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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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Five Empowering Steps for Women over 50 to Grow a Great Financial Mindset

Article by Anthony Fleming

First of all identify as many of the limiting thoughts and beliefs you have with regard to money. For example, “I’d rather be healthy than be rich.”, “There’s not enough money to go round.”, “We can’t afford it.”, “Rich people are selfish.”, “You have to work hard to earn more money.”, etc. etc. Why? Because in the first instance, why must you choose to be healthy or rich? Why can’t you have both? And if you think rich people are selfish you would not want to become selfish which means that, subconsciously, you would sabotage your effort to become rich because of course rich people are selfish, aren’t they? Once you have identified these limiting beliefs, think about each one and laugh, to yourself or out aloud, at the nonsense of these beliefs. Also, find evidence to the contrary, e.g. that rich people are in fact generous.

Healthy and rich

Next, write down some empowering declaration about money. I do not mean affirmation such as “I am a millionaire.” which is most probably not true and neither your conscious nor unconscious mind will be fooled. What I do mean is declarations such as “I value money.” “I want to be healthy and rich.” “There are many ways to make more money.” “Many rich people are generous and give large amounts of money to charities.” “I have a millionaire mind.” “I am a money magnet.” This last declaration is particularly powerful when said at times of prosperity such as when you find a 10 pence coin in the street; when you have a £25 Premium Bond win; when you get a tax rebate of £100; etc.

Now, write down at least 10 great things that you can do with extra money. Here are four to get you started: 1) Give an extra £1,000 to your favourite charity. 2) Put down a deposit on that new apartment/house you love so much. 3) Take the holiday in the Caribbean that you have always wanted. 4) Buy yourself a new flash car.

Why is this important? Because your reasons are much more powerful than your goals.

Develop healthy habits towards money

Next develop healthy habits towards money such as:

• Saving money regularly whatever amount you can afford and remember that even £5 per week is £260 per year plus interest. • Another healthy money habit would be to invest in Premium Bonds rather than the National Lottery which is just throwing money away. Premium Bonds give you a chance of winning a prize from £25 to £1,000,000 every month; and when you want your money back you just ask for it. • Stop smoking and use the money you will save – £5+ (pack of 20) – towards something that will make you feel good like a massage, manicure, new hair style, a new dress…

The fifth step is to develop a love affair with money. Love it! Think about it! Dream of ways of making it! Imagine what you could do with lots more of it! Find and create opportunities for making more money. Why? Well, if you don’t care deeply enough about a ‘friend’, how often do you think they will visit you or stay with you?

Finally, I want to encourage all women to educate themselves about money – and I don’t just mean how to add numbers together. I mean real education. Go to seminars like ‘Millionaire Minds’ (I will be holding a whole day seminar on the same subject very shortly) and read inspiring and educational books about money. I would highly recommend ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki – this will completely change the way you look at and think about money. And if you are really serious, get a life coach to work with you one2one. This will make a tremendous difference to you in finance and other areas of your life. It will open your mind to new and exciting ways of thinking about money and keep you focused when life attempts to distract you.

To get started right away, book a ticket for my FREE 2 hour seminar ‘Millionaire Minds’ on the 19th January 2012 where I will touch on some of these issues. See here for details: http://passion4life.org/millionaire-minds/ – please note that spaces are limited so book today.

To your physical, spiritual and your financial health!

Anthony Fleming Life Coach, Certified Trainer & International Speaker

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