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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Spring Summer Trends and how they work for the Over 50s


 Article by Fabafterfifty

Spring and summer trends explained and adapted with fabulous over 50s in mind.

I was thrilled to be invited to an NHJ Style event, where we were talked through the latest trends for the spring/summer and how we could adapt them for our own body shapes once we hit our fifties.

As we sat comfortably sipping our wine, Isobel from NHJ  immediately put us at ease as she explained that the trends could be adapted to suit all body shapes and all ages, and that we didn’t all have to be tall and a size eight to look good – a great relief to most of us there!

Shopping for clothes was all about finding versatile pieces which suited our bodies at the right price- and NHJ were there to help!

You can wear black without it being ageing

The first myth to be dispelled was that it was perfectly possible to wear black without it looking ageing- but to look  at the fabric being used, and where possible to wear something reflective or a chiffon to  soften.

Nudes are big on the catwalk this season, and Isobel was quick to demonstrate that there are some great jackets out there in nude tones (we were shown an example from Zara), good with jeans or a dress which immediately ‘lifted’ an outfit.

The Safari look was covered next with a great pair of khaki  bootflared linen look trousers from monsoon, which it was suggested we wore with lime or yellow to be bang on trend. In fact it was suggested that it was always good to break up  our top halves by wearing 2 colours, and that belts were a good idea to dress up and finish an outfit without being too formal.

As a general rule we were told that where possible it was good to aim for 3 colours on the body, which were more flattering and more slimming in most instances than wearing a block of one colour.

A terrific brightly patterned kaftan top in purple and orange from M&S was put with a pair of jeggings and long  cardi- it looked spot on  for spring, and the it was suggested that the top would be ideal on its own with white jeans for the summer.

Jeans were highlighted as an issue by most of the women present as being difficult to find the right fit.  Apparently Karen Millen do a great pair of bootleg jeans in size 12 – 16 for £80, where they are cut to avoid ‘gaping’ in the small of your back. Gap it seems also do a good range for curvy women. It was also suggested that ‘petite’ women would be best buying the normal ranges and have shortened. One thing we were all told to do was buy a size ‘down’ as jeans always loosened once worn!

jeggings for over 50sThose of us who were bigger busted also
pointed out that it was difficult to buy tops to suit which didn’t gape.  A good tip was to take the ‘spare’ button often found on the label, and have an extra buttonhole inserted at the bustline- a simple trick, and apparently a service which most drycleaners offer.  Scooped necks were also recommended, as well as pale colours or white which reflected. High collars were discouraged!

For an overall slimming effect a good tip was to wear longer clothes which elongated the body, with a light colour on the inside and dark colour on the outside. Wearing a belt at your smallest part was also a good trick. ‘Curved’ belts are good for larger ladies with Hobbs and M&S both carrying a variety. For ‘apple’ shaped ladies, a slim belt worn on the smallest part was suggested.

It was stressed to all of us, that for our clothes to look good, the right sized bra was a must, and that regular bra fittings were essential.

Overall, the evening was great fun, and highly informative- and we were left with the thought that ‘style is an attitude’, and getting it right on the outside was part of feeling right on the inside- at any age!

Jacket – Burberry, Kaftan-Kaleidoscope, Jeggings- Marks and Spencer


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