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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How adding facial massage to your cleansing routine boosts mature skin

Skincare Tips from Emma Hardie

I tried out Emma’s facial massage techniques suggested as part of  her Amazing Face Cleansing System. Later that day I was asked by a friend how my skin looked so ‘glowy’! I asked Emma to explain why her techniques were so beneficial to mature skin.

Why are massage techniques so appropriate to ageing skin?

In your 50’s and over, oestrogen levels drop which in turn causes the skin to become thin and dry.  The collagen fibres bind or stick together making the layers of the facial tissue begin to lose their elasticity, the skin becomes more dehydrated and appears to sag and flatten with no luminosity or bounce. 

To help counteract this, the skin needs lots of Essential Fatty Acids which help to soften the appearance of the skin and also helps to reduce moisture loss, therefore making the skin appear more luminous.  Starflower Oil or Evening Primrose Oil is great to take internally but also can be applied directly to the skin for extra nourishment and a great medium to use for facial massage too.

Ageing skin requires extra stimulation to help it look bright, fresh and radiant. Self facial massage will instantly lift and brighten the face – try a minimum of 3 minutes a day, while cleansing – this also helps remove dead skin cells and enables your treatment products to work more effectively.  Or spend a couple of minutes massaging your favourite moisturiser into your skin or gently pinch your skin until your cream has been absorbed. 

My Amazing Face Cleansing System is a great aid to facial massage, the Moringa Cleansing Balm is luxurious botanical, water soluble oil cleansing balm containing Grape Seed and Sweet Almond Oil, so pure, silky and hydrating it doubles as a soothing and softening mask and universal rescue balm.

Why should we ensure our routine encompass’ the neck and décolleté?


It’s extremely important to incorporate the neck and décolleté into your massage routine as these are the areas that often show signs of ageing the most. I find that a quick massage routine when cleansing in the shower or bath helps to firm up the neck area. Try…

• The fingertips of both hands are placed in the middle of the neck area (i.e. mid-way between the chin and base of the neck) but at the side of the neck in line with (underneath) the right ear.

• Quickly and firmly pull your fingertips apart in a vertical line, moving the top hand to the jawline and bottom to collar-bone level.  Repeat six-10 times – this movement is then repeated across the entire neck finishing by the left ear

 • Firmly pinch the skin and muscle of the neck all over between the whole length of your thumb and forefinger. 
As summer is coming, if there are any additional tips for caring for mature skin in the summer?

There is nothing more ageing to skin that sun damage so first and foremost I would recommend a good daily moisturiser with an SPF.

Skin behaves differently from season to season, and as a result I find my client’s complexions in the colder weather tend to appear more parched and dehydrated and in need of a richer moisturiser, however, when summer comes and they are still using the same skincare routine their skin can become more oily, switching to a lighter moisturiser like my new Amazing Face Lighter Lotion in the daytime is a great way to balance skin in the summer months. 

Emma Hardie is  one of the most highly regarded and sought-after skincare experts in Europe. Her advice and insights are regularly quoted throughout the media and receives glowing endorsements from a host of leading beauty editors, business moguls and celebrities.
In September 2009, Emma introduced her award-winning Amazing Face skincare system, a complete, natural, facial rejuvenation collection, a simple, effective three step daily facial for your skin. Using energy from marine bio-photons to instantly smooth and lift tired stressed skin, Amazing Face is Emma’s capsule skincare system of multi-tasking daily essentials. It combines her passion for the benefits of targeted, natural botanicals with an in-depth knowledge of the skin’s anatomy gleaned from being one of the UK’s pioneering facial specialists. The result? A visibly more youthful, vibrant looking skin.


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