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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Does being over 50 mean you are too old to start a new life?

Guest article by Edel O’Mahony

The simple answer, ‘No!’

Let’s look at why so many people in our present societies seem to take half their lifetime to actually start to live a life they desire.

We are all energy beings at our essence, living in an energetic Universe and having life experiences through these physical bodies. From birth into these bodies you are in total connection with your energy, everything is an experience of the moment; it is all about feeling through our senses. As you grow, generational and social conditioning sets in. You are told how you should think, feel or act, even down to what is a correct body size or what is the ‘in’ thing to wear. In taking in and believing these conditions, you alter your belief system and this has a much more profound effect than most people understand.

You see, our cells take their signal, not from the environment as we have been lead to believe for thousands of years; the signal comes from our beliefs. This is then transmitted through our nervous system (our electric system) and determines the frequency at which our cells and organs resonate, which in turn leads to the actions we take.  When conditioning creates you to have a lack of self belief or a lack of confidence, this is transmitted through your cells and lowers the frequency.  Your nature energy is always in high vibrational resonance, so when the physical body lowers it moves out of alignment with your energy and this is where feelings of discomfort, stress or anxiety are your indication that you are out of alignment.

So many people have forgotten to continue their energetic communications, getting swept up in the conditioning, allowing fear to keep them always ‘out of whack’ with the abundance that is their true state of being. It can take half a lifetime for some to finally ‘have enough’  and let go of the conditioning , moving back to their intuition and picking up their conversation with energy.

Redundancies forced me to think on my feet

I found myself on my own with four children to support, no qualifications after spending 15 odd years being the sole nurturing force of the family. After building the courage to train I moved into a career in finance, starting as a sales ledger clerk for a bank. In the next three years I had faced 4 redundancies, which although at the time made me feel I was jumping off a cliff each time, it also provided me with the ability to learn how to adapt, think on my feet and gain confidence. I rapidly moved up the career ladder becoming a financial analyst, management accountant, project accountant, business controller and so on to becoming a financial controller in just 8 years.

How my skills as a mother helped me in business

Where my strength showed in business was through being able to communicate across the board of entire companies. I could engage CEOs as well as warehouse staff and have them understand proposals I would set out, so how was this possible? How did a long term stay at home mother become a sought after corporate executive?

The key was in being a mother!

Never underestimate the skills you gain from being a parent and how well they translate into valuable insights for your career or your own business. Having four beautiful children also came with four very different personalities and I learned some major psychology skills in understanding how to motivate and inspire my children. Not knowing quite how I should manage in corporate life I just called on these skills and was amazed to find not only did people respond they also thanked me for the clarity I brought to solutions!

Tips to create confidence

Here are some tips that will help create confidence to understand you can be, do or have anything you desire:

• Leave the past in the past – There is no point on being harsh on yourself for what has gone before, it happened, good or bad and get this, it’s gone! Nothing can bring it back. What you can do is learn from it. All we go through is there for the experience, so anything not desired you use to find the contrast to what you do desire and focus on that.

• Don’t allow what others think to affect you – What happens when others try to load you with their opinions, is a reflection of their own insecurities and lack. People’s opinions and words can only affect you …if you let them.

• Unleash your imagination – When you start your own business, your creative energy is your most valuable asset. Unlike the corporate world becoming an entrepreneur is all about turning your imagination into reality, finding opportunities when others convince you there are none. Once you tap into your creative energy amazing things happen!

Confidence comes from focus, persistence and a definiteness of purpose. It is your beliefs that your cells take their signal from transmute your new beliefs through your body and determine the frequency you resonate out. Believing in your success as if it is already here; you are then resonating a frequency that energy has to attract back in experiences and opportunities. Belief in your ability to create the reality of your choosing is the foundation of confidence.

Life begins at any age

So my answer to the question ‘Am I too old to start a new life after 50?’ is NO, life begins at any age and it will only begin when you let it, when you consciously create your reality and move away from the conditioning. You create every experience in your life by what you hold as your belief, what you resonate out emotionally. Focus on your desires, see yourself already abundant, happy and alive and you WILL attract the same vibratory resonance back to you in new, exciting experiences and opportunities.

Edel O’Mahony is the UK’s leading expert in energetic communications. She has over 30 years of experience and has helped hundreds of people to find their confidence and become magnificent. Her latest book 21 Steps to Confidence is available from Amazon.com

For more information please visit: www.pathofthepeacefulwarrior.com


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  1. Ceri Wheeldon

    November 24, 2011

    Edel, thank you so much for sharing this, I know from the response on both twitter and facebook to this article that your thoughts have definitely struck a chord!

    • Edel O'Mahony

      November 29, 2011

      My pleasure Ceri! Thank you for the opportunity to help empower more women to be magnificent! 🙂

  2. Linda Evans

    May 9, 2012

    Oh, I’d say you’re never too old to change! At 50 we upped & left the SE and moved to Cornwall, bought a boat and started sailing (something neither my husband nor I had done since leaving school.) I should add, he also took early retirement. I continued to work 3 days a week in London and feel continually motivated and inspired by the (much) younger team I work with.
    At 50 I had never really exercised….but I became a gym bunny! 1st training with a personal trainer, then took up pilates, pump, zumba, body conditioning and now ‘bookiaka” (Know what that is?) As I got fit I upped the ante as a skier and this year, skiing with a much younger, fit man, clocked up 54mph on the iphone app. In fact, I have become increasingly competitive at everything I do.
    At 50 I’d never been to the USA, within 3 years, I’d been 6 times.
    At 50 I knew very little about anything ‘digital’. Now I seem to be the social media expert at work, own an iphone, a blackberry and ipad and a mac.
    At 50 I was a vegetarian, then on a freezing cold day up a mountain, I fancied a steak – the veggie phase ended and I lost weight.
    There are lots of other things I have done since becoming 50 – some I cannot/will not share! Generally it has been good, but I’ve also had losses – my first close friend to pass away, the loss of my lovely mum….but with lots of sunscreen, a bit of style, a good hairdresser, on trend makeup and a positive attitude, I have avoided snips, fillers and botox and always hang out with much younger friends. My daughter (25) brings me down to a real level, so I know how far I can push the ‘young-ness’ and whilst I hate to tell anyone my age, I’m secretly quite pleased I am what I am and who I am and as old as I am…who knows where I’ll go next!

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