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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Karen and her life with the World’s Smartest Horse!

Article by Karen Murdock

Karen, proving that she is far from ‘over the hill, ‘ at 51, Karen Murdock was looking forward to easing into retirement, but her very special relationship with a very special horse opened up a new world for Karen in her 50s.

 “How old are you, anyway?” A less frequently asked question these days as people have become much more interested in what I do, rather than how long I’ve been doing it. Nowadays, I’m often asked instead, “Can we see that again?” or “How in the world did you teach him that?!” You see, I own Lukas, the world’s smartest horse (according to the World Records Academy) and Guinness World Record Holder (“Most numbers identified by a horse in one minute: 19.”) Both Lukas and I are considered “aged” according to commonly held opinions. As a psychiatric nurse for the last twenty-six years, and an animal trainer for the last forty, I have arrived at some views of my own that I hope you’ll benefit from.

Considered past his prime for change

I bought Lukas when he was nine years old – considered past his prime for much change; he was set in his ways and had many issues by that time. Certainly, his dismal background contributed to his fears and difficulties: three last place race finishes accompanied by severe injuries, multiple owners, and being rescued from starvation and neglect. He was by all accounts a depleted failure, but his lively spirit belied his past traumas. His enduring example of acceptance, resilience and forgiveness gave me the inspiration to match his transformation. As he absorbed and advanced in his lessons with me, I discovered within him an immense desire to please and succeed.  

Two years ago at the age of fifty-one, I had planned on a peaceful retirement – Lukas was then fifteen and our playful games had evolved from advanced liberty movements (the horse is free and loose) to cognitive tasks. I had long been convinced that animals would be treated better if people realized how intelligent they are. As a result I taught Lukas to identify shapes, numbers and letters, and discriminate colors, and also to understand the concepts of spatial relationships, object permanence, same/different, proportion and absentness. With no personal aspirations in mind, I posted Lukas’ videos on You-Tube, and our peaceful retirement vanished.

 Within weeks of Lukas’ internet debut, he became somewhat of an international web sensation. Since then he’s appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, HLN and Inside Edition, and in feature articles released by the Associated Press and America Online. His story has been heard on Pet Talk Radio, Pet Talk Live Radio, Animal Talk Radio and RFD-Radio, among many others. He’s received a certificate of recognition from California State Assemblyman Curt Hagman for his contributions, and he’s been nominated for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the 2010 Equine Vision Award. Furthermore, his web-site has had over one million visitors from sixty-two countries.

Working to improve treatment of animals needing second chances

And how have my views changed as a result? I’ve arrived at a deeper dedication to promoting Lukas’ journey for the improved treatment of animals, especially those in need of second chances.

Also, sharing Lukas’ message has confirmed a strong belief that this will, in turn, provide practice for kindness and respect toward each other as well. Lastly, I hope that someday age will be measured by happy memories, cheerful contributions and a fulfilled purpose.


Photos: Hadi Khalil, Sharon Fibelkorn

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