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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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The Power of ‘Tweakment’ with Dermal Fillers


Article by Dr Ravi Jain

Nicola’s before and after photos show that small dermal filler treatments can make a big difference.  The rise of the “tweakment” – perfect for women who are embarking on non surgical treatments for the first time – consider little treatments in a focussed area to get the best impact – in Nicola’s case she hated her down turning mouth and loss of elasticity in her mid and lower face. 

There are times when we feel that creams are no longer enough

There are times when perhaps we feel creams are no longer quite enough, but we don’t want to go under the knife. Nor do we want to engage in a series of treatments where we end up with that ‘done’ look. Nicola, a business development director with an IT company had reached that point. She wanted to do something about her face, which she felt had, at 51,  started to ‘move south’, but didn’t want anything radical done. Nicola says that the last thing she wanted was people to say that they had known her ‘before’. With a daily reminder as she showed her security pass (with a photo taken 5 years ago) that her face was no longer as youthful , it just took one more ‘nudge’ for Nicola to explore options:

It was my daughter who provided the wake up call. She kindly said one morning “Mum, why do you look so sad all the time.” I scrutinised myself in the mirror and saw what she meant: my downward turning mouth and nose to mouth lines had a dragging down effect making me look very unfriendly and sad. My skin tone was also markedly more crêpey and less firm.
Time for action!

I went to see Dr Ravi Jain at Riverbanks Clinic and was immediately struck by his sensible approach to cosmetic treatments and his frank advice which was very reassuring. Together we formulated a treatment plan comprising Restylane dermal fillers and Restylane Vital skin boosting treatments, with a possibility of factoring in some botulinum toxin treatments in later.

Lift out nose to mouth lines and provide support for corners of mouth

Ravi was very thorough in explaining how the dermal fillers would lift out my nose to mouth lines and provide immediate support in the corners of my mouth to correct the downward pull. A series of three Restylane Vital treatments would improve skin elasticity and hydration so my skin would look and feel firmer, more hydrated and smoother. I opted to have Restylane Vital on my hands as well – hands are a big give away area!

The treatments are best described as a little nippy – particularly around the mouth but Ravi was very quick. I was a little bruised – Ravi explained that this was a risk, so I was not worried and the bruising faded within 48 hours. Best of all the treatment results were instant.

                     Before treatment                        After treatment

So I left the clinic really delighted. My daughter, my fiercest critic, picked up on the improvement immediately and said that I looked less cross. Perfect – just the reaction I wanted!

I am now half way through my Restylane Vital treatments and have started to notice an improvement in my skin tone. I have another treatment to go and then a treatment review to see if 3 treatment sessions are enough of if I need one more.

                      Before treatment                         After

Treatment with Dermal Fillers:

  • Restylane Perlane along the naso labial lines to soften their appearance and smooth
  •  Restylane to increase support in the lower mouth area, to correct the down ward pull of the lips
  •  Restylane Touch to treat niggling lip stick bleed lines
  •  Restylane Vital to improve skin condition and skin texture in the mid to lower face and hands

Dr Ravi Jain Says:

Nicola  was prompted to seek my help after her daughter said she looked sad all the time.  She wanted to look better, not different. What bothered her most of all was her downward turning mouth and the fine crêpey lines above her top lip.  These are common problem areas caused by loss of elasticity and support in the skin which can easily be corrected with dermal fillers and Restylane Vital.

Provides support so mouth turns up, not downwards

Restylane now has integrated pain relief which is important when treating the area around the mouth which is a very sensitive area.   I injected the filler into the corners of Nicola’s mouth to provide more support so her mouth turned up, not downward.   I also used fillers to soften the marionette lines at the side of her mouth which also contributed to the sad look. With dermal fillers the results can be seen immediately and I handed the mirror to Nicola to see for herself and watched a large smile break across her face.  I never tire of that moment!  Nicola is coming back for a treatment review in about 4 months to make sure that she is still happy with her results.  By then her Restylane Vital treatment will be completed around her mouth and her skin quality should show a marked improvement and her lipstick bleed problem should be solved.



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