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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Bev, loses 3 stone and climbs mountains!

Interview with Bev Brammer

Introducing Bev, who’s own dramatic weight loss as she approached 50 has inspired her to walk the Great Wall of China  climb Ben Nevis and set up a business to help others!

Hello! I’m Bev Brammer (aged 52 ¾) and my business is called The Personal Nutritionist. My aim is to put healthy eating into your life. Many people switch off or think oh no, here we go again, more diet and food advice, but actually it’s pretty simple. I believe that to lose weight and keep it off, you have to change your eating habits – because it’s what you have been eating in the past that made you gain weight. Our Western style diet is not the healthiest, so I help, advise and support my clients as they change their bad eating habits into good ones.  Not everyone wants to lose weight, some just want to eat better to feel fitter and have more energy every day.

Fitter and healthier at 50 than I was at 30

How has your life changed since you were 50?
To be honest, my life started to change as I was approaching 50. The biggest change in recent years is my energy levels. I can honestly say that I am now fitter and healthier than I was aged 30. Exercise used to be a dirty word, but I now feel sluggish if I don’t train regularly.
The new me has a lot more confidence and I put that down to feeling fantastic inside!
Had your weight been a major factor throughout your adult life?
Oh yes, I was either on, or off a diet (losing or steadily gaining weight) for the whole of my adult life. I had size 14, 16 & 18 clothes in my wardrobe, I hated looking in the mirror and wished I could wave a magic wand to improve my figure. Dieting is such hard work and relies on willpower. Once the willpower goes the diet is broken, and it’s so depressing to feel like a failure.

What was the trigger that made you decide to do something about it?
I made the decision to have a hip replacement aged 45 due to lifelong problems and that was the start of the new me! I began to diet again, losing weight only to regain it when I came off the diet, but then, 2 years later, something happened that literally changed my life. A friend said she wanted to walk along The Great Wall of China for charity and I heard a voice say “I’d love to do that” – it was me! I had a year to change!
What was your approach?
I knew that I wasn’t fit enough at that point, and deep down also knew that dieting didn’t work long term. So I embarked on a healthy eating regime and found a personal trainer. I didn’t go on yet another diet, but began healthy eating.  I lost 3 stone, completed the charity walk feeling great and loved the new fit me.
How did your family and friends react to the changes you made?
My husband was extremely supportive. The strange thing was the reaction of some friends. They used to say “how’s your diet going?” and could not understand that I had changed the way I ate – permanently. I’m sure a few of them thought I was crazy carrying green tea bags and unsalted nuts around in case of emergencies!
How much weight have you lost?
3 stone and I feel fabulous! I will never go back to my old habits now. I’d like to get a further 1 stone off, but am totally happy with how I look now.
What difference has losing so much weight made to you, and in what areas of your life?
The biggest change is in fitness – I really enjoy going to gym classes, or out for a ride on my bike. I find the healthier and fitter you are, the more you actually crave healthy foods.
I also like getting dressed now – it’s wonderful to be able to pull something out of the wardrobe and know it fits!

50 is all about being fit and healthy

What new opportunities has losing your weight opened up for you?
I would never have dreamed of running my own business, let alone helping others to stop yoyo dieting – forever! I’m passionate about helping people change, and am so happy when they turn those changes into habits!
What were the biggest challenges in your weight loss journey?
Realising that food is not the enemy. If you eat the right foods there is no need to feel hungry or deprived. Cutting salt and sugar out for a while helped get rid of cravings – then it’s much easier to eat well.
Has been successful in this challenge encouraged you to seek out other challenges?
Absolutely, after China, I climbed Ben Nevis, have completed the 26 mile Cancer Shine Walk and last year went to Chile to work in the Atacama Desert as a volunteer for Racing The Planet’s 150 mile  self supported foot race.
What advice would you give to other women facing a similar situation?
Being happy with yourself is the key to everything.  I would never have set up my own business if I wasn’t happy with who I am, what I look like and how I feel.  If you need to lose weight, or want to improve your eating for health reasons, don’t diet!…..change the way you eat.”
My motto is “there’s no such word as try – do  it or don’t”
What has been the best experience so far in your 50s?
I think that would have to be my very first day as a 50 year old. My husband and I were in California on holiday, and we stayed at The Beverly Wilshire in Los Angeles, made famous by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. I felt like a million dollars and spent my birthday meandering in and out of shops on Rodeo Drive!
What’s next for you?
As The Personal Nutritionist I am still taking on clients and doing workshops, but am also working with other affiliated businesses such as physiotherapists, gyms, personal stylists and life coaches.
5o is all about being fit & healthy. In November, I’m off to work in the Himalayas in Nepal , on another  150 mile foot race. I’ll be giving out water, taking times and supporting the amazing endurance athletes. No showers for a week – what fun!

Bev can be contacted at http://www.thepersonalnutritionist.co.uk/


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