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  1. Style over 50 – are there any rules for dressing over 50?

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    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Women want to be stylish over 50 but are there any rules as to how women over 50 should dress? I’m not a stylist (and certainly don’t pretend to be), but I am frequently asked for comments for radio and press about what women over 50 should and shouldn’t wear. I always stress that there are no rules, and women over 50 are as individual as women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. We can all have our own individual style and should not feel that we need to conform to any particular way of dressing. Yes our body shape changes over 50, but we can still find clothes that fit and flatter. No rules, just tips for finding your style in your 5os Look at quality...
  2. How to Avoid Make-Up Meltdown in Hot Weather- or with Hot Flushes!

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    Article by FabafterFifty When summer arrives it’s time to look fresher, and have a lighter more natural look. But along with the start of the sunshine and the holiday , wedding and BBQ season, there is also the problem of hot weather, hot flushes and the possibility of our make up sliding down our faces . So what can we do to look fab after fifty all summer long? Look Luminous. Summer is all about looking relaxed, fresh and luminous! The last thing you want for summer makeup is for your skin to look dry and matte. This can be incredibly ageing. As always preparation is key. Exfoliate regularly to have a fantastic base to start with. Exfoliators I like are Time Bomb’s Blast to the Past and Pai’s organic skin brightening exfoliator. If you use a...
  3. Love your midlife feet. Get them summer sandal ready!

    Guest Article by Liz Earle  It seems many of us feel the need to keep our midlife feet hidden from view  !! Being a fan of Liz Earle’s products , I asked Liz what we could do to get our feet summer sandal ready:  “Love your feet! They work incredibly hard and are miracles of design. If you look after them, they will look after you too. With summer just a stone’s throw away, it’s time to prepare your feet for their first sandal outing.” Did you know that there are 26 bones in each foot?  If these precious bones become imbalanced, the rest of your skeleton will too. I find it amazing that each foot  is made up of 33 joints, 10 tendons, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. With all these important components and having to support our every...
  4. Suggested Reading

    Boom! 7 Disciplines to Control, Grow & Add Impact to your business By Emma Wimhurst I have read countless business books since setting up my first company 18 years ago, but this has to one of the easiest to follow and make sense of. Emma’s practical, no-nonsense approach to setting up and growing a business is highly refreshing. Drawing upon her own experience of establishing a successful enterprise and selling in a relatively short period of time, only serves to emphasise the fact that it is not too late to start something new when into your fifties to really support you in your future retirement. Emma sets out her 7 disciplines in really simple easy  to follow terms, her energy and passion for business  leap at you from every page and motivate you to get things done. From preparing a business plan in...
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