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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Maggie, new business, relocation and new book after 50

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Article by Fabafterfifty

My background is I was adopted while very young and went on to enjoy a private education.  I left school at 16 with extensive secretarial qualifications and was soon running the typing pool for a large London company.  I married at age 19 and had three children and gave up work for several years to look after them. 

My marriage did not last

feeling desolate imageUnfortunately my marriage did not last and I was living in a one bedroom flat in a strange town with my three children under age 9.  I had no money, no job and I thought I had no prospects whatsoever.  I reached rock bottom when I was sitting on the floor of my living room with my children.  They all had chicken pox and I had flu.  I only had one 50p piece left for the gas meter and I decided there and then that I had to do something or I wouldn’t be able to look after myself or my children.  I started to change the way I thought and within a week or so I had a job cooking dinners at the school my children attended.  This really boosted my confidence.

From there I got another job as a GP’s receptionist and then I worked for the NHS as a medical secretary/PA at hospitals in Essex, London and Basingstoke providing support for professors and consultants. I also remarried and am continuing to live happily 27 years later.

When I was 50, I decided to move to the Isle of Wight

When I was 50 years old my next door neighbour was telling me how she was looking forward to retiring in a few months’ time when she was 60 and how she was going to do all the things she hadn’t had time to do yet.  She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died before she could do any of those things.  I decided right there and then that we were going to move to the Isle of Wight, which we have always loved and wanted to retire to, because we just don’t know what is round the corner.

That is what we did.  I gave up my job. Did temp work on the Island and decided I could better and started my own secretarial company offering backroom support to small businesses.  The challenges were huge as I was competing with temp agencies but since I work on an ad hoc basis, not just 9-5 and from home my clients find this ideal for them as they can budget for my services and worker smarter and not harder.  The business has grown over the past 6 years and now has a turnover of £50,000 for me on a part time basis. 

I retrained as life coach at the age of 50

Because of my background and life experiences I have always felt that I was good at coaching and mentoring so I decided to retrain as a life coach at age 50.  I qualified with Newcastle College as a personal coach, with The Coaching Academy as a Corporate Coach, with Dawn Breslin (GMTV Coach) as an Advanced Confidence Coach and Group Trainer, and with INLPTA as an NLP Practitioner. 

What you believe creates your reality

I discovered that I was not only good at coaching, but that I loved every minute of it and just adore watching people change right there in front of me from scared individuals to confident people with the power to believe in themselves and to achieve. I have a thriving coaching and training business helping people to become the very best versions of themselves.

maggie currie book cover image

I don’t want anybody to be in the position I was in 30 years ago so I decided to write an inspirational book explaining how you can change your reality. That in itself was a challenge as I knew what I wanted to say but had to write in such a way that the reader would understand.  Changes were made many times to various chapters and sections.  Then came the task of getting a publisher interested.  So I sent some sample chapters and synopsis to a number of publishers and fortunately Book Guild Ltd. decided that it would publish it for me. A huge relief to me and a real sense of achievement when I got the finished article in my hand.  My book entitled “What you believe creates your reality” helps the reader to:

•    Examine your current thought patterns
•    Rethink your inherent perceptions and beliefs
•    Redress your value systems and attitudes
•    Change your habits and behaviour
•    Develop your character  and  Discover your inner self

With practical exercises, case studies, aphorisms and positive affirmations, I make changing your reality a hands-on, step-by-step process. And with my own story to inspire and enthuse you, there’s simply no holding back…….. Creating the reality you want starts right here, right now!

You can find out more about me and contact me via my website www.creedencetraining.co.uk


Fabafterfifty.com. Redefining 50. Celebrating the best half of our lives!

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  1. Virginia Urbach

    August 28, 2012

    Hi, Maggie, what about us 60something? My husband passed away last year and finding an empty void where my husband filled. Love to hear or read your comments. Thanks.

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