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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How to make lips look fuller with make up- tips to restore that perfect pout!

Article by FabafterFifty

Our lips get thinner and flatten as we age. We have less muscle tone and elasticity in our skin, philtrum flattens  so we lose the cupids bow we lose collagen in our lips making them drier and flatter.  The distance between our nose and our upper lip increases. We develop smokers lines – even if we don’t smoke, due to the repeated facial movement over the decade weaker muscles can lead to the corners of the mouth turning downwards and small hollows appear at the side of the mouth.

Women who have fuller and firmer lips are seen as younger than they really are, according to an international study where researchers found there was a large variation in lip thickness in women over 60.

The pink part of the thinnest lips measured just 3mm from the top of the upper lip to the bottom of the lower lip, while the fullest lips among the over-60s measured 22mm.

Many opt for dermal fillers to restore the pout, but there is a lot you can do with clever makeup to create the illusion of a fuller pout.

how to create perfect pout imageLook at the image of a young woman’s pout. Notice the definition of her lip line, the  line of ‘light’ above her upper lip, the fullness and plumpness of the lip. Lips look supple and hydrated. We can look to recreate a younger pout with makeup, and by taking extra care of our lips

If lips are dry and chapped apply a little lip balm or Vaseline and exfoliate gently with a soft toothbrush. Alternatively make your own gentle lip exfoliator by mixing honey with a little brown sugar. To help soften the fine lines around the mouth, use a nifty product such as Lulu’s Wrinkle Filler – pat gently over the lines to create a smoother base. Filorga also do a double ended lip product – one fills in the lines around the mouth and the other plumps and primes the lips, helping to prevent lipstick from feathering.   If you slight lines or hollows at the corners of your mouth, then again use your trusty illuminator pen or concealer,  and pat to blend it. By diffusing the light it will give the illusion of a lift at the corners of your mouth. An additional medium to longer term solution is to do facial exercises – I love Danielle Collins Face Yoga, or if you want a little extra help then Tina Richards Tua Trend is a fab hand-held facial exercise machine.

Create the illusion of fuller lips

Dermal fillers are one option to gain fuller lips and results can be excellent if you choose the right practitioner. But there are other options!   Use a light reflecting concealer just above your upper lip and blend into the edge of the lips. Line your lips with a lips pencil as close to your natural lip colour as possible  ( as your lipstick wears off over the course  you will then avoid a sharp line ) just on the outer edge of your natural lip line. For extra definition , take a white pencil and draw a very fine white line just above your cupids bow – soften with a q-tip. It really will help your ‘pout’. For your lower lip if you ‘smile’ while you apply your lip liner you will give yourself a bigger area to define – similarly when applying your lipstick by ‘smiling’ you have a larger surface of your lower lip to cover.

What lipstick is right for you?

Avoid matt lipsticks –  they can be very drying, and avoid nude or neutral shades. We need more colour and definition as we age – not less!

Red lipstick with blue undertones can make teeth look whiter – another plus if trying to create a more youthful mouth. Like all products, they react to the chemicals in our own skin. Do you find that your lipstick never looks the colour you expected when you apply it?  I can remember being at a make up counter where the assistant pulled out a colour that would suit me far better than the colour I was wearing – when I pulled out my own lipstick from my bag she was amazed to see that it I was already wearing the exact shade she was suggesting but it had changed colour dramatically on me.  If the same thing happens to you, then look to see how the colour changes –  does pink turn to orange ? Then try an orangey tone and see if the opposite happens and it turns pink. Explain how your colour changes when buying next time and ask for help in choosing a shade that neutralises the way your own pH levels react with the product.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with chubby lip pencils – there are some great colours out there and the consistency when applied as surprisingly creamy – and they make creating that pout so much easier. Nars do a great range – also they make reapplying during the day a doddle. Once you have applied your lipstick, add a touch of gloss, or a lipstick in the same shade with more of a sheen to the centre  of the lips only to create the illusion of more fullness. If you want a bit more definition go over with your lipliner again.

So there you have it – a fuller pout without needles! Lisa Eldridge has a fabulous video explaining how to create fuller looking lips. Her tips are applicable whatever your age!


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