Fabafterfifty: boomer style

  1. Rod Stewart – A lesson in Style Identity?

    Rod Stewart
      Article by Judith Brady I recently had the great pleasure of going to a Rod Stewart outdoor charity concert and whether you like his music or not, you have to admire anyone who is still performing live when they are fast approaching 70 – his moves may be a bit more restrained but he sounds as good as ever!   I‘ve always loved his music having grown up with ‘Maggie May’, ‘Tonight’s the Night’, ‘Do Ya think I’m Sexy’ and ‘Sailing’ and I’ve always been intrigued by his personal style. He says in his biography that his appearance and clothes have always been very important to him and he was never afraid to look different. In fact, he refers to how he was written off by many in the music business because his look didn’t fit, in one of the tracks (‘You...
  2. The 2014 Spring Summer Dresses with Sleeves Challenge Day One

    Michael Kors Wrap dress hot pink £165
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I previously ran a ‘Dresses with Sleeves’ challenge where I featured a dress a day for 50 days. I keep being asked when I’ll do it again – so here I am. Day 1 on the 2014 Spring/Summer Dresses with Sleeves to look stylish over 50 challenge! Last time I was far too tempted by the dresses I selected – and needed to buy a bigger wardrobe as a result – I’m hoping I can be a little more restrained this year – as does my bank balance. I will try to include a variety of styles  – and prices. Do let me know which are your favourites – and please feel free to add your own styling tips to the comments! For Day One I just had to choose a dress in FabafterFifty...
  3. You CAN wear animal print over 50 – style tips

    leopard print over 50 image 2
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon You CAN wear animal print over 50 or at least I do! Nobody wants to look like Bet Lynch, but try as I might I can never quite resist buying at least one item of clothing with animal print each season – some habits are just too hard to break!! I’ve pulled together some of my favourites. Animal print does not have to be worn ‘all over’. Team a leopard print shirt with a pair of plain black jeans, or wear a pair of animal print shoes with a suit or dress.  Don’t be afraid to mix animal print with colour – it can look great with a splash of red or cobalt blue. Style over 50 is also about having fun. Play with your wardrobe- mix and match. Style over 50 does not have to...
  4. When it comes to style, are you a Carol or a Lynda?

    carol or lynda image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon We all get annoyed when we see brands try to capture our interest (and our money) by showcasing their clothes on much younger models. How often have we asked why there are so few women in our own age group used in advertising campaigns? Why are we not seeing more women over 50 in magazine advertisements on billboards,  with ‘real’ bodies, wearing clothes designed to suit our midlife figures. When Isme launched they took a huge risk by introducing Lynda Bellingham in her 60s to front their brand. Sales escalated as a result. At last a brand ambassador real women could relate to. But how many others followed suit? Not many it seems.As well as Lynda, they appointed Carol Vorderman as another brand ambassador, complete with her curves and in her 50s, to represent a wider spectrum of women to include those who are more style confident. ...
  5. Style Icons for women in their 50s and 60s. Do you agree with the list?

    Jane Seymour style icon image (3)
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon We have mentioned many times in previous articles the benefit of having a style role model before embarking on a wardrobe revamp. A new survey out today (compiled by CC) talks about the style icons for each generation. I ‘ve included the list for women over 50 and 60. Who would you have added – or excluded? Any surprises? STYLE ICONS  FOR WOMEN IN THEIR 50?s 1.    Lorraine Kelly 2.    Nigella Lawson 3.    Carol Vorderman 4.    Annie Lennox 5.    Fern Britton 6.    Liz Hurley 7.    Jennifer Saunders 8.    Dawn French 9.    Jerry Hall 10.    Madonna STYLE ICONS  FOR WOMEN IN THEIR 60?s 1.    Dame Helen Mirren 2.    Dame Judi Dench 3.    Joanna Lumley 4.    Meryl Streep 5.    Lulu 6.    Twiggy 7.    Jane Seymour 8.    Camilla – Duchess of Cornwall 9.    Sharon Osbourne 10.   Sigourney Weaver   Personally I’m wondering how Liz Hurley feels about being on the over 50s list – and NOT the 40s, which...
  6. Discovering Your Style Identity in your 50s and beyond

    style identity image
    Article by Judith Brady “When you say that a woman has style, what you’re really saying is that she’s true to herself”  Nicola Maramotti, MaxMara I love this quote, it sums up what style is all about – a confident expression of who you are, a distinct way of dressing that is completely and uniquely YOU – and it’s incredibly powerful. So how do you get some of this power for yourself? When working with clients, style identity is always my starting point.  It’s no good me showing them the best styles and colours for them physically, without first finding out what’s going to really gel with their style persona. Have you ever tried something on and although it fits you well and the colour is flattering, you just don’t feel comfortable and think “it’s not me”? That’s a sign that it’s not...
  7. Dresses with Sleeves – Peplums CAN work over 50

    jaeger peplum dress image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon None of us want to look like mutton dressed as lamb, so when it comes to updating our wardrobes we do need to pick and choose our ‘on trend’ pieces carefully. This is why I think a plain peplum dress can instantly update your look, without appearing as though you are trying too hard. This navy dress by Jaeger is simple and elegant and creates a flattering silhouette. It is also great for covering tums. A statement necklace would work well with this dress – and heels are a must. Neutral accessories for a daytime look, with bold. Jaeger peplum dress £125 available from House of Fraser. Fab after Fifty style tip: if wearing to a wedding, choose a ...
  8. Dresses with Sleeves – The Bombshell Dress by Katya Wildman

    dress with sleeves sarong style image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon. I always like to share my ‘finds’ as I am constantly being asked where to buy the best dresses with sleeves. If you are curvy (like me) it can be difficult to find dresses which fit at the waist and don’t gape across the chest. A fabulous dress for women over 50 with curves! The Bombshell dress by Katya Wildman  is a faux wrap dress with clever discreet ruching under the arms to provide a great fit across the bust.  In fact the ruching makes the dress idea for those who are  different sizes on the top and bottom. It has a sweetheart neckline and can be worn ‘off the shoulder’ if you want to create an evening look (as I did here when I wore mine on New Year’s Eve). ...
  9. Choosing a style role model over 50 to make clothes shopping easier

    ruth langsford image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon So often when getting together with friends they bemoan the lack of suitable clothes for women over 50 on the high street. One of the things I often suggest is choosing a celebrity style role model from TV and keeping an image of them in mind when shopping for clothes. Choose someone who you think looks good and who who has a similar body shape to yourself – if you choose someone like Lorraine Kelly or Ruth Langsford they will often tweet about what they have been wearing on their programmes that day and do respond to questions about where they bought specific items  - and many of the outfits they wear are from high street brands such as Zara and Hobbs and Ruth in particular seems to wear a lot of dresses (with sleeves!) from ...
  10. Dresses with Sleeves Challenge Day 44 – women over 50 can wear prints

    over 50s style

    over 50s styleArticle by Ceri Wheeldon.

    A little subtle drama when building your over 50s wardrobe can always add flair.

    For a little extra style over 50  for Day 44 of the challenge I’ve chosen this Ferrier dress in a dramatic print from Damsel in a Dress. The wavy print has an elongating effect on the body. I love the fresh look of the aqua and white print.  The ¾ sleeve is ideal for visually minimising the waist and the round neck is very flattering.

    Great for spring and summer!

    Damsel in a Dress Ferrier Print Dress from John Lewis £109…