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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Less is More in the Future of Cosmetic Medicine

Article by Fabafterfiftytrends for cosmetic treatments 2011

Trends and predictions for 2011

According to the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors the demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures soared in 2010 for women and an increasing number of men opted for cosmetic procedures too.

Dr Mike Comins Chairman of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors says:

People are spending on botox and fillers rather than major cosmetic surgery

“Less appears to be more when it comes to cosmetic treatments. With the economic downturn people seem to be spending hundreds of pounds on treatments like Botox and fillers to keep the scalpel at bay rather than thousands of pounds on major cosmetic surgery such facelifts requiring overnight hospital stays.”

The most popular procedures performed by the BACD in 2010 were Botox and volumising fillers which saw a 30% rise. This suggests that the plastic fantastic look is well and truly out and more subtle look is in. In 2010 it became fashionable for celebrities such as Danni Minogue to denounce Botox claiming that they had given up the treatment, but according to Dr Comins it’s not that women have stopped having Botox its simply that they are being treated in a less obvious way. Ironically achieving this more natural, ‘less done’ look is far more complex and skilful.

Refreshed rather than frozen look for women in their 50s

“Cosmetic medicine has only been around for the last fifteen years but in the last five it’s really come of age as doctors discover just what we can achieve non-surgically. It’s about using safe and effective treatments and perfecting them. Cosmetic Doctors have refined treatment techniques to give a refreshed rather than frozen look so although celebrities may claim that they are no longer having these procedures what they are probably having is what is known as “Botox Lite” or “Baby Botox” where we use less to achieve a more subtle look. Skilled Cosmetic Doctors are even using Botox in the jaw line to produce a lift that is subtle and far more cost effective than expensive cosmetic surgery for women in their late 40’s and 50’s.”

Facial Contouring and the ‘fluid facelift’

The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors predicts that 2011 will see the rise of Facial Contouring ‘the fluid facelift’ a procedure that adds filler to the cheeks, hollows beneath the eyes, side of the forehead and angel of the jaw to plump and lift the areas where fat has depleted to such a point that the face begins to hollow slightly and deep furrows in the nose to mouth lines, the sides of the mouth and sagging jowls become far more noticeable. In the past these lines were simply filled, but as the aging process is now better understood, doctors now realise it is facial volume depletion and migration that causes the face to age much more than lines simply appearing. Placing fillers deep under the skin adding volume to areas that need it leads to a more youthful appearance that is refreshed rather than “Wildensteined”. Dr Comins, does stress that these techniques are very advanced and it is very important to have them performed by health professionals with a thorough understanding of the facial tissues and aging process, such as doctors within the BACD.


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