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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Best Colours for Women in their 50s

This season there is a multitude of colours to brighten up the long dark days of winter. With a little thought about your colouring you will look fabulous in whatever colour you choose to wear. The most important thing is to choose the right shade rather than avoid a colour all together .
Let’s start with the staples in your wardrobe.

Autumn Grey

  • All shades of grey are more flattering  than black on older women, unless you are lucky enough to have silver, white or still very dark hair.
  • By adding some of the great colours, that are around in the shops this season , even as accessories you will wow everyone who sees you in  the grey you have chosen to wear.
  • Women with pale complexions and lighter hair choose the paler greys and pewters  and those of you with darker colouring go for the charcoals and inky greys .

Love the Blues

  • Great for colour blocking or clashing with another colour for impact if you go for the strong cobalt or electric  blues .
  • Take care with icy  shades and  dark navy , if you have red hair, accessorise it with yellow, coral or terracotta.
  • Navy is a great alternative to black and kinder on the complexion, there’s a navy shade to suit all.  So for evening, this season, try the little blue dress instead of the little black one.

 Be Seen In Green

  • Emerald green can be a perfect accompaniment to daywear or striking as an evening colour.
  • To soften the shade a little if you feel it is a little over powering think about the fabric. Textured fabrics mute the colour, especially anything that has a defined weave to it.

 Bold Red to Very Berry

  • Reds are always a  winter favourite and they are back in true style, red abounds in all garments and accessories
  • Don’t be shy, a red skirt or jacket for daytime will boost your spirits and energy levels
  • If red is not for you then try one of the range of berry shades from damson, plum or burgundy.  This can be very striking in satins and silks, perfect , just perfect, for evening wear
  • If you feel uncomfortable wearing red, a statement red or berry handbag will suffice. Alternatively try a red scarf over your winter coat.
  • Make sure when wearing red that you have a lipstick that tones with it. If red scares you try a touch of a red lip gloss

Positive Purple

  • Purple is one of what we call a universal colour, it suits every colouring type and this season it is all over the place.
  • A purple top or  sweater worn with black or grey trousers  will be much more flattering than wearing black near the face especially in January and February when the skin fades a little and we all look a little pasty

Pat Henshaw is co-author of ‘Colour me confident, image matters for men’ published in January 2006, ‘Colour me younger’ published in May 2008 and ‘Be a  beautiful bride’ published in 2009 . She is currently co-writing book number five, working title ‘Colour me slimmer’ to be published in 2010


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