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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Menopause – outside the box

Article by Suzanne Edgington

The MENOPAUSE. Lets not get stressed out about it!  The menopause is a normal transition and process that the female body must go through. Lets just look at some of the alternative ways to make that transition easier and more comfortable and even get a few little extra benefits along the way. Aromatherapy, Massage, Flower Essences, and Acupuncture. Just a few of the array of alternative and complementary therapies out there that can help with the symptoms of the menopause like the hot flushes, depression, excessively heavy periods, irregular periods, insomnia and aching muscles, to name some of the most common.

Aromatherapy for the menopause

Every women’s experience of the menopause is slightly different and aromatherapy can take this
into account by using essential oils that are tailored to suit your individual needs.
Oils like Geranium and Clary Sage are oestrogenic oils and can help to balance the hormones. They help to tone, cleanse and relax the uterus, helping to regulate the menstrual cycle.
Chamomile is good because it helps to calm, it is an anti-depressant and great for those of you with sensitive skin.
Other anti-depressants like, Lavender, Neroli, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang can also be useful.
Rose is lovely, a luxurious essential oil, it can help to balance hormones whilst helping you feel more feminine and desirable. Rose is an anti-depressant, a uterus tonic, anti-inflammatory, an aphrodisiac and is really good for the older skin. A real morale booster. The Chinese believe it will help anxiety, irritability, headaches, move the blood indicated in irregular and painful periods for pre menopausal women, help insomnia and nurture your capacity for self love.
Not bad for one little oil it is!

Finding an aromatherapist. Good starting places.                           


Try using the essential oils at home. In the bath, compresses, oils burners, self massage or with a partner to add a touch of fun and romance. You don’t have to splash out on expensive base carrier oils to put you oils in for a massage. Use some sunflower, vegetable oil from the kitchen cupboard. Cheap, odour less and they have their own nutritional properties. If it’s good enough to eat you can definitely put it on your skin.
2 drops of essential oil for every 10ml(2 teaspoons) of carrier oil i.e. vegetable oil, sunflower oil, almond oil etc.

 Good easy to read books

‘Aromatherapy an A-Z’ Patricia Davis  about £9.95 Really easy to read, lists oils and ailments to cross reference.

‘Aromatherapy For Healing The Spirit’ Gabriel Mojay  about £11.99 A guide to restoring emotional and mental balance through essential oils. My aromatherapy bible at the moment. From a Chinese Medicine view looking more at your emotions and the affect on the body rather than your bodies affect on your emotions.

Massage and the menopause

Get yourself a professional massage. It will help ease the aches and pains that are additional symptoms of the menopause and help with all the other symptoms mentioned in the aromatherapy section. Plus it’s real time out to help calm down and unwind. Massage isn’t just a treat these days many people have a regular massage as part of their health and body maintenance lifestyles.
A massage can really help with the circulation, insomnia, aches and pains, emotional stress and anxieties and is fab for nourishing the skin as it begins to change.

Try out people who are recommended. Try different therapists, each will be different even if they have similar qualifications, each one will have something different to offer. It is a very personal service, so shop around and find the right person for you.
Some work from their homes or clinics, you may even find someone local that will offer home visits.
Good places to start:


Think about approaching your local college. Training massage therapists are always looking for new bodies to practice on. Some colleges offer special open days. This can save you £’s and often newbie’s are really attentive and keen to impress.

 Flower Remedies and the menopause

 Bach Flower Remedies and Australian Bush Flower Essences can be really helpful in balancing emotions during times of stress whilst going through the menopause.
A therapist will individually tailor a prescription for you. The remedies are easy to take. Just a couple of drops on the tongue or in water daily and they don’t interfere with any other medications that you maybe taking. Some practitioners distil them in brandy but if this is a problem others may do them in vinegar.

The Australian Bush Flower essences, try ‘Women Essence’ is a made up combination remedy, ready to take.
For mood swings, lethargy and feelings of physical disliking of your own body.
It harmonises any imbalances during menstruation and the menopause.
It allows a women to discover and feel good about herself, her own body and beauty.
They also offer an air misting spray and a cream.
Order direct or find a UK stockist.


Lists worldwide practitioners. Questionaire to help you decide what remedies you need.
Offers an online consultation $35    

http://www.bachcentre.com UK

It is definitely better to visit a Bach or Bush Flower Practitioner for a few sessions. Someone who can be objective when prescribing remedies but the money does start to add up. If you are keen why not buy one of the books. They tell you all about the flower essences and how to take them. Buy one or two flower essences at a time and make up your own remedies.
Another tip. Find a few friends, each purchase a flower essence. Mix match & borrow.

 Acupuncture and the menopause

 If you’re not squeamish about needles try acupuncture to help with symptoms of the menopause.
A professional acupuncture treatment can be really affective for all the symptoms of the menopause. It’s not a 2-4000 year old tradition for nothing.
They may combine the acupuncture with Chinese Herbs. Some are known for tasting quite bitter but not all them. The herbs can take a while to work through the bodies system but can be really affective along side the acupuncture.
Treatments last between 30mins – 1hour and usually cost between £25 – £45.
A one off visit will be nice but will not give you a lasting benefit so you will probably be looking at a course.
Again it is a treatment that can be individually tailored.
Go to someone that is recommended and don’t be afraid to ask to see their insurance and qualifications.
A good place to start for registered UK Acupuncturists is:

http://www.acupuncture.org.uk  British Acupuncture Council


I highly recommend you check out your local acupuncture college or university. Students are always supervised by a professional and have often studied for a couple of years before they are even allowed to work on a human body, so they will be completely competent. They charge a lot less for you being a case study, which also means that you will probably get more than one treatment.

Chinese acupuncture is a real skill. It could be the best little amount of money you have ever spent. Some charge as little as £10 a session.

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  1. Annie

    April 16, 2011

    Really enjoy the site. I have had my share of these symptoms and much prefer natural remedies to pills. It is great to know there are things out there to help. Diet and exercise play a big part in our health at every age.

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