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  1. Donna Africa “The Queen of Dreams” feeling fit and fine after 50 years young!

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    Article by Donna Africa Donna has transformed her life completely over the last few years, creating a new ‘persona’ and opening up new horizons, including participating in Britain’s Got Talent and scheduled to perform at the London Olympics. Donna shares her story: I call myself Donna Africa (My Stage & Company name) and affectionately nick-named by my friends and fans, “The Queen of dreams” as I relocated from my homelands, Zimbabwe and South Africa to the UK in 2004 to take care of my late Mum, start a new beginning and to finally realise my dreams, believing and advocating, that it is never too late!!! In the year 2004, whilst my son Chris and I were living in Green Point, Cape Town and employed on contract with “The Cape Argus” newspaper, I received news from my brother Adam – who was residing in the UK – that my Mum (who...