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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Be Fabulous with the Right Undies for Women over 50

Article by Ceril Campbell

Feel and look fabulous at fifty for the Christmas party season with  your “feel and look fabulous” mentor

Dear Ceril, You say “To look fabulous you have to feel fabulous”
But how can I achieve that feeling when I look in the mirror and only see a middle aged woman staring back at me with bumps, lumps and everything heading south?  Wendy.

Hi Wendy,
I find that most women look in the mirror and only see the bits of their body they dislike.  I would like you to focus instead on the positives, even if you can only find one!

So next time you look in the mirror, decide:

1. What you like most about yourself;
2. What parts of your body you would like to draw other’s attention to;
3. What part of your body you would like to smooth, re-shape or make more curvaceous with lingerie solutions;
4. How your party outfit can create an illusion of a more fabulous you.

And then ask yourself …. what would you like to achieve with your magic underwear ? Would you like to:

1. hide a muffin top?
2. slim a tum?
3. create a waistline?

Have you now found those parts of you that are actually ok?!

Your cleavage?  Or even your shoulders?  These are the parts you are going to show off in your party clothes, whilst the parts you like least you will “ sculpt” with clever sexy undies.
My solutions for you to try are:

  • The waist cincher fom Rago waist cincherhttp://www.redcarpetundies.com/lingerie/bcat.php?brand=022
  • This selection of waist cinchers, especially the red/black and pink/black styles give you a fabulous new figure under your clothes and look equally good in the “boudoir”!  Rago is the shapewear brand worn by the actresses in the 60’s TV show Mad men. 
  • If you fancy a bit more va-va vroom cleavage for Christmas, instead of adding “chicken fillet” silicone gels you could try a Gossard superboost bra to team with your waist cincher. 

I do not believe wearing a pair of Bridget Jones hold-in pants are going to make you feel sexy and fabulous at a Christmas party.  But sexy undies will.  When you wear lingerie that makes you feel good, you will look great undressed or dressed.

Private self-knowledge is a powerful tool. It gives confidence, self-esteem and a sparkle in the eye. You will have better posture and the self-confidence to enter a room with attitude and “feel fabulous at fifty” pzaazzz.


Fabafterfifty.com. Redefining 50. Celebrating the best half of our lives!

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