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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Fabafterfifty: Fabwomen

We all know women who inspire us to take a look at our own lives. ‘Fabwomen’ is all about  introducing women who have not been afraid to try something new or different, and who’ve overcome their own fears or limitations and followed their dreams, whether stepping outside their comfort zone to take up new interests  or pursue a new career or relationship.

We hope our Fabwomen’s stories will motivate all of us to try at least one thing new!

If you have a friend, colleague or family member, whose experiences in their fifties could inspire others, why not nominate them for a future Fabwomen feature!

  1. Bethany Askew on becoming a published author following her retirement, and her latest book Poppy’s Seed

    bethany askew author image
    Article by Bethany Askew Bethany Askew talks about achieving her ambition to become a published author following her retirement, and the story behind her latest novel, Poppy’s Seed. I am sixty-one. Since retiring from work four years ago I have devoted my time to achieving my life’s ambition of being a published author. I have written five novels: The Time Before, The World Within, Out of Step, Counting the Days and Poppy’s Seed. I have also written a short story and I write poetry. I have two websites: www.bethanyaskew.co.uk and www.onactiveservice.co.uk I have another idea for a new novel, and also another short story, this one for the young adult market. I am married and I live in Somerset. My latest novel Poppy’s Seed...
  2. Amanda: Reinventing her career midlife by training as an acupuncturist

    midlife career change - becoming an acupuncturist
      By Amanda Banks, who studied Acupuncture  and Naturopathy at  CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine). So many women are choosing to change career midlife. Amanda shares her career reinvention story, retraining as an acupuncturist once her family were grown up. “After bringing up my family I wanted a career” I enrolled to study Acupuncture when I was in my 40s, after a conversation whilst helping my daughter choose her GCSE options. “What would you do if you had your time again, Mummy?” “Become an acupuncturist!”, was my immediate response, as acupuncture had helped my health problems. As I had told my children they could do anything they wanted to with hard work and determination, they persuaded me in turn to pursue my new career. Graduating in acupuncture and naturopathy was both hard work...
  3. Approaching 50 with the ‘F Factor’

    approaching 50 with f factor image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon As a new year starts many of us will begin January with good intentions and New Year Resolutions for our health and happiness. But what if this year also brings a milestone birthday? Do we approach years with birthdays with an ‘0’ differently to other birthdays? I asked Helen Sanderson and Monica Bell, who are both turning 50 in 2017, how they felt and how they were approaching the year of their milestone birthdays and the next decade of their lives. Helen’s approach to turning 50 Helen, who runs her own decluttering business sees reaching 50 as an exciting time of life. She feels many of...
  4. Interview with Grace Fodor, founder of age-perfecting makeup brand Studio 10

    grace fodor image
    Interview by Ceri Wheeldon Just occasionally you  talk to someone  where you feel you could have been twins in a previous life, as their answers to your interview questions could have been your own if the roles of interviewer/interviewee had been reversed ! I had the opportunity to chat to Grace Fodor , founder of Studio 10 , an age-perfecting makeup brand  ( watch out for my video review coming soon) about what it is like to be an entrepreneur and start up a new venture as she approached her 50s. Here is what Grace had to say:   I think there is a huge difference turning 50 to the experience of turning 40. I don’t feel any different, but as soon as you say 50 out loud it’s as though people...
  5. Jane Mackay Followed her Dream of Becoming an Artist after 30 Years as GP

    jane Mackay midlife reinvention image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Jane Mackay shares her midlife reinvention story, from GP to artist.   About Jane: I currently live in London. I am single and I have three sisters, two brothers, three nephews and two nieces. I’m an artist, and create all my work in a converted loft studio in my house. What were your main activities (job, commitments etc) before 50? I was a doctor, firstly working as a junior doctor in several London Hospitals. I later moved to Papua New Guinea for a year and a half with the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). Once I got back to the UK, I worked in the VSO headquarters for five years, where I was planning training programmes for medics and nurses going to overseas aid projects and travelling to Third World countries...
  6. Reinvention: From Red Sonja to High School Principal and Author

    A life of reinvention
    Article by Dr Mary Reid Gaudio   Reinvention is what we do as women, whether it be in our careers or at home, we constantly have to change and evolve. Dr. Mary Reid Gaudio has gone through many reinventions herself. The high school principal recently turned author while chronicling the true story of her sister Ann’s battle and survival of leukemia in her book, The Phone Rang. Below she takes us through her reinventions in love, career, family and health. A fascinating life Before I was 50 years old I had a fascinating life. At times, it sounds like I’m making it up, but I really did everything I’m telling you about! After college, where I was...
  7. Mary Jardine – Turning a passion for handbags into a business in her 50s

    50plus entrepreneut creates handbag business image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Copyright Albanpix.com-Picture by Alban Donohoe As Mary approached her 50th birthday she decided she wanted a new challenge in life. Her boys were now grown up, and she was aware she wanted to live her dream rather than be a spectator. Having worked in the world of fashion , running her own modelling agency at one point, Mary was constantly drawn to handbags- something she had always been passionate about. But how could she create a handbag that was stylish, but different? Inspiration for her bags Although admiring handbags from a distance, Mary herself was often put off by flashy branding, and so decided to create quality, stylish, understated handbags. Mary based her branding on the Jardine Star – a...

    V L Heathcote
    By V. L. Heathcote (author of ‘Colouring In’ and ‘More Colouring In’ books 1 and 2 of The Harlequin Triangle trilogy) I’ve been writing all my life but it has taken until my sixty-eighth year to finally decide that maybe I’m good enough to do something with that skill. Derr! Honestly, you’d think after writing scripts for puppet shows aged ten, winning the prize for English at my grammar school, creating numerous hand-made cards with personalised poems, writing a letter which brought an estranged mother and daughter back together and having a couple of articles published in magazines, I might have had some inkling of what sort of career path to follow! But no, my lack of self-esteem and a mum who, sweet and wonderful as she was, did not encourage any...
  9. Patricia Ferguson: An introduction to be being Fit and Fabulous at 50

    fit and fabulous at 50 image
    Article by Patricia Ferguson   My name is Patricia Ferguson and I am 50. I feel privileged to receive compliments about my improved appearance which I mostly attribute to a change in diet (i.e. what I eat, not dieting!) which is mostly raw vegan, a small amount of cooked food and 1 or 2 portions of meat or fish weekly, plus the occasional treats.   Ten years ago, at 40, I was heavier and beginning to look frumpy. I felt unattractive and “invisible” to the opposite sex. The turning point came when I had some professional photos taken in 2005.  They were disappointing and unflattering.  I made up my mind to do something about it. I was further motivated by the fact that most of the women in my family...
  10. The time is now! Following an abandoned dream: Hannah Fielding shares her writing dream

    Article by Hannah Fielding I have wanted to be an author for as long as I can remember. There is a strong writing tradition in my family – both my father and my grandmother were published authors – and I grew up surrounded by books: books in my bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the garden, even, on a balmy hot afternoon. It seemed the natural progression that I would grow up to write. Certainly in my teens, when I stumbled into the world of romantic fiction, I was set upon the course of romance novelist. What better job in the world could there be, I thought, than dreaming up love stories to inspire and entertain? What better way to spend the day than lost in an exotic fantasy world...
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