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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How Permanent Make-up Can address Signs of Ageing

Article permanent make-up-over-50by Tracy Fensome

Sparse brows, thinning lips and loss of lip colour can be helped. Most of my clients are aged between 40-65 years. It is at this time in our lives that many changes can take place.  Some good and some annoying! Like Sparse brows, hair thinning, loss of lip color and definition, poor eyesight to do eye makeup, skin sensitivity – does this sound familiar? Please it is not my intention to dispirit but to give pleasure knowing there is an easy remedy to these, if you wish to choose.

To some of you the idea of permanent makeup may sound strange, a little scary maybe? But it’s just one of many ways ladies today choose to make beauty routine tasks quicker and easier, in addition to their normal application of makeup.  I hope my regular entries at Fab At Fifty will ease any concerns and convert you to a Fab At Fifty Permanent Makeup devotee, as I have become over the years.  And please, look at me I do not have any bad work on my face, no solid black eyebrows or dropping eyeliner, and this is down to the best training with Nouveau Contour. Not bad for nearly 50. So I’m told by my partner!

Benefits of permanent make-up as we age

But it’s not just for vanity!   Let me tell you more.
Benefits: The most obvious benefit of permanent makeup is that it can simply save you time. Ladies with busy schedules (gents too but that will be covered at another time), long commutes and family commitments can mean up to 30 minutes or more out of their morning routine each day, not forgetting the extra reapplying during the day.

What I love most about permanent makeup is that I never have to worry about my makeup smudging or fading, as I get hotter my eyeliner is no longer running down my glowing cheeks. Sound familiar?  Or my lips receding to their original thinness. I’m so passionate about it that I can say – It’s brilliant!  Permanent Makeup won’t come off after swimming, working out or showering or kissing!   But there are many reasons for someone to get permanent makeup beyond the timesaving benefits and this is why it is my passion to provide a service that gives a boost of confidence and empowerment to women.

Hormones and age play their part

To give you examples, allergies to makeup, poor vision, loss of facial hair are contributing factors due to hormones and age, disabilities or impaired motor skills, such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, alopecia, vitiligo and scarring and burns camouflage, areola and nipple re-pigmenting after mastectomy, cleft lift enhancement and effects of hair loss due to chemotherapy.

How?: I cannot stress enough that if you decide to have a procedure then please do your research and carefully choose your permanent makeup technician based on 10 key points and of course, how you comfortable and confident you feel when speaking with them  (a checklist to help you choose is available just email me below).  In essence, it is a form of tattooing. Very different to the machines and color pigments used by traditional tattoo artists.  Permanent makeup is an art form of specialised tattooing that implants pigments to the upper layers of the skin carefully.  There should be no pain as the areas are numbed with specialised creams and aftercare is very simple to follow for a week after.

At a later date I will touch on the wonderful work a paramedical technician or also known as medical Micropigmentation, carry out for ladies post cancer. A wonderful time for finishing touches to be made following a long journey for them.

Permanent make-up for eyebrows

So for now let’s look at what the brows, eyeliner and lips have to offer.
Eyebrows are the most defining and prominent feature of our face. Without them our eyes look lost and the contours of our face change dramatically.  This really is the first and most excellent procedure you could have done, if needed.  Carefully implanted hair strokes mimic hair to create a wonderful flattering brow. And if you go to a good technician she will be able to give you a mini-eye lift without the surgery and cost!

 thinning-brows  brows-after-permanent-make-up
 Before  After

Eyeliner can give your eyes a youthful and expressive appearance

Another feature of permanent makeup is permanent eyeliner. Women have permanent eyeliner applied to enhance appearance. With ageing and for other reasons some people lose the long and lush eyelashes of youth. As every woman knows, eyeliner can give your eyes a youthful and expressive appearance. You can also reshape the eyes. Some of us won’t leave home without it. You know who you are. I’m one too!

 before-permanent-eye-liner  after-permanent-eye-liner
 Before After

Lip treatments can correct uneven lip lines

Lips are also a wonderfully expressive part of the face. Thin lips give the appearance a pinched expression and sometimes lips are not very symmetrical in shape. I compensate by applying a subtle lip liner  (not like the 80’s) to reshape and give our lips a fuller expression. Lip treatments can also correct uneven lip lines and add color to faded pigment lips. My favorite is the lip blush which implants a beautiful hue of color.

 thin-lips-before-permanent-make-up  lips-after-permanent-make-up
 Before  After

Costs: The services can vary. For an advanced experienced specialist you can expect to pay from £400 to £600 for individual procedures. Do your checks using my check list before you decide? The most important bit of research you can do is to look at their portfolio of work, on web, by marketing material (not airbrushed photos) and not forgetting endorsements.

Well Ladies I hope you have found this interesting enough to consider some of the benefits. Next time I’ll give you more details, on a subject very close to my heart, Breast Cancer and the Way Forward.

Note: all ‘after’  photos were taken immediately after treatments – permanent make -up colours will fade by 40% . Further details can be found on the  my web site portfolio www.tracyfensome.co.uk, or find me on twitter. I am more than happy to answer any of your questions by any means of contact and remember be permanently beautiful! Thank you ,Tracy

Tracy is  a permanent makeup specialist and medical tattooist with over 18 years of experience in beauty, makeup artistry, permanent makeup and lectures in all of these areas  




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