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  1. Ceme London offers FabAfterFifty readers discount off dresses with sleeves.

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    Article by Ceri Wheeldon The recent dresses with sleeves campaign was incredibly popular. And it seems it didn’t go unnoticed by some of the retailers of the dresses I featured. One of my favourite dresses was by Ceme London- and it seems quite a number of Fabafterfifty readers agreed, as Ceme noticed many of you clicking through to buy from them. As a result they have contacted me to offer FabAfterFifty readers a discount of 20% off their new collection ( with and without sleeves!). You just need to use the code FAF20 at the checkout. I have been flipping through the Ceme website and I my own wishlist is quite long- although ironically my favourite is without sleeves this time! Ceme London . FabAfterFifty reader discount code FAF20  
  2. Dresses with Sleeves Challenge Day 45 – stunning in purple!

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    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I love rich colours and I’m a big fan of CeMe London dresses. Three quarter length sleeves can be particularly flattering as they usually draw the eye in at waist level. Exposing the wrists also creates opportunities for wearing bracelets and cuffs. The dress for Day 45 of the Dresses with Sleeves Challenge is the Jenya purple v-backed dress in jersey. It’s fully self lined with a draping in all the right places to minimise midlife tums. Jenya Purple dress from CeMe London £180
  3. Dresses with Sleeves Challenge Day 38 – Add a splash of colour

    style over 50 red dress with sleeves image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Being stylish over 50 can be easy if you find a few basic styles that suit you and use them as the building blocks of your wardrobe. A couple of plain dresses with sleeves, one in a neutral tone and one in a bright colour are great for mixing with accessories and jackets. For day …of the Dresses with Sleeves Challenge I’ve found a lovely jersey dress in bright red. It looks stylish and modern. Great with kitten heels and will take you from dawn to dusk! Ingora Red Draped Dress from CeMe London £185
  4. Dresses with Sleeves Challenge Day 37 – monochrome it is…

    Stylish over 50 in black and white image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I have always been a fan of wearing black and white especially in summer. It can look crisp and fresh and very stylish over 50. For day 37 of the Dresses with Sleeves Challenge I have chosen a dress from CeMe London. The Jenya dress in a black and white print jersey  has ¾ length sleeves, great ruching around the middle and a draped neckline. Crisp yet soft at the same time! Great dress for special occasions. Incredibly feminine and on my wishlist! The Jenya black and white print dress from CeMe London £165  
  5. Dresses with Sleeves Challenge Day 14 – Simply stunning!

    Style over 50 dress with sleeves image
    Article by Fabafterfifty Sometimes it’s good to wear a dress which is a little out of the ordinary, so for Day 14 of the Dresses with Sleeves challenge I have chosen one that I think is special. I loved this one from Ceme London and would happily wear to a wedding-in fact I have just the right hat to go with it! The Hanna Orchid Dress with long sleeves has a striking print is quite a statement piece. Fab! Hanna Orchid Dress from Ceme London £135
  6. Dresses with Sleeves Challenge Day 8- Flattering cowl neck

    Over 50s style image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon Elegance over 50. Who says women over 50 can’t be stylish? It’s Day 8 of the Dresses with Sleeves challenge and I am loving choosing the dresses! This flattering Safia cowl neck dress from CeMe in jersey ticks all the boxes- gathers in just the right place to disguise midlife tummies and a softly draped cowl neck. Fab! Safia Raspberry knitted dress from CeMe London £120
  7. Dresses with Sleeves Challenge Day 5 – Elegant in jersey

    Mika Monsoon Blue  copy
     by Ceri Wheeldon I love jersey dresses- they have become a staple of my wardrobe. I’m always on the lookout for jersey  dresses which drape and flatter. I think they are a great choice for women over 50. CeMe London is a family firm who create lovely dresses in jersey- all designed in London- with a great use of pleats. Today, I’ve chosen their Mika dress which comes in a variety of colours- not cheap at £160, but it’s on my wishlist  ( hope hubby is taking note!). Would be perfect for dinner with my very elegant French mother-in-law! Dress Mika from CeMe London.