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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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7 Tips for Positive Thinking- its never too late!

Article by Fabafterfifty

How do you turn your ideas into reality?  Whether its career, creativity or spiritually related, do not let negativity hold you back. Think positively! Following on from the recent 50  Small Steps to being Fab after 50 article, people have been asking how to get motivated to take the first steps!

I’m sure you have a bright idea hidden somewhere in the back of your mind that you just can’t wait to try out. Of course you may not the only one with this bright idea. So what will motivate you to turn  those creative thoughts into reality, while for others it will remain no more than a pipe dream?

It’s always good to set a personal goal wherever you can , even if its just to do an hour’s ironing before your favourite TV programme!  A correct and positive attitude in whatever you do will make things easier, and even enjoyable.

Here are some tips to think positively and make changes- its possible to see results and feel more positive in just a week!
Having a bit of positive thinking can help you realise things that you never thought possible.

Seven Steps to Positive Thinking

1. Take passionate action towards living your life by design. Talk is cheap. Action = deposits in the bank of a passionately authentic future.  Without it, passion is void. This is a perfect example where dreams are made of where you start by tinkering with your mind, then with your hands.
2. Commit to yourself as well as those you love to create powerfully a life you can love. Instead of reacting, commit to creating from your heart and soul, out of love rather than fear.  A dream will remain a dream without motion and action. Amaze yourself as the transformation begins.

3. Recognize and embrace the thought that each moment is perfect regardless of its outcome. Every time you hit on something that may appear too difficult, why not give it a try and see if it will work. You will be surprised to see if there are other ways to get things done. If you are n’t pleased with the outcome, build on  that moment, learn from it and make the appropriate changes.

4. Always be grateful for where you are and what you have today. Learn to use what you have available to you and make use of it in the most constructive way. Slipping into neediness will become less of a habit when you repeatedly shift towards gratitude and abundance, and  away from poverty consciousness.

Focus on abundance

5. Use a Passion Formula of Recognize/Reevaluate/Restore in place of the Shoulda I/Would I/Could I whirlwind. The former is based in increased knowledge and abundance while the latter focuses on scarcity and lack. As you face people or tasks that may seem harder than scaling the summit of Mount Everest, allow yourself to realize that the task is just as important as giving out orders to your subordinates. You would rather be richly passionate!

6. Laugh at and with yourself when possible. Keep humour at the forefront of thought.  You may find yourself quite entertaining when you loosen up!  Life has too much to offer to allow you to mope around in self pity. Humour is very attractive, engaging, passionate: life-giving.

7. Truly believe that you are the architect of your own future. No one can take your passionate future from you except for you! Create your life authentically.  There is no end to how much you can accomplish in a lifetime. The concept of thinking big is all about enjoying your work, which would lead to celebrate a discovery that is born within your hands. Watch everything flow into place with perfect, passionate precision.

Make your path to your own future by taking the first step with a positive attitude.  Be positive and fabulous after 50!


Fabafterfifty.com. Redefining 50. Celebrating the best half of our lives!

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  1. Debbie

    July 21, 2017

    Hi, I do not like how my body shape has changed, please could you advise on how to get my body back. I have always been slim but from the age of 47 my shape changed, and now all I see I s an old frump. amy suggestioms? thank you

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