatigue and general negativity doesn’t help anyone do anything or get anywhere – and often leads to burnout or the dreaded depression. If you have never experienced depression, believe me, you don’t want to ever take the risk so learn how to manage your stress and fatigue right now! A calm mind, a positive, serene mindset and centred, balanced mental...
  3. How to Avoid the January Syndrome

    avoid January syndrome image
    Article by Anna Letitia Cook   Putting yourself under pressure already? Started to think about January 1st and what you ‘should’ do? As it is the start of a brand-new year, everyone looks to make resolutions for ‘better’ everything, weight, fitness, working harder, promotion to name but a few. I don’t! Never, ever… I fully accept that they work brilliantly for some people, but not for me – I find resolutions so constraining, I don’t like putting myself in a cage and under pressure – there are enough people out there already trying to do that for me 😉 I find having a Big 5 for Life, (brilliant book by John P Strelecky), is a wonderfully inspiring and productive way to find more fulfilment in life and work. It is what...
  4. Sleep for Success

    sleep for success image
    Article by Anna Letitia Cook Sleep for Success (part 4 of your fulfilment journey)   Did you sleep well last night? Do you sleep well usually? I have been suffering from exhaustion recently, I was so tired I was getting dizzy spells – not good for anyone – and definitely not good for me! I know full well the dangers and problems of not getting enough sleep, I coach people on it for goodness sake, so why wasn’t I listening to my own pearls of wisdom? Full of great ‘reasons’ here: running two businesses, a very intense coaching schedule, new book being published while writing another one at the same time, new programme launch, speaking at 3 important events in the near future, The Hague, London and New Delhi (I will let you into a secret,...
  5. Exercise for Success

    walking for success
    Article by  Anna Letitia Cook (Part 3 of your fulfillment journey)  So how are you today? Is your journal progressing? Here we woke up to a beautiful misty morning with the sun just shining through, glinting off the spiders webs in the grass on our early morning walk – we and our being the dogs and me – lol… Early risers all of us, and can’t wait to be out an about. This could also be due to me following my own advice and doing the journal too… and particularly paying attention to my sleeping, but more of that another time.. Let me give you a very brief reminder about exercise and fitness here – I will go into it in more depth another time… As I have already mentioned, you can read an...
  6. Nutrition for Success over 50

    nutrition for success quote
    Article by Anna Letitia Cook (Part 1 of your fulfilment journey) How are you getting on with your journal that we spoke about last week? I hope you are finding it useful. It is amazing how you don’t realise what you do automatically every day and how just noting it down can really heighten your awareness. I just want to give you a very brief reminder about nutrition here – I will go into it in more depth another time… You can read an article I wrote about 3 quick tips to stoke up the success engine which shows you how important it is to consider physical, mental, health and fitness. Think about your food and nutrition as fuel – this means eating well! What you eat is your body’s fuel. If you constantly...
  7. How Mind-Body Health Increases Success

    Joyful woman.
    Article by Anna Letitia Cook   (Part 1 of your fulfilment journey)   Do you consider yourself successful? What do you think helps to be a success? Apart from skills, talents and knowledge what is the key to being able to perform and do well, achieve your objectives and have ever better results? The absolute fundamental, can’t-do-without, essential is good mind-body health! Just think about the following and rate them in relation to you now and over a few weeks to see your current norm… How do you feel today? Right now? Both in your personal, and particularly, your professional life… Happy or neutral Full of energy or tired Interested or drifting through just doing what is needed Slim, fit and healthy or lethargic and possibly with a few extra kilos or slightly high body fat Serene and stress-free...
  8. 3 quick tips to stoke up the Success Engine!

    Mind strong Buddha quote
    Article by Anna Letitia Cook It took me a long time to realise that I was floundering and not going in the direction I wanted… However, one thing I have always been aware of is how important the ‘whole’ is. We can’t just concentrate on one thing, if so, the rest become unbalanced. Like building a house, if you only put foundations under one wall, in time the others will collapse! It is exactly the same for your body and mind! You can’t have an Unstoppable Goddess mind and attitude without your body’s support… 3 quick tips foe success: 1. Physical is as important as mental – you need to pay as much attention to your body as your mind. If you don’t have energy, your brain doesn’t work properly and you block your skills,...
  9. How you can create calm, creativity and energy in your day

    how ro create calm in your life image
    Article by Anna Letitia Cook What do you do to create calm and rejuvenate your energy and creativity during each day?  Having started my career in a relatively balanced way full of good intentions where I went to the gym every day, stopped for lunch and left work at a reasonable time, I then progressed in my career with higher levels of pressure and increasingly tight deadlines so spent years working overly long hours, eating a sandwich or salad at my desk, taking no breaks. Thank goodness I realised feeling drained, grumpy and irritable all the time was NOT part of my dream! I saw the light! What do you do each day to bring some fresh air (both literally and figuratively) into your life? Mindset is everything! It is essential...
  10. Have you talked to loved ones about what you want to happen when you (or they) die,

    talking about death
    Article by Samantha Atherton If you find it difficult to talk to your loved ones about your, or their  funeral wishes, you are not alone. 1 in 10 UK adults prevent having the conversation regarding what happens to them after death, due to fear. There is no doubt that none of us like to think about dying, let alone talk about it. Talking to your loved ones about the end of your life is a hard subject to tackle. When is the right moment to bring it up? Who do you discuss it with? How are they going to respond when you bring the matter up? These are questions that run through many of our minds when we think about end of life. A third of people haven’t talked to their loved ones about the...
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