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It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join in the conversation.


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How many alcohol free days do you have?

Article by Georgia Foster

With the government finally recognising the importance of Alcohol Free Days I thought now was the perfect time to introduce my new programme.  This complimentary session teaches you how to cope with and even enjoy Alcohol Free Days.

For as long as I can remember while living in Australia amongst my friends we would often discuss how many AFD’s (Alcohol Free Days) we had a week.  It was fun to write down in our diaries when we had an AFD as a way to see that we were looking after ourselves.  It was a good pat on the back!

Since living in the UK and working as a therapist I always refer to Alcohol Free Days as an important part of the weekly ritual of my clients and inparticular my Drink Less Mind 21 Day Programme.  This week the media has been flooded with reports that it is advisable to have two AFD’s a week.  How long did it take them to figure that out?

Alcohol may become a daily habit

Don’t get me wrong a week on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, I can assure you I would, to this day, guarantee that having Alcohol Free Days would not be part of the plan because that would seem a crime to me! However in your everyday life where you are going about your normal business, alcohol may have become a daily habit that you might be concerned about.

In our home over the Christmas and New Year period I was drinking every day.  We had our house full of party animal guests and we had lots of fun so I know how easy it is to slide into drinking every day because you just simply get used to it!

Alcohol Free Days are so important for emotional health and wellbeing, as alcohol can create depression, anxiety and self-doubt.  Whereas having Alcohol Free Days gives you more energy and clarity and that helps self esteem. When you have AFD’s you notice that when you do drink you enjoy it more too, which is much more fun.

I respect that for some people AFD’s maybe challenging – in particular if you haven’t had one for a while, which is completely normal thinking.  The good news irrespective of the concerns about having AFD’s is, you can train your mind that it is possible to enjoy them, because it is!!!!

Free downloadable Alcohol Free Day programme

That is why I have developed the FREE downloadable Alcohol Free Day Programme so you experience first-hand about how to train your mind to enjoy AFD’s.  I am really excited about this one too as I have developed it as an App for smart phones and tablets (or if you haven’t got a smart phone, don’t panic, I have a web version too!).  All you need to do is visit the ALCOHOL FREE DAYS page on my website and follow the instructions.

Learn to take full control over your drinking with my amazing Drink Less Mind Porgramme.  It is a proven online experience and is still available at the introductory rate of £129. visit www.drinklessmind.com for more details.

Photo credit: Salvatore Vuoni

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