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  1. Janet tackles her 50s blues with a bucket list (although she doesn’t call it that)

    janet bucket list over 50
    Article by Janet O’Kane This is me on 19th July 2008, my 50th birthday. We were holidaying in America and I’d just been handed a glass of pink champagne by my husband as I came out of the shower. Despite those happy circumstances and the smile on my face, I felt miserable. This made no sense: hitting 50 wasn’t that bad, surely? My second marriage had brought me contentment and my work as a freelance copywriter was going well. But I couldn’t shake off the realisation that my life was definitely at least half over. What did I have to show for it? And more to the point, what could I look forward to? One thing I’ve learnt in middle age: in order to stay happy, I must keep busy and always have something to challenge me. So I came up with a bucket list, although in the spirit of...
  2. Jane, takes up belly dancing in her 50s and transforms her health and her confidence

    Jane, centre in purple
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon. Jane shares her experience of how taking up belly dancing in her 50s transformed her fitness, confidence and social life. Jane is from  Sawley Notts, married to Steve for 28 years, and has one daughter Luisa aged 24. What prompted you to start belly dancing? I Wanted some form of exercise for a condition I have called spondylosis which is a form of arthritis. I’ve always loved to dance, i.e. ballet, tap. I went on holiday to Turkey and saw a belly dancing show which I loved. When I got back home I decided to join a belly dancing class in Derbys. Did you go with friends or did you make new friends from the class? I have made some wonderful friends and we have formed a group of our own called the shimmy sisters. What have been the best elements of the classes? The movements have really helped...
  3. 10 Inspirational Women over 50.

    Pauline inspirational over 50 image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon On Fab after Fifty we love to highlight real women over 50 who have reinvented their lives and inspire others. I have been incredibly privileged to meet, either online, or in person, some incredible women for this section of the website. Just to show that women over 50 are far from invisible, and not sitting in rocking chairs, I have pulled together a list of 10 of the inspirational women we have featured so far.  If you think you, or someone you know, should be featured as a ‘Fabwoman’, please get in touch ! (email: editor@fabafterfifty.com) Meanwhile, here are 10 inspirational women changing perceptions of women over 50. Mariam – overcoming illness and publishing 3 successful novels in her 50s. Debi – relocating, becoming a children’s entertainer and climbing mountains to raise money for charity. Judy – relocation, changing career to become a celebrant and working...
  4. Back by Popular Demand- it’s Dresses with Sleeves time!

    Phase eight emerald £110
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon I have had so many requests  for more dresses with sleeves. I have selected 7, all fab for those of us who want to look stylish over 50 and all available from the High Street (or online). I hope you enjoy the slideshow  – all the dress details are listed below:   The Dresses   Phase Eight Latoya Lace Miracle Dress Fabulous lace sleeves – providing cover, but sheer enough to add a touch of glamour. The ruching helps draw the eye in at the waist. £99 from  John Lewis Treat yourself? Full details     Warehouse Oriental Floral Print Dress A touch of the orient with this fabulous jersey, long sleeved dress with a round neck and soft pleating at the waist. Fabulous for lunch with the girls or dinner for two.  A bargain at £38 ! Full details     Ted Baker Belleta Scallop...
  5. Here’s the Perfect Solution If You Want A Stress-Free Body

    stress free body exercises image
    Article by Ntathu Allen Bless you dear friends and hugs and welcome to new visitors. As usual we are glad you are here and thanks for your visit. Today’s Moment of Calm is a simple relaxation exercise you can do in 2-5 minutes anywhere, anytime you want a stress-free body! It’s ideal to do in bed, to help you get a good night’s sleep, or  sitting on a chair at your desk especially if you have been stuck on the computer for a long period of time; you may even practice it on the way home from work sitting (or standing) in the tube. Benefits: The relaxation exercise is quick and easy to do and helps to relieve tense, sore muscles and promotes a deep sense of calmness and relaxation in your body. Self-care Tip: As usual, with any form of exercise we suggest, please remember to listen to your...
  6. Simple 2 Minute Waiting For The Kettle To Boil Calming Yoga Breathing Exercise

