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  1. Dresses with Sleeves Challenge Day 19 – Lace for Grown Ups

    Stylish dress for over 50s image

    Stylish dress for over 50s imageArticle by Ceri Wheeldon

    To be stylish over 50 it’s always good if you can create a ‘classic’ look while still incorporating some ‘on trend’ elements – that way you can look modern yet avoid that ‘mutton dress as lamb’  dilemma.

    Lace is very much a look of the moment, and I think the dress I’ve chosen for Day 19 of the Dresses with Sleeves challenge makes it very wearable over 50.

    The Kaliko Kate Dress has ¾ length sheer sleeves and is very simple in its cut.

    Kaliko Kate Lace Dress from John Lewis £104…

  2. Book Review: Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines by Carol E. Wyer

    mini skirts and laughter lines book cover image
    Review by Fabafterfifty As Mandy approaches 50 she ponders her life and her future- and starts a blog- sharing her ups and downs. From feeling invisible (even to her husband) and dealing with her ‘boomerang kid’ son, Mandy shares her thoughts and feelings with her newfound ‘blog friends’ with a few laughs and surprises along the way. If you yearn for a little more excitement in your life, and feel that even your mother seems to have more fun than you do, then following Mandy’s journey as she enters her 50s in Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines  could be just the book for you. What’s the antidote to a boring marriage? Could a ‘lost love’s’ return be the antidote to a boring marriage? How do you fill the days if you have given up work? Will...
  3. Its Never Too Late to Set Up a Business- 5 Steps to Planning

     Article by Emma Wimhurst More and more people are seizing the “business bug” and the UK is seeing a significant increase of start-ups as a result of the current economic climate;   more and more people are eager to discover new sustainable ways to unleash their creativity for a business they can call their own, to be their own boss and to reap their own rewards.    These desires are not ageist and therefore, being over 50 cannot and does not prevent you from setting up and running your own business – and achieving amazing results.    In fact with decades of successful experience (paid or not), you would be mad not to act on your ambitions and strike up on your own! The most common barrier to starting a business is not being sure on what...
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