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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Style for Women Over 50, Are You in a Colour Rut?



Retro Dress from marks and Spencer

Article by Linda Evans

Linda’s on a mission to make sure we’re all stylish over 50!

Are you in a colour rut? This morning I tweeted: #today I’m wearing Purple – not very forward maybe a bit retro, but it makes me feel good
That sent me off thinking about colour. As a child I had bright auburn hair. I hated the freckles and the fact that I stood out in the playground or playing fields –and therefore easily got into trouble with teachers. My mother always dressed me in green or blue, occasionally yellow, but never red or purple. In my student days I was often called “Ginger” which I quite liked, as it made me feel like Ginger Rogers.  My hair was long and very thick and I began to realise that perhaps red hair wasn’t so bad. I also began to develop a theory that scarily, perhaps red-heads died young – as you rarely see anyone middle-aged with ginger hair.! Fortunately that theory proved wrong and by my late thirties I realised the truth: red fades! Just as blonde kids become ‘mousey’, red-heads lose their former glory.
And, as I became more strawberry-blonde, so I was able to expand my colour scheme. Certain reds now work, though they have to be reds with no hint of ‘blue’ in them.  Baby pink and purple now look OK and all the mid browns and rusts that previously made me look like a tree in autumn, are actually quite flattering.

As we get older its easy to get stuck in a rut with colours

As we get older, so many of us get stuck in a rut with colours –both when it comes to makeup, hair tones and our clothes.  Black, for example, can be exquisitely chic and fabulous, but it can also be draining. So occasionally take a long hard look at yourself.  Are you stuck in a colour rut? Do you need to brighten yourself up, are you using colour to electrify? I know a touch of orange tones on my eyes, instantly makes them a sparkling blue, a turquoise necklace does the same. I recently went mad and had a bright orange streak in the front of my hair. When everyone got over the shock, I got so many compliments about my eyes looking bright and skin looking fab, that although it’s a bit high-maintenance for me, I’m going for it again.

About me: So, I’m 60, have been married for 28 years and my husband and I have known each other since we were 11 (although I had a brief marriage to an Italian in the 1970s). I have a 24 year old daughter who is interning at a London Ad agency . I was previously PR director for Toni and Guy and currently work 1990 when they started franchising and I became PR director for Toni&Guy and now work for TIGI as a consultant. In 2003 we moved to Cornwall. My husband took (very) early semi-retirement. Since then I’ve been splitting my time between London and Cornwall. My daughter and I now ‘share’ a flat in Battersea, a couple of hundred yards from my office. When I’m in Cornwall I fit in as much exercise as I can!

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