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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How to Avoid Make-Up Meltdown in Hot Weather- or with Hot Flushes!

Article by FabafterFifty

When summer arrives it’s time to look fresher, and have a lighter more natural look. But along with the start of the sunshine and the holiday , wedding and BBQ season, there is also the problem of hot weather, hot flushes and the possibility of our make up sliding down our faces .

So what can we do to look fab after fifty all summer long?

Look Luminous.

Summer is all about looking relaxed, fresh and luminous! The last thing you want for summer makeup is for your skin to look dry and matte. This can be incredibly ageing. As always preparation is key. Exfoliate regularly to have a fantastic base to start with. Exfoliators I like are Time Bomb’s Blast to the Past and Pai’s organic skin brightening exfoliator. If you use a serum  and are worried about your makeup sliding off your face if you are attending a special event, it doesn’t hurt to skip moisturiser for a day to help make up stay put. Avoid apply eye cream in the mornings – it will make your eyes look puffy – especially in the heat. Always wear a primer under your foundation or  there are also some excellent primers and foundations combined .  Choose a lightweight silicone based foundation which is less likely to sink into pores. You don’t need to cover your entire face with foundation if it’s not needed (the less you apply the less there is to slide away!) but cover any blemishes, pigmentation marks or thread veins with a creamy concealer applied with a brush. You want to start with an even canvas.


Always shape your brows to provide the perfect frame for your eyes. If you are going to a special event, then pluck 3-5 days beforehand. Use an eyeprimer or even a primer/foundation combined to create a good base for your eye make-up.  You need to choose eye products that don’t cake in the heat, so cream shadows or the newer chubbier pencils  are  ideal  ( I love Sephora’s range – great colours and reasonably priced). Eyes need definition so eyeliner is a must. Eyeliner’s don’t have to be brown or black and so summer is a great time to experiment with colour – try teals, blues and mauves to really open up the eye. Wear waterproof mascara to avoid smudging – although it can be drying if you wear it every day so alternate with a non-waterproof version to give lashes a break. Unfortunately lashes do get coarser as we age so we do need to take extra care. Look at eyelash primers and conditioners to wear under your mascara to combat eyelashes drying out – Revitalash do a terrific one – I often wear mine instead of mascara if I’m having a casual day – even though its blue!

Blusher and bronzer

Frame the face and around the jawline with a sweep of bronzer, Daniel Sandler does a great cream bronzer which is more hydrating than a powder version, and use a little bronzer  in the hollow of your cheeks to help sculpt. Try using cream blushers  over the apples of your cheeks- again so avoid a matt, crepey look. Lips Use a natural colour  lip liner (as close to your natural lip colour as possible)  just along the outer edge of your lip line. Fill in with a stain and add a touch of gloss in the centre only for more of a pout.

Powder To powder or not to powder? Try using a product which has a double function to help  keep your make up in place AND protect your skin. Susan Posnick does a wonderful high factor mineral powder sun screen in a swivel stick.  Great for those who want to look glam while playing sports! Summer here we come!


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  1. Sharon Clephane

    July 8, 2013

    another little tip – Arbonne has a lovely Toner which can also be sprayed over your makeup to help keep it in place! Leaves your skin feeling extra fresh as well! Best thing is that it’s chemical free and vegan approved!

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