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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Do Men Understand the Menopause? Interview with Sue Brayne

Article by Fabafterfifty

Do the men in our lives know enough about what we experience when going through the menopause?  I caught up with Sue Brayne, author of  ‘Sex, Meaning and the Menopause, a Book for Men and Women’. A book which looks at the menopause from both a male and female perspective, and the impact it can have on relationships.

The motivation behind the book helping men understand the menopause

Sue Brayne was sitting at dinner with her 50something friends  with the husbands bemoaning the fact that they had been totally unprepared for the changes experienced by their wives as they went through the menopause.  Sue decided it was something to explore. “ They all complained that there was a lack of understanding of menopause from a male perspective- and that they found it difficult to find the information they felt they needed. So, I wrote ‘Sex, Meaning and the Menopause . A book for Men and Women so all those men confronted by moody menopausal women wouldn’t take things quite so personally!”

How open were the men you interviewed?

“In interviewing the partners of menopausal women for ‘Sex, Meaning and the Menopause’many of the men said that they had felt pushed aside- with no explanation of their partner’s behaviour to fall back on. Many of the men interviewed were surprisingly candid as they talked about how their own sexual relationships with wives and partners had changed.

Opening up communication at his time is vital. For women the menopause often brings about a time of reflection . It’s important that both parties are honest about what they want out of life. Many couples felt that the menopause highlighted the cracks already existing in their relationships”

Menopausal years are a period of immense change

“For women this time of life is a period of immense change, dealing with the empty nest, ailing parents, becoming a grandparent. Her whole identity may be changing” Pressures at work may be surfacing- although in Sue’s research it appeared that that those working in service industries found their careers were hardest hit by perceived ageism as they entered their 50s, with women in academia almost coming into their own!

As well as the pressure Sue believes many women feel to take advantage of anti-ageing treatments to offset the impact of ageing on the outside, the menopause is also a time where women change on the inside, becoming more spiritual, more reflective.

“Men are fortunate not to experience the same changes- they are still able to father children with younger women hence don’t have the same sense of loss. But that’s evolution for you!”

Women are happier in their 60s

Interestingly, from Sue’s conversations with women, she concluded  that women are happier in their 60s than in their 50s, having effectively done their mourning! They know who they are and feel fabulous having coming through the other side of the most changeable decade feeling a lot happier!
“As baby boomers age they are breaking new ground, with no role models to follow. They expect far more from life than previous generations.”

Sue is hoping that both men and women can pick up her book to better understand the impact the menopause can have on their lives and relationships- and embrace it.

Any book that can help bridge the menopausal divide has to be good read!

Sex, Meaning and the Menopause, A Book for Men and Women by Sue Brayne is available from June 23rd. RRP £9.99


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  1. Carole Heath

    April 19, 2012

    This is an interesting article regarding men and the menopause about Sue Brayne and her book, i am nearly 65 years old now and most of my menopausal syptoms have gone thankfully. But i still get hot sweats sometimes during the night and the migraine headaches which my doctor told me were also to do with the menopause are less now than they were. I think that some men have no idea what the menopause at all about and some men are also ignorant about monthly periods. Sue’s book will hopefully enlighten men who read it about women’s problems. The menopause can for some women be a complete nightmare they suffer so badly that they can’t cope with everyday life. I have been quite fortunate mine hasn’t been to bad and i never needed HRT, but a friend of mine was so depressed etc she had to leave her job as she could not function during the day at her job as she was hardly getting any sleep because of hot sweats during the night. She did contact her doctor and HRT helped her glad to say. I think that a positive attitude if possible helps and not thinking that it will be a spiral into old age, and to eat healthy as much as possible and keeping fit maybe walking or swimming and Yoga to help with anxiety which can rear it’s ugly head during the transition regarding the menopause. But in saying that a friend who i also know a man in his 60’s was told by his doctor he had the male menopause and he is now on tablets to help his hormone levels he was getting bad hot sweats and mood swings he told his wife now i know how women feel. So the argument does the male menopause exist well it does for him.

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