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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How Bridget Jones ‘Wobbly Bits’ can Help You Prepare for a New Relationship

Article by Jackie Walker

After 7 years working in the field of relationships, starting with separation and divorce and now helping people navigate their relationship doldrums, rough seas or even to kick start a new relationship without fear or shame, I have created an e-programme.

I’ve taken what I love most about the trainings I’ve done, the daily work I do, and translated it into everyday stories, practices and exercises.  My intention is to provide a great value product for you so that you can learn how to navigate your relationships – with yourself, your partner, family, friends and in business.  It means that this programme is a good fit with you whether you’re in a relationship or not!

The basic starting point of any relationship is you.  You simply can’t have a relationship without you in it, can you?  The relationship is more like a container for the relating you do with the person or people around you.

Do you feel scared or hurt by past relationships?

If you aren’t in a relationship with a partner just now, take a moment to ask yourself for what reason this is the case.  Most of the ladies I speak to have had a relationship breakdown which has left them feeling scared of being hurt again.  Others have found that they seem to attract the same situations into their life time and again.

When you are ready to start relating with a new partner, I’m sure you will want to know that you are doing it from a mindset free of fear and shame.  Shame is one of those insidious emotions which turns up in all sorts of places and stops you loving yourself, and stops you from letting someone else love you.  One of the biggest problems associated with it is whether or not you are willing to be seen for who you are.

Mr Darcy loved Bridget Jones’ ‘wobbly bits’ !

Good old Bridget Jones is such a shining example to bring to mind.  D’you remember that Mr Darcy loved her for all the bits about her that she tried to hide or cover up?  He loved her wobbly bits, her dippy nature, her way with words, her accidents – basically he just loved the person she didn’t.  Now can you imagine being able to revel in who you are, or at the very least accept who you are so that you can let go of any fear of being found out?
There are many people who jump into new relationships somewhat blindly hoping the new person will be the answer to their prayers problems.  Too often the problem is that they haven’t done enough background research into the subject.  The subject of course is themselves!  The reason they need someone else to solve their problems of say, loneliness, is that they haven’t come to terms with themselves yet.  Some even continue with the most unsuitable partner even when their heart isn’t in it, or their gut feel is saying ‘no, get me out of here’.

This e-programme will help you navigate your way through all these scenarios.  It will help you identify your old patterns and issues – the ones you’ve stuffed away like old towels at the back of the linen cupboard.  The patterns you’ve not even realised you’ve had through your life will be revealed when you see where the dots join up.  Through a series of exercises, stories and tools, you will gently uncover these things, take off your mask and start to show up as you – proudly.

The net result is that you will find love is much more accessible.  You will be able to generate it for yourself and then give it others.  Remember what they say on the airplane?  Put on your own oxygen mask before you attempt to put on someone else’s.  This is the same with love.  Fill your own heart full before you start to spread your love around.  You cannot give what you haven’t got.

Find out more:  http://jackiewalker.me/products/how-to-navigate-your-relationships-eprogramme/.  The programme is delivered as an email once per day for 28 days.

As a special offer to Fab After Fifty readers, the first 5 to buy the programme (£47) will receive 30 minutes of personal one:one coaching from Jackie via telephone or Skype.  The coaching must be taken in the 28 day period of the programme.  To find out if you’re one of the lucky ones, send Jackie an email after you have purchased your copy of the programme and let her know you have come from Fab After Fifty and she’ll advise you directly.


Jackie Walker

Jackie Walker is committed to assisting you navigate your Relation Ship through the doldrums and stormy waters. You are at the epicentre of all your relationships - with your partner, your family, your work, your world. You also have relationships with money, dreams, fears and things. Jackie's work will allow you to start shining light on the areas which you would like to work better, beginning with the relationship you have with yourself.

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