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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.

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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Tips to Keep Fit through the Summer Holidays


Article by Helen Jones

The summer brings opportunities to get away and relax.  Whilst it is extremely important to take time to re-charge your batteries and spend time away from your normal routine, it is still possible to keep active so that you can enjoy the delicious foods on offer without piling on the pounds- especially when they can be harder to lose once you reach your 50s! 

Here are some suggestions to help you keep on track: 

Walking will burn off calories

1.    When you have a change in your normal surroundings, perhaps on holiday, take time to explore your new environment.  Taking a walk around will not only burn off calories and increase physical activity, but will enable you to explore and discover what places the area has to offer.  Perhaps you will find gems off the beaten track which you wouldn’t have found otherwise. 

2.    Whether you are at home or abroad, a walk along a beach in the soft sand, gives you an excellent workout for your legs and tones up those muscles. 

3.    Swimming, either in the sea or in a swimming pool, is an excellent form of exercise.  Instead of lying on an airbed, try floating on your back as this will use your stomach muscles and help keeping them toned.  You could also spend some time just treading water, or walking through water at waist height.  Using the resistant water to exercise dramatically increases the effects on your body and you can keep cool while doing it.   

Achieve a new challenge

4.    New environments can offer exciting opportunities to try something different.  If water sports are available, why not try water-skiing, windsurfing, paragliding.  These are great fun and will boost your self-confidence by achieving a new challenge. 

6.    How about hiring a pedalo for an hour.  The cycling will burn off further calories, you will have a great time andl be able to see the coastline from a different perspective.

7.    Hire a bike and explore the immediate surroundings.  Often you come across places of interest that you would not have found by car or on a coach trip.  The exercise will get your heart pumping and tone up your legs.  

8.    If you are at home, gather together family or friends and have a picnic in a local beauty spot.  Take a football, frisbee, cricket or rounders bat and arrange a fun competition before you tuck in to your food.  You won’t even notice the calories burning off while you are having fun. 

Vigorous gardening will get you fitter

9.    Make the most of the lighter evenings and get out in the garden.  Vigorous gardening is an excellent physical and creative activity, and whilst getting fitter you will have a beautiful garden to relax in.

10.    While the weather is good, indulge in your favourite outdoor activities.  Any physical activity which you enjoy will not be a burden and you won’t even think about the calories being used up.


Helen Jones is a highly skilled Life Coach and founder of Vital Spark Life Coaching.  She is listed on the International Coaching Register and is the Press Officer for the International Institute of Coaching.  She coaches individuals on areas such as self-confidence, work/life balance and career change.  To know more about Helen’s expertise, visit
p://vital-spark-life-coaching.com.  Helen is one of the leading experts in the UK on coaching for weightloss and has helped pioneer the remarkable Meaningful Change Weightloss Programme.  http://www.weightloss.uk.net.


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