    yoga breathing exercise image
    Article by Ntathu Allen Bless you and welcome dear gentle hearted friends to Monday’s Moment of Calm, a quiet space for you to pause, tune in and make space in your day for you. Today’s Moment of Calm is a simple yoga breathing exercise you can do in two minutes whilst waiting for the kettle to boil! As busy women, I know how full and demanding your days are and it’s easy to put your needs for peace and quiet on the back burner as you are  “too busy” and “too tired” looking after everything and everyone else and not make time to care for yourself. We encourage you to take just two minutes out of your day to practice this simple calming yoga breathing exercise,  you will feel stronger, calmer and clearer which means you’ll have more energy to manage your day in a more peaceful and productive way....
  7. 6 of the best dresses with sleeves for special occasions

    Coast purple lace dress image
    Article by Ceri Wheeldon. “Where can I find a dress with sleeves to wear to a wedding?”  is a question I am frequently asked. I know in the past I have featured one dress at a time, but I have had a lot of requests to group my dresses together by occasion, so I am starting a ‘Six of the best’ series. I’m starting with special occasions – all six of these would be ideal for weddings, christenings or a day at the races. I think all six dresses would bring a touch of elegance to any occasion – and would definitely make sure that you are stylish over 50! These particular dresses are all available from John Lewis. I’ve enjoyed choosing them- I hope you enjoy my ‘new’ dresses with sleeves series 1. LK Bennett pale quartz dress with sleeves Price: £295 Understated yet elegant. 2. Coast Vivianna purple lace...
  8. How are women over 50 supposed to look?

    Article by Ceri Wheeldon This weekend went with my husband to a reunion dinner with four families who had all holidayed together over a period of 15 years while the children were growing up . Interestingly, the older generation (all now in their 80s) commented on how none of the younger generation looked our ages.  Lovely to be complimented, but is it true, or is it just that perceptions of how women over live and look today just haven’t caught up with reality? Is it just that those of us in our 50s today have a more youthful attitude to life in general than the generations before us, and hence look more youthful too?  From the clothes we wear to the way we style our hair, we have so many more options open to us.  We are far more likely to have developed our own individual styles and dress accordingly....
  9. Donna Africa “The Queen of Dreams” feeling fit and fine after 50 years young!

    reinvention after 50 image
    Article by Donna Africa Donna has transformed her life completely over the last few years, creating a new ‘persona’ and opening up new horizons, including participating in Britain’s Got Talent and scheduled to perform at the London Olympics. Donna shares her story: I call myself Donna Africa (My Stage & Company name) and affectionately nick-named by my friends and fans, “The Queen of dreams” as I relocated from my homelands, Zimbabwe and South Africa to the UK in 2004 to take care of my late Mum, start a new beginning and to finally realise my dreams, believing and advocating, that it is never too late!!! In the year 2004, whilst my son Chris and I were living in Green Point, Cape Town and employed on contract with “The Cape Argus” newspaper, I received news from my brother Adam – who was residing in the UK – that my Mum (who...
  10. Its decision time. What fitness and diet regime is best for you?

    choosing best diet and fitness proframme image
    By Anne Elliott I always think that this time of year brings into sharp focus any concerns we have about our bodies, our weight and how much exercisewe do or don’t do. After just having gone through a Christmas period media frenzy with pressure to eat, consume, mange and overindulge, we now have, like a coin flipping, the onslaught of ‘guilt’ messages. Every other advert on TV seems to be about joining diet clubs and eating low fat food in the breaks of programmes about super large people who cry and grimace their way through arduous physical tasks and are forced to publically denounce their previous sedentary lifestyles. All so we can voyeuristically look on and think ‘at least I’m not that big’. We also get daily direct marketing mail, with its timepressured buying messaging, ‘Get ‘x’ if you sign up before the end of January’. It takes a strong...