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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Love Not Smoking book review

Article by Fabafterfifty

All smokers know that smoking is bad for your health, and most smokers by the time they reach their fifties have had more than one attempt to give up. So how is this book able to help where others fail?

I met Karen Pine, Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire,  one of the co-authors of Love Not Smoking, who explained that it is often the habit of smoking, and the way our mind associates smoking with something pleasurable, such as our morning tea, coffee with dinner, chatting with friends, that we have to break, rather than an addiction to nicotine itself. Karen also explained that you have to prepare to not smoke, so the first 2 weeks of her 6 week ‘Love Not Smoking’ programme still allows you to smoke, but in a different setting to help you dissociate smoking with another activity.

She also stresses the importance of seeing  ‘ Not Smoking’ not as a process of ‘giving up’ something in your life, but adding something better to it. Letting friends and family know that you are making this change in your life is also important.

 Love Not Smoking’s philosophy really is all about motivating the smoker to quit so they can realise that they’ll “love not smoking”! The book helps them to “love not smoking”, by putting lots more back into their life and filling the gap left when you take out the nicotine habit.  It is also about love for your family and friend when they are smoking – whether it’s the wife of a smoker who is worried about her husband’s health, the son of a smoker who doesn’t want to lose a parent or the girlfriend who loves her smoker boyfriend but hates him smoking. At the end of the day it’s really about loving yourself enough or someone else enough that you or they try applying the author’s powerful methods of “Doing Something Different”.

Love Not Smoking: Do Something Different doesn’t preach or lecture the reader about how much they’ve smoked in the past or why they should be giving up now. Its unique approach is more holistic in its outlook and treats the individual’s psychology and their behaviours, not just their habit. The authors’ tools and techniques are based on groundbreaking research about why people get trapped or stuck with particular habits and then enable them to break free. In the book you’ll see how just disrupting the regular habit web (i.e. do you always have a cigarette after a coffee or straight after a meal) will make quitting easier. You’ll change a space at home (or work or even your car), one where you used to smoke into a No Smoking zone, thereby removing one environmental trigger. You’ll be doing something different!

I’m not a smoker, but the book was still  interesting as the same techniques can be applied to other areas of your life, such as dieting .

We have asked Rosy, a lovely  Fabafterfifty  lady, to follow the programme and  share her experience with us!

Love Not Smoking: Do Something Different by Karen Pine and Ben (C) Fletcher is published by Hay House Publishers


